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Information about the Index:

The main index includes two main categories of entry: Surnames and Subjects. A separate author index lists article titles by authors' surnames.

NAMES are indexed by surname and are shown in capital letters, with an indicator where relevant of the parish, district, and county.  Chapman 3-letter codes are used for counties. Keys to these are widely available on genealogical websites or in the literature. First names are not indexed, with a few exceptions. Welsh patronymics are indexed as though they were surnames.

SPELLINGS are, as far as possible, standardised to those in current English usage. Variants are cross-referenced except for obvious and minor cases. Welsh language forms and translations are not included except where they are the standard form used in English writing.

THE SCOPE of the Index is limited principally to genealogical articles in the journal.
In particular please note the following items have NOT BEEN INDEXED:

Society news & admin
Generic (anonymous) information
Book reviews
Members interests & queries
Help wanted/answered
Birth briefs
Strays listings

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