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A virtually complete set of GFHS Journal should be held in the following repositories:-
Glamorgan Archives, West Glamorgan Archives Cardiff Central Library.
Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Treorchy and Swansea Libraries.
Cardiff and Swansea University Libraries.
LDS Family History Centres in Cardiff, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil.
British Library, National Library of Wales, Society of Genealogists.
Guildhall Library, FFHS (Birmingham and Midland Institute).
LDS Salt Lake City, New York Central Library.

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Vols.101 - 110
All journal contain regular features such as Members Interests, Help Wanted, Arc Reports etc.






101 Mar 11 Projects Stuart Eley Introduction from new Projects Coordinator
101 Mar 11 On the Street where they lived Janet M Neilson  
101 Mar 11 Griffith Family Bev Bodsworth The Griffith family of Troedyrhiw
101 Mar 11 Gwen of Berthllwyd Diane Allen Tracing the family
101 Mar 11 My Nanna knew Lloyd George Clive Reid  
101 Mar 11 Useful Websites No 1 Nina Jenkins Part 1 - Lost Cousins
101 Mar 11 Why Llewellyn Jones Edward Llewellyn Jones Family from Wales & Chile
101 Mar 11 Ships & Seamen in the Census Nina Jenkins  
101 Mar 11 Book Review Diane Brooke Serving under the Rupera
101 Mar 11 Book Review  Alun Jones Whitchurch & Llandaff North Through Time
102 Jun 11 Tracing Cardiff Irish Ancestry Diane Brook Irish in Cardiff
102 Jun 11 My Brick Wall had animals on it J. Derek Wells Joseph Bustle carved the animals on Castle wall
102 Jun 11 Changing Canton Street Names Graham Williams Road name changes in the Canton area of Cardiff
102 Jun 11 Rugby in Victorian Cardiff Gwyn PrescottT Rugby in 1800 Cardiff
102 Jun 11 Taid in Cardiff Ruth Jowett Josiah Miles story
102 Jun 11 The Village of Llanishen Ann Konsbruck History of Llanishen
102 Jun 11 How tio trace GLA Army Ancestors Bill Caunan Brecon Military Museum
103 Sep 11 Lost Children Barrie Jones Infant Mortality in the 1800's
103 Sep 11 Chapels of Merthyr Tydfil Carolyn Jacob  
103 Sep 11 Two Proud families & 2 Icons of the Past David Watkins Footballers and Boxers of Merthyr
103 Sep 11 The Italians in Merthyr Alan George Italian Cafes and Ice Cream
103 Sep 11 The English Family Susanne Doolan The "English" Family in Merthyr
103 Sep 11 Wonderful Wills Ros Bowles London Branch of Wesh FHS  Jan 2011
104 Dec 11 Bridgend in the Industrial Revolution W. M. Price Iron Making began in the 1550's .......
104 Dec 11 Found Dead in a Ditch Bob Bevan An Ancestor literally found in a Ditch
104 Dec 11 Park Slip Explosion 1892 Heather Davies The Tragedy of the Drift Mine Explosion
104 Dec 11 Ben Gronnow 1st man to kick off Twickenham Wendy Lewis England v Wales Rugby Match
104 Dec 11 A Brynmenin Teacher's Bravery Linda Jones River Rescue Tradegy
104 Dec 11 The Red Baron's Last Flight Dennis Jones Did Sgt. Popkin shoot down the Red Baron ?
104 Dec 11 Embassy Cinema 1939 - 2011 Natalie Murphy Story of the Bridgend Cinema
104 Dec 11 Walking in the Footsteps of our Ancestors Bob Bevan The ship HMS Cromer
104 Dec 11 The importance of Recording M.I's Darris G Williams Recording MI's before its too late
105 Mar 12 Dr John Lane  Who Brian Perrins Copper Smelting in Swansea Valleys
105 Mar 12 Swansea Shipping Bryan Richards Shipping Documentation
105 Mar 12 The Quest for the lost Art of John Weir Padley Pam Williams Swansea Artist
105 Mar 12 Bishop Gore Grammar School Cherry King History of Swansea Grammar School
105 Mar 12 Too Ordinary to be Interesting Pauline Vaughan Copper worker in Swansea
105 Mar 12 Griffith John - Swansea Missionary Anna Brueton Missionary to China
105 Mar 12 My Circus Connection Roy Kneath Swansea Circus
105 Mar 12 Munitions Workers in Swansea area WW1 Leighton Radford Explosives Manufacture in Swansea Area
106 Jun 12 Frederick John Byerley (1826-1897) Alice Ronnenkamp Grandson of John Bird of Cardiff
106 Jun 12 Gardens to Gold Kelvin York William Jenkins journey to Australia
106 Jun 12 William Evans (1822-1882) Nicky Cathcart Emigration from Swansea to Australia
106 Jun 12 Victims of War William Verity Beth Nelly's search for her lost Family
106 Jun 12 Alex the Devil Gail Thomas Glamorgan convicts sent to Western Australia
106 Jun 12 John Griffith and Jennet Evans Rosamund Griffiths Welsh Australian Connection
106 Jun 12 Phillips Family Album Gael Phillips Welsh Miners to Australia
106 Jun 12 The Margam Golddigger Clive Davies The Roderick's life in Australia
106 Jun 12 Kate McCarthy Saunders O'Reilly Maeer Coal Mining Family emigration to Australia
107 Sep 12 The Arc's 10th Anniversary Righton - Bullows Opened in 2002 by Lady Teviot an still going strong
107 Sep 12 Glamorgan Resusants 1577 - 1611 Maura Bennett Abreviation of a work published by Frank Pugh MA
107 Sep 12 Kate McCarthy's early life in Cardiff Saunders O'Reilly Maeer Their early tiem in Cardiff and Ely Industrial School
107 Sep 12 The Exodus of Moses Norton Barry Norton Caerphilly - Australia connection
107 Sep 12 My Gt Grandmother was an Alien Janet Neilson Swansea - Norway - Australia
107 Sep 12 From Wales to the Cape Sue Mackay South African Genealogy
107 Sep 12 David Major's Descendants Janet Cann Emigration to New Zealand
108 Dec 12 Dinas where the Rhondda was Born Creighton Simms Coal and Walter Coffin
108 Dec 12 Cr Murder Jullie  Pickrell Jones Violent attack on William Pickrell
108 Dec 12 Rhondda Newspaper Extracts Creighton Simms Extracts from the Rhondda Leader
108 Dec 12 Richard Roberts - The Miners Champion Jane Jones Fights for Justice (not boxing)
108 Dec 12 The Rhondda Leader in WW1 Angela Hughes Reporting during WW1
109 Mar 13