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URLs, relating to Merioneth as a whole or to Merioneth as a part of Wales

Merionethshire is a county created in 1283 after the conquest of The Principality of Wales in 1282. The County existed until 1974 when it became part of  the new counties of Gwynedd and Clwyd.

Two Family History Societies serve Merionethshire:

Gwynedd FHS
Which covers the majority of the old county

and Clwyd FHS
Which covers the western commote of Edeirnion

The split between Gwynedd and Clwyd broadly reflects the boarder of the two Anglican Diocese of North Wales; Bangor and Saint Asaph.

For the sake of convenience all Merionethshire parish records
 in the Diocese of Bangor are seen as the responsibility of Gwynedd FHS
 and those of St Asaph are the responsibility of Clwyd,
so some PR's covering the post 1974 Gwynedd Local Authority area which were in the Diocese of St Asaph have been transcribed and may be purchased from Clwyd FHS, for example, Llanuwchllyn.

Here are some URLs and contacts that cover the Whole of Merionethshire or cover Merionethshire as part of Wales

Mailing lists:

A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the pre-1974 county of Merionethshire, Wales

This mailing list is specifically for those with interests in family history, geography, history, etc. in the Welsh county of Merionethshire.

Descendants of the residents of Frongoch farm in North Wales (3 miles from Bala) which traces its history back to the 14th Century. Documentation that one's family actually lived on this farm is needed.

A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the county of Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom, which includes the historical counties of Anglesey, Caernarfonshire and Merionethshire

A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Wales
The language for the list is Welsh.

A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Wales.
The language for the list is English.

A mailing list for anyone with both an historical and genealogical interest=20in Wales. This list will discuss local history and historical events about any area of Wales, or about Wales in general. The affects on our ancestors, the environment in which they lived, the food they ate, the stories they told and the different conditions between other areas of Wales. Anything historical is on topic.


North Wales BMD (includes Merionethshire)



Page for Merionethshire

 Hello Hugh,

I must say that I was pretty peeved when I heard that you had taken over theMerioneth Gen web pages.

The old pages were not of much use, and as I have thousands of pages of transcriptions and historical data relating to the county that are hanging about all over the place, I asked Rootsweb about the Merionethshire Genweb some six months ago, seeing it as the ideal place to bring all my stuff together,
 but was told that it was taken. However, no hard feelings, good luck to you with the venture - it can only be an improvement on the past effort.

Here are some URLs, relating to Merioneth as a whole or to Merioneth as a pa rt of Wales, I will send you some local specific ones in a seperate mailing.

AOL has the ability to make a mess of links, so if the ones quoted don't wor k for you or are covered in unusable HTML code, let me know and I will send the details again as a plain text attachment

All the best


Hugh Watkins, host
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