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Eleanor Skidmore Books

Eleanor Skidmore's Randolph County Cemetery Pictures Books


The cemetery books cover cemeteries in Randolph County, West Virginia. I hope to photograph all the cemeteries in the county but it will take a while as there are over 350 known cemeteries at this time.

Each book has between 170 and 200 pages of black and white pictures of tombstones along with the inscription as it was found on the stone and detailed directions to each cemetery. The books are $20.00 each with $3.00 for shipping. If you order more than 1 book at a time then the shipping is $3.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book.

I accept checks, money orders or pay online with PayPal. You can also pay with a credit card through PayPal.

Mail payment to
EJ Skidmore
PO Box 42
Kerens, WV 26276

More volumes will be published and released as time and weather permits and I'm working on some census records and other genealogical records.

VOLUME 1 contains;

Arnold Hill Cemetery
Jacob Stalnaker Cemetery
Minear Cemetery
Skidmore Cemetery
John Swecker Cemetery
Baxter Wilmoth Cemetery
Carter Cemetery
Piercy Cemetery
Michael Isner Cemetery
Marple Cemetery
Connolly Cemetery
White Cemetery
Hamrick Cemetery
Whyte Cemetery
Schoonover/Martin Cemetery
Douglas Cemetery
Addison Stalnaker Cemetery
Herron Cemetery
Coberly/Long Cemetery
Coffman Chapel Cemetery
Allender Cemetery
George Stalnaker Cemetery
Helmick Cemetery
Canfield Cemetery
Benjamon Schoonover Cemetery
Abraham Carper Cemetery
Crouch/Shannon Cemetery
Jacob Isner Cemetery
McBee Cemetery

VOLUME 2 contains;

Israel Cemetery
Hamilton Stalnaker Cemetery
Hornbeck Cemetery
Johnathan Crouch Cemetery
St. Brendan's Catholic Cemetery (old)
Gordon/Shannon Cemetery

VOLUME 3 contains;

Calain Cemetery
Stalnaker Children Cemetery
Weese Cemetery
Lady of Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Mouse Cemetery
Coffman Cemetery
Gilman/Phares Cemetery

VOLUME 4 contains;

Findley Cemetery
McNeal Family Cemetery
Hertig Cemetery
S. C. Caplinger Cemetery
Wyatt Cemetery
Osceola / Tingler Cemetery
Adonijah Lambert Cemetery
Pickens Catholic Cemetery
Chenoweth Hill Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
Glady Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery

VOLUME 5 contains;

Beverly Cemetery

There is only 1 cemetery in this book due to the size of the cemetery.

VOLUME 6 contains;

Andrew Crouch
St. Patrick’s
Hinkle / Curtis
Boston Stalnaker
Lower Rowan
Solomon Caplinger
John Green
Thomas Isner

VOLUME 7 contains;

Long Run Cemetery
Bohny / Schlappi Cemetery
Carper / Pritt Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery
Isaac Crouch Cemetery
Solomon Daniels Cemetery
Jonas Hinkle Cemetery
John Omnetter Cemetery
Rosencrance Cemetery
Stucky Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery
Shaver Cemetery
Summerfield Cemetery
Omer White Cemetery
Friend Cemetery
Leading Creek Primitive Baptist Cemetery

Census Books

1920 Census ~ Upshur Co., WV - Transcribed, annotated and fully indexed using female maiden names where available. 480 pages of information in 8 pt graph format. Plastic comb binding in two volumes.  Deluxe version iIncludes above with specific families highlighted to indicate more information available from the editor via email. Also includes 10 pictures of old Upshur County.  Notebook binding.

Printed version $50
Deluxe version $70 
CD in pdf format $20

Shipping and handling for first item add $5. Add only $3 S & H for each additional item ordered at the same time. Check, money order or pay online with PayPal. Also credit cards accepted through PayPal. Go to

For more information contact Jean Childress at

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