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Beverly Randolph County Va: June 21st 1862

       I wish to inform you that on today according to
notice given ten days previous a portion of the company met
and elected a Captain and first lieutenant.
For Capt William L Hill thirty votes no opposition
"   first Lieutenant James Scott no opposition.
for which you will please send on commissions for them as soon
as you receive this          note,this company musters at Beverly
I hereby certify the above report is correct
                                      Cyrus Kittle
                                      Adjutant 107 Reg.Va mili

I wish to inform you that I have made efforts to organize other
companies of the regiment but were unsuccessful at the time but
I intend to not surrender yet. On Saturday 14th of present month
at Newinterest while attempting to organize the company
mustering at that place it was fired on by a company of
guerrillas one man a bystander of some fifty or sixty years of age
was killed instantly (a man who was a peaceable quiet unofficiating citizen)
by the name of Whitman Ward and wounded 3 more one dangerously
two slightly, the man who appeared as captain rode through the street of the
little village bosted that "he had done this for retaliation that Captain
Lathram's men had killed some of his men and had taken
their storegoods and also that they had intended to kill the officer
(But the officer got away). I went from there to the nearest post
of troops which was 14 miles from scene of action but did not go till I had first
particulars and also the names of the parties quilty of the act.
I went then to Buchanon and reported to Col Harrass of 10 Reg
Virginia Volunteers which was there at the time and called on him
for protection of myself in acting officially and the citizens also
the which he promised and so far has performed. I shall try to
organize the ballance of Reg; soon as possible, yours &tc
                                                   Cyrus Kittle
                                            Adjutant 107th Reg.Va.militia