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6 November 1777. Virginia State Library, Req. C 170.
Copied and Submitted by Warren Skidmore

To the Honourable the Speaker & Gentlemen of the House of Delegates of Virginia.

The Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of Tigers Valley Settlement and the West Fork of the Monangalia River and Buckhannan's Creek Settlement.

Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners Labours under great Hardships from their being obliged to tend Courts at Stauntown in Order to have their necessary business done, at the distance of one hundred & eight Miles from the nearest Inhabitants in the Tigers Valley. One hundred and fifty from the nearest Settlement on the West Fork of the Monangalia and two hundred Miles from the best inhabited part of our Settlement, which great distance & exceeding badness of the Roads, and the Difficulty of Crossing eight Large Mountains, forty Miles of which Road is uninhabited Viz from the Tigers Valley Waters to Powtowmack Waters. We are informed that the old part of Augusta are petitioning to have the same Divided into Smaller Counties for the convenience of the People; We your Petitioners Humbly Pray we may not be joined to any County on the Waters of James River or the South Branch of the Potowmack, nor Monongalia County for we flatter our selves we are able to Build & Support all Public buildings necessary for a County Town - Therefore we your Petitioners humbly request your Honourable House would take their Case under your Consideration & grant them a New County including the Tigers Valley Settlement & the Settlement on the west fork of [torn] Monangalia and also Buckhannan's Creek Settlement, which will greatly Ease your Petitioners

and they in duty shall ever Pray &c.

The names are arranged on the first page in four columns and on a shorter second page in three columns.

William Westfall
William Currents
John Casaday
William Casaday
George Westfall
Henry Deleya
Peter Casaday, Junior
James Westfall
David Casaday
William Blair
Readen Blunt
Francis Riffle
Alexander Maxfield
John Crouch
Jacob Westfall, Senior
Peter Casaday, Senior
George Shaver
Jacob Shaver
Peter Shaver
Daniel McClane
John McClane
William White
Daniel Westfall
Nicholas Smith
Peter King
John White
Jacob Stalnaker, Senior
Valentine Stalnaker
Jacob Stalnaker, Junior
Benjamin Wilson
Joel Westfall
Cornelius King
Solomon Ryan
Edward Skidmore
Francis Trader [Strader]
Mathew Lambert
Henry Pedro
Jacob Wolf
Jonathan Smith
Anthony Sandusea [Sandusky]
Anthony Smith
Thomas Lovet
Thomas Philips
William Lovet
Peter Dodson
Benjamin Cutrite
Michael Ausner [Isner]
Thomas Ausner
John Lambert, Junior
John Lambert
John Yeokem Francis Wire
Aaron Richardson
Nicholas Wools, Senior
Nicholas Wools, Junior
James Simms
Jacob Springston
Andrew Crouch
Daniel Simerman
Thomas Price
Jacob Westfall, Junior
Jacob Everman, Junior
Samuel Everman
Jacob Everman, Senior
William Cleaver, Senior
Joshua Cleaver
Benjamin Cleaver
Charles Cleaver
Daniel Booth
Jesse Hamilton
Moses Thomson
Anthony Huston
Thomas Scidmore
Andrew Skidmore
John Hunter
Elias Barker
William Gibson
Aaron Vanscoy
David Matthew
Benjamin Jones
James Booth
Enoch James
Samuel Merifield
Edward Conningham
Philip Coone
William Tucker
Thomas Cunningham
Thomas Merifield
John Tucker
Jonathan Boyer
Henry Tucker
Nathan Tucker
Nathaniel Cochron
John Merifield
George Tucker
John Tucker
James Current Samuel Tucker
William Williams
William Tucker, Junior
Henry Snider
Richard Merifield
Joseph Koon
Thomas Hellen
Conrad Koon
James Tucker
John Cross
Anthony Coon
Nicholas Carpenter
William Childers
Obediah Davison
Nathaniel Davison
Hezekiah Davison
Josiah Davison
Thomas Barkley
Daniel Davison
Joseph Heastings
John Wollf
John Nutter
Joseph Gregory
Samuel Cotral
Thomas Reed
John Reed
Adam O'Brian
Christopher Hanaman
Hezekiah Stout
Aaron Smith
Benjamin Shin
William Grundey
John Grundey
Charles Burkem
Joseph Wilkeson
Samuel Wilkeson
John Thomas
John Owens, Senior
John Owens, Junior
John Murphy
Denis Murphy
Gilbert Husteg
Moses Husteg
John Gooden
John Wickwire
Amissah Davison
John Rife
John Merrit
Levi Duglas
Charles Person, Senior
Charles Parson, Junior
William Thomson
Christopher Baker
Sotha Hickman
William Moore
Mathew Nutter
Samuel Beard
Jonah Webb
Thomas Webb
Benjamin Webb
Thomas Nutter
Christopher Nutter
William Taylor
William Lowther
Robert Parks
Conrad Richards
Joseph Woolf
Samuel Came
John Cane
Arnold Richards
Isaac Richards
Charles Washburn
Isaac Washburn
Steven Washburn
James Washburn
Robert Louther
Joel Louther
Richard Ratlift
Charles Ratclift
Joshua Allen
William Roberson
John Powers
Daniel Stout
Jonathan Lambert
Job Stout
William Murphey
Thomas Slin [Shin]
John McDonald
Thomas Herbert
Abraham Reece
Barns Allen
James Owens
David Edward
John Hustey
Archilbald McCenney
James McCeenney
John Stackhouse
Benjamin Couplan [Coplin]
Gabriel Wilkeson
John Watts
William Pettyjohn
William Pettyjohn, Junior
Amos Pettyjohn
John Pettyjohn
Mayer Powers
Edmond Freeman
John Chacker (Hacker)
William Martin
William Martin, Junior
Abraham Sandres
Samuel Blair
Richard Skidmore
William Powers
ENDORSED: Inhabitants of Tygers Valley Petition November 6, 1777. Referred to Propositions. December 16, 1777 referred to the consideration of the next Session of Assembly. November 25th 1778 (Rejected)
EDITOR'S NOTE: It is no wonder this petition was circulated in 1777. In 1776 the VA Legislature had finally defined the bounds of the District of West Augusta and by the same act wiped it off the map and created Monongalia County from it. But as the maps of the boundaries published in Core's MONONGALIA STORY show the legislature seems to have had motives other than efficiency in mind. The courthouse was on the river below present day Morgantown. Persons in today's Fairmont area, only about 20 miles from the Mon County court, were left in Augusta County with the courthouse 120 miles away (distances are given as the crow flies). Yet persons (if any) on the headwaters of the Shavers Fork of Cheat River, only about 50 miles from the Augusta Court at Staunton were placed in Monongalia with the court below Morgantown nearly double the distance from them as the court at Staunton. The people in this petition would not get their wish for a separate county until 1784 when the county of Harrison was formed.

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