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A virtually complete set of GFHS Journal should be held in the following repositories:-
Glamorgan Record Office, West Glamorgan Record Office, Cardiff Central Library.
Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Treorchy and Swansea Libraries.
Cardiff and Swansea University Libraries.
LDS Family History Centres in Cardiff, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil.
British Library, National Library of Wales, Society of Genealogists.
Guildhall Library, FFHS (Birmingham and Midland Institute).
LDS Salt Lake City, New York Central Library.

Journals 1-56 are available on microfiche. They are on sale individually on Genfair at 1.00 each and the sets of 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50 are available at 5.00 each, which works out at 50p per journal.
Article Index 1-56 also on sale at 1.00

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Vols 21 - 40

21 Apr-90 Will Acid Destroy Your Records? Tony Morris  
21 Apr-90 Female Lines Graham Williams  
21 Apr-90 Joseph Parry 1841-1903 Alwyn Benjamin Author deceased
21 Apr-90 "Jones Corner House Tavern", Bryncethin, Bridgend Douglas Jones  
21 Apr-90 My Ancestor was a Minister Gwen Phillips Author no longer a member
21 Apr-90 A Porthcawl Benefactor - Jenkin Henry Janet Hearle Author deceased
21 Apr-90 A Question of Nationality Edna Walters re Antonio HERO
22 Aug-90 Guelph - A Welsh Connection Gail Benjafield re Abram WATERS
22 Aug-90 Were Your Anscestors German? Lilliane Tunstill Ango-German FHS
22 Aug-90 Great Uncle Moroni - The Pioneer Poet Ian Meredith re Moroni REES
22 Aug-90 Origins of Jenkins,Hopkins,& Hawkins as Surnames J.Barry Davies First appeared Journal 2
22 Aug-90 Don't Believe All You Read -  Graham Williams Census Errors
22 Aug-90 South Wales Probate Records Alan Powell First appeared Journal 2
22 Aug-90 Them Pesky Crows! re Wm KENT Sue Mackay  Margam Park
22 Aug-90 Was My Grandfather a Bigamist? Jack Kemp re James KEMP, Llantrisant
23 Dec-90 Police Sergeant William Thomas Diana Llewellyn  
23 Dec-90 Tracing Families of Welsh Origin Alan Powell Gwent FHS Journal 23
23 Dec-90 Great Great Aunt Agnes Graham Williams re Agnes WILLIAMS b 1897
23 Dec-90 The Deeres of Rhoose Clive Reid  
24 Apr-91 A Welsh/Australian Family: The Gulleys John Howard Davies  
24 Apr-91 The Traherne Family of Coytrahen (1990) D.R.L.Jones Morgannwg Vol XXXIV 
24 Apr-91 The Welsh Community of Swindon, Wiltshire Jean Cole  
24 Apr-91 Some Leaves on the Branches ;- Gray, Day & Davies  Eiryn Thomas Pendoylan Families
24 Apr-91 Congregationalists from GLA in Edwardsville, Pennsylvania Peter Lloyd Morris Author no longer a member
25 Jun-91 Urban Life in 1849 Lynette Merchant  
25 Jun-91 Our Family in Aberdare Jean Istance  
25 Jun-91 Military Family - John Harris of 4th Queens Own Regiment Margaret Frampton Author no longer a member
25 Jun-91 Morgan of St.Fagans re Robert MORGAN 1788 I.L.Davies re Robert MORGAN, weaver
25 Jun-91 Record Societies Nick Davey  
25 Jun-91 Seaborns of the GWR Audrey Martin  
26 Sep-91 Anna Evans Jenkins (1820-1899) E. Jenkins Carpenter Author no longer a member
26 Sep-91 Land Tax Assessments Howard Llewellyn  
26 Sep-91 A Hughes-Thomas Family Connection Janet Hearle from Newcastle Bridgend
26 Sep-91 Probate Records in the National Library of Wales Factsheet  
26 Sep-91 The Deers of Llanquian Clive Reid  
 27 Apr-92 The Taff Vale Railway Co 1840 - 1924  Jill Muir  
27 Apr-92 Nine Tailors Owen Gibbs  
27 Apr-92 Extraordinary Outrage at Llantwit Major Clive Reid  
27 Apr-92 Jane Williams 1818 - 1880 D.G.Williams  
27 Apr-92 The Nethe Mob / High Noon  Peter Lloyd Morris  
27 Apr-92 Found Drowned - A Gower Shipwreck Peter Jarvis  
27 Apr-92 You and your Record Office FFHS County Archivist  
27 Apr-92 Trade Directories Howard Llewellyn  
27 Apr-92 The Joseph's - Industrial Pioneers  George Davies  
27 Apr-92 A Patronymic Problem Edward G Williams  
28 Sep-92 Has it been Done Before? Graham Williams  
28 Sep-92 Terrible Flood in Cardiff Barbara Owens Western Mail October 1883
28 Sep-92 An Unusual Sight for Maerdy, Rhondda Reg Sydenham re Funeral of Frank OWEN
28 Sep-92 Reminders of Youthful Days Griff Walters Memories of steel & tinplate 
28 Sep-92 Quaker Records for Family Historians  Dr.J.B.Cottis Author no longer a member
29 Dec-92 Catholic Records Part 1 (of 2) Michael Gandy FH News & Digest
29 Dec-92 Welsh MIs - most common Welsh words used Sue Mackay  
29 Dec-92 In-Laws of John Strick Mildred Eaton  
29 Dec-92 The Morgans of Dryscoed and Ynyswern Part 1 (of 2) Leslie Hall  
29 Dec-92 The Josephs - Industrial Pioneers Revisited George Davies See Journal 28
30 Apr-93 Notes on the Williams Family Part 1 (of 2)  1778 - 1835 O.V.Williams Thomas WILLIAMS
30 Apr-93 Catholic Records Part 2 (of 2) Michael Gandy  FH News & Digest
30 Apr-93 The Morgans of Dryscoed and Ynyswern Part 2 (of 2) Leslie Hall  
30 Apr-93 Merthyr Tydfil Library Factsheet  
31 Sep-93 The History of Gwilym Morganwg (Williams Family Part 2) O.V.Williams See Journal 29
31 Sep-93 Juvenile Convictions from Qtrr Sessions Records List Glamorgan Archives
31 Sep-93 Five Words I Wish I Hadn't Said ( Robert Blatchford Why Not Try Family History?)
31 Sep-93 Local History Material Available at Treorchy Library Factsheet  
31 Sep-93 A Cautionary Tale   re Elizabeth JOHNSON/JOHNSTON A.Juniper  
32 Dec-93 The Autobiography of William King Part 1 (of 6) Janet Hearle Author deceased
32 Dec-93 Wanted Dead or Alive Graham Williams  
32 Dec-93 Many "Miles" from GLA to Pennsylvania Part 1 (of 4) Gail Redmann Miles JENKINS,Colwinstone
32 Dec-93 Welsh Soldiers in India Steve van Dulken London Branch project
32 Dec-93 John J.Jones Kenneth Jones Jones Society
33 Mar-94 The Autobiography of William King Part 2 (of 6) Janet Hearle Author deceased
33 Mar-94 Many "Miles" from GLA to Pennsylvania Part 2 (of 4) Gail Redmann Miles JENKINS,Colwinstone
33 Mar-94 Putting Faces to Names (Photographs) Robert Blatchford  
33 Mar-94 Implement Makers & Craftsmen of Cardiff & the Vale Elfyn Scourfield Welsh Folk Museum
33 Mar-94 The Bevan Family Saga  John BEVAN  b 1796 Elfed Bevan of Llangyfelach
33 Mar-94 A Victorian's Life of Service Paul Meek re James MEEK b 1826
34 Jun-94 The Autobiography of William King Part 3 (of 6) Janet Hearle Author deceased
34 Jun-94 The Wreck of the Schooner "Dundrennin" Arthur Hammond  
34 Jun-94 A Cardiff Family and its Maritime Connections Thomas Rosser re Captain T.N.ROSSER
34 Jun-94 The Voyages of the Ship "Margaret" 20445  J.S.Coleman Registered Swansea
34 Jun-94 Heraldry and History - Sir Christpher COLE  Anthony Jones (A 19th Century Naval Hero)
34 Jun-94 The Search for John Llewellyn/Leolin/Olin Warren Olin Author no longer a member
34 Jun-94 The Development of the Port of Swansea Kim Collis W. GLA  Archive Service
34 Jun-94 Piracy, Wrecking and Smuggling L.N.A.Davies Author deceased
34 Jun-94 The Port of Cardiff, its Ship Owners and Seamen David Jenkins Welsh Maritime Museum
35 Sep-94 The Autobiography of William King Part 4 (of 6) Janet Hearle Author deceased
35 Sep-94 The Origin of the Name "Hiles" Marc Hiles The Peat Diggers
35 Sep-94 A History of the Open Brethren in Cardiff Don Roberts Author no longer a member
35 Sep-94 Is There a Story behind the Stones?   Richard Gresty SYMMONS and BLACKMORE
36 Dec-94 The Autobiography of William King Part 5 (of 6) Janet Hearle Author deceased
36 Dec-94 Interviewing Elderly Relatives Story 1 Reg Sydenham  
36 Dec-94 Interviewing Elderly Relatives Story 2 Granville Morris  
36 Dec-94  The Bakers of Corporation Rd & Events of 2 Jan 1941 W.Hollyman HOLLYMAN family
36 Dec-94 Many "Miles" from Glamorgan to Pennsylvania Part 3 (of 4) Gail Redmann  
36 Dec-94 John Thomas of Cyfarthfa Anonymous  
36 Dec-94 David Thomas born Merthyr 1811 Barry Thomas re David THOMAS
36 Dec-94 Looking for Luck in All the Right Places Patricia Grimes DAVIDs of Durvol
36 Dec-94 Who Were the Good Templars? Antonia Davies  
37 Mar-95 The Autobiography of William King Part 6 (of 6) Janet Hearle Author deceased
37 Mar-95 Thistleboon House, Oystermouth Wendy Cope  
37 Mar-95 Many "Miles" from Glamorgan to Pennsylvania Part 4 (of 4) Gail Redmann  
37 Mar-95 James Reynolds of Cowbridge 1792-1872 Jean Istance  
37 Mar-95 Private Everson's Medals Bernard Whelan  
37 Mar-95 Beachcombing for Shells Gail Neal SHELL family, Aberdare
37 Mar-95 William Edwards   re William EDWARDS  David Price  
38 Jun-95 Beginners - A Mining Accident in the Family  Elaine Williams Thomas WATKINS killed 1902
38 Jun-95 Some Reflections on a Miner's Life Kay Martin  
38 Jun-95 Working in a Coalmine Ivor England Rhondda Heritage Park
38 Jun-95 St.Mary's Church, Wenvoe Parry Edwards  
38 Jun-95 Death in a Coalmine A.Juniper re death of John JUNIPER
38 Jun-95 Stories of Mining families Tessa Cobley SCARD, ALLEN JONES
38 Jun-95 History of the South Wales Coalfield R.P.Jones National Museum of Wales
38 Jun-95 South Wales Miners' Museum Glyn Thomas  
38 Jun-95 War on Three Fronts (Battle for Survival in the Mines) Ben Fieldhouse  
38 Jun-95 Aberdare Village  re David HUGHES, Colliery Manager Angela Benger  
38 Jun-95 Mining Occupations Glossary  
38 Jun-95 Hann Family - The Mining Dynasty of S Wales Part 1 (of 4) David Hann re E. M.HANN 1850-1931
39 Sep-95 Hann Family - The Mining Dynasty of SWales Part 2 (of 4) David Hann W.R.  HANN 1876-1945
39 Sep-95 Abbreviations Used in Family History Sue Mackay  
39 Sep-95 The Lewis and Hunter Patent Coaling System Beryl Hunter  
39 Sep-95 Heirloom Margaret Smith re Anna Maria LE GRESLEY
39 Sep-95 An Indecipherable Gravestone at St.Fagans June Willing re Thomas LLEWELLYN
39 Sep-95 Dros y Mor - Across the Sea  Patagonia & Canada Elfed Bevan Welsh communities
39 Sep-95 The Independent Chapel at Cymmer, Porth, Rhondda Noel Israel  
40 Dec-95 Clinker Railway Collection at Brunel University Nick Childs Librarian of Brunel University
40 Dec-95 Hann Family - The Mining Dynasty of S Wales Part 3 (of 4) David Hann re E.L. Hann 1881-1968
40 Dec-95 Tirphil L.Ostaszewka AURELIUS family
40 Dec-95 W.J.Rowe's Notebook Part 1 (of 2) - notes on visit to Wales Diary 1909 (December)
40 Dec-95 Great Aunt Richards  Margaret DAVIES Edward Williams Elopement to Gretna


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