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Biography of Jacob Kittle

by Mike Holland

Jacob and Mary (Hendrickson) Kittle

Jacob Kittle was born July 26, 1757 in Sussex County, New Jersey, the son of Abraham Kittle Sr. and Christiana (Westfall) Kittle. He was baptized February 11, 1758, at Deer Park Church, Ulster County, New York. He died January 5, 1844, at the age 86 years 5 months and 14 days. He is buried at the Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery at Arnold Hill near Beverly (about 4 miles below). He is in one row and his wife is in the next row. The church was built in 1806. The first grave was Jacob Weese's 12 year old daughter. The Tygart Valley DAR put a marker at Jacob Kittle's grave in 1964.

Jacob's wife was Mary Hendrickson. She died March 9, 1834, age 74 years 3 months and 6 days. She was born October 13, 1760, her father was Johannes Hendrickson and her mother was Lydia Kelder (Keller). Jacob and Mary were married November 25, 1776 in New Amsterdam, NY.

In 1789 Jacob Kittle moved from Northhampton County, Pennsylvania to Tygart Valley, Augusta County, Virginia, where he lived until his death.

As a citizen of Randolph County, Jacob Kittle seems to have been a man of affairs, holding several offices in Randolph County, being a Captain in the militia in 1794, a justice of the peace in 1795 and having held several other appointments.

Jacob Kittle -- service, Pa. Va. No. 16657 No. S. 13630 born in Sussex County, New Jersey, 1757, son of Abraham and Mary Kittle. Enlisted in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1776, across the New Jersey line. Served fourteen months in Third Battalion of Pennsylvania Brigade under Captains Boyles, Conkle, Hoover, Shrivers and Colonels Cadwallader, Miller, Stroud, Major Baker, and General Lacey. Pension certificates were issued in Randolph County in 1833 and 1835.

While living in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania, Jacob enlisted and served as a private with the Pennslyvania troops as follows: from February 18, 1776, in Captain Thomas B. Bykes and George Tudor's companies in Colonel Cadwalder's regiment, aided in building Fort Washington, was taken ill there and discharged from the hospital at Hackensack, New Jersey, on November 8, 1776; in the fall of 1777 he served two months under Captain Lawrence Conkle and Colonel Abraham Miller. From late February 1778 he served two months under Captain Samuel Hoover in Colonel Jacob Stroud's regiment; engaged in procuring powder from Fort Lackawack in Northampton; soon afterwards he served between fifteen to twenty days under Captain John Van Sickler and late in 1778 served about ten days under Lieutenant Nathaniel Washburn.

He was allowed a pension application executed August 29, 1832. He drew a pension (No. 13630) as a Revolutionary soldier in the New Jersey militia from 1835 to 1840. At that time he was 84 years old and lived in Randolph County.

Jacob Kittle's will is found in Will Book No. 3 page 193 dated January 1843 at Randolph County Courthouse. The appraisement is located in Volume 3 page 222, the settlement is dated May 1845. He named the following children and grandchildren in his will: son Benjamin, grandson Jacob Triplett, 2 sons of Moses -- Benjamin and Jesse, Jean Kelley, Elizabeth Phillips, Sarah Skidmore, Lydia Chenoweth, Jemima Kelley, Margaret Phillips, the heirs of Christey Triplett to have her part, Mary Hart, beloved daughter Anne and grand daughter Margaret Kelley. The executor was William Pugh Chenoweth. This will was dated March 13, 1836, and probated January 4, 1843. The witnesses were John I. Chenoweth, John Weese and John Chenoweth.

Jacob's and Mary's children:

    1. Elizabeth married Isaac Phillips in 1793 by J.W. Loofborough
    2. Jean (Gean) married William Kelley on April 20, 1798 by Phineas Wells
    3. Christey married John Triplett in 1800
    4. Benjamin married Nancy Stalnaker in 1800
    5. Sarah married James Skidmore on February 14, 1805 by Robert Maxwell
    6. Lydia married William Pugh Chenoweth on January 25,1807
    7. Jemima married Abel W. Kelley on September 24, 1809 by Phineas Wells
    8. Margaret married Joseph Phillips in 1816 by John J. Waldo
    9. Moses married Nancy Bennett on December 26, 1816
    10. Mary married Joseph Hart on April 9, 1819
    11. Anne married Thomas Isner on January 1, 1842

The Will of Jacob Kittle

Volume 3 pages 193 and 194 of will book

In the Name of God Amen

I Jacob Kittle of the county of Randolph and state of Virginia being in perfect health, mind and memory have thought proper to dispose of my worldly property with a head God has blessed me in the folowing manner to wit:

1st I give all my recorded estate at my death to my son Benjamin W. Kittle and my grandson Jacob Triplett to be divided as followeth. Beginning at the River at a walnut tree stand dry in side of the cotton field fence a few steps below a tree top that has fell into this River thence across said field and swamp to _________ _____________on the top of a hill not far from the Rope Works thence across the fields a long where the old farm used to stand and __________ now standing to the ______ Run and down said Run to Clark's line including a tract of forty acres to be divided by said heir Benjamin to have the southwest end and said Jacob the northwest end including my dwelling house and the said Benjamin to have my part of a tract up Forth's Run and also my part of a tract up the Run on S_____ck Run and the said Jacob to maintain me and my daughter Anne while she remains single and to ________________ Luke or Jacob pay unto Benjamin and Jesse Kittle sons of Moses Kittle deceased the sum of Fifty dollars each when they come of age and to discharge my funeral expenses.

As to my moveable property after my said debts are paid, I give to my proper heirs towit to Jean Kelly, Elizabeth Phillips, Sarah Skidmore, Lydia Chenoweth, Jemima Kelly, Margaret Phillips, Benjamin W. Kittle, Anne Kittle and the heirs of Christey Triplett to have their mother's part and the heirs of Mary Hart to have their mother's part and my daughter Anne to have one ___ and her lace extra and my grand daughter Margarette Kelly to have one ___ amd under lace and her lace clothes.

And I consitute and appoint William P. Chenoweth my _______ and Executor of this my last will and testament and I do hereby disavow and revoke all and every other wills by me heretofor.

made in worship ______________

I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of March in the Year of Our Lord 1836.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged
in presence of ws

John J. Chenoweth
John Weese Jacob Kittle (seal)
John Chenoweth

and this is a part of my will which I had omitted and now meant which is to give to Moses Kittle's
3 daughters in sharing the moveable property amongst the list of my heirs which I acknowledged in a part of my will
Jacob Kittle (seal)

The last will and testament of Jacob Kittle decd was presented in Court and proven by the oaths of John P. Chenoweth, John Weese and John Chenoweth

B W Shutliff clk

To the Worshipful County Court of Randolph

In pursuance of an order of your worships and made the 24th day of March last requiring me to settle the account of Jacob Kittle dec'd with William P. Chenoweth his Executor I beg leave to submit the following report

1844 To Disbursements evidenced by voucher legally authenticated numbered from 1 to 17 inclusive

To cash paid Thomas Scott account for Voucher N. 1 $ .50
cash " Elijah Kittle " " 2 2.00
cash " David Goff " " 3 2.50
cash " Sheriff J.W.C. " " 4 .50
cash " John J. Chenoweth's account " " 5 1.00
cash " A V I J Crawford's account " " 6 .50
cash " Clerk of Randolph County Court " " 7 3.50
cash " John W. Stalnaker's account " " 8 3.00
cash " David Blackman " " 9 1.37
cash " S. Bosworth's voucher " " 10 8.50
cash " George McLean's account " " 11 6.00
cash " Anne Kittle now wife of Thos Isner " " 12 5.00
cash " George Buckey's account " " 13 1.73
cash " William Clark's proven account " " 14 6.75
cash " Elijah Kittle adm admint of May
Mitchell dec his receipt " " 15 60.00
cash " William P. Chenoweth, private account for whiskey furnished & ale " " 16 1.75
cash " pd S. Bosworth as Commissioner in making settlement " " 17 2.00

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