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Jeanne Russell Family Photos

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Ora Swecker Tacy Herron, age 93, with her hair dresser in Lebanon, PA. (Ora is Jeanne Russell's mother)

Jeanne Russell and granddaughter Meghan Updike in about 2002

Squire Bosworth Kittle, son of Benjamin Wilson Kittle and Nancy Ann Stalnaker, grandson of Jacob Kittle and Mary Hendrickson.

Holt Swecker (1881-1962), son of John C. Swecker and Sopelia A. Simmons, grandfather of Jeanne Russell.

Lucy Kittle Swecker (1883-1962), daughter of Squire Kittle (left) and Elizabeth Shiflett, wife of Holt Swecker and grandmother of Jeanne Russel.

Lucy Kittle Swecker, Simeon Kittle, Tip Kittle, children of Squire Bosworth Kittle and Elizabeth Marcella Shiflett

George Allender and his wife Luceba Finley, and child. George was the son of Thomas Allender and Apaline Kelley Allender; grandson of Dolbeare Kelley and Margaret Kittle

A.J. Updike, grandson of Jeanne Russell
Jeanne and her family.  Left to right: grandson Aidan John "AJ" Updike; daughter Marcia Updike; granddaughter Sarah Updike; son Alan Updike; daughter-in-law Tuya Updike; Dolores Jeanne Russell (1931-2010)