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Lineage of the Van Etten Family

Contributed by Mike Holland
From NYGenWeb

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Lineage of the Van Etten Family
From Olde Ulster Magazine

ONE of the famous regions of Europe was known by the name of Brabant as far back as the days of Julius Casar. During the Middle Ages it was under the dominion of the Duke of Brabant. After the rise of the Dutch Republic it became part of the kingdom of the Netherlands and so remained until 1830 when South Brabant was separated from North Brabant and given to Belgium.

Brabant is now divided into three provinces; North Brabant belonging to the Netherlands; Antwerp belonging to Belgium and South Brabant to the same kingdom. The inhabitants of North Brabant speak the Dutch language; those of Antwerp the Flemish and those of South Brabant the Walloon French. From the earliest settlement of the Esopus this name of Brabant was given to the lowlands along the Esopus creek on its west side opposite to and north of Kingston. The name has almost disappeared from local usage; its last survival being in the corporate name of the road of Belgian bridge stone tracks which was called " The Brabant Plank Road." After the death of Johan de Hulter his widow in 1657 was granted the tract of one thousand acres of land which her husband had purchased in 1654 of the Indians. This land lay on both sides of the Esopus creek and largely on the west, or Brabant side of the stream.

Among the earliest settlers was a man who was known as " Jan the Brabanter." He was an early owner of one of the lots in the stockaded village. He appears as a corporal at the time of what is known as "The Esopus Mutiny." He subscribed fifteen florins to the salary of Domine Blom in I661 and about this time was in law with Aert Pietersen Tach. At the Indian massacre when the villages of Wildwyck and Nieuw Dorp (Hurley) were destroyed June 7th, 1663, Tach's house was burned and Tach disappeared. It is thought that he was killed by the savages. At least he was never heard of afterwards. His creditors called for an administration of his estate and among those who presented claims was Jacob Jansen, of Etten (van Etten).

Etten is a village in North Brabant, six miles from Breda, where, in 1667, the famous ' Treaty of Breda" was signed by which England acquired title to this province and New Netherland became New York. It cannot now be determined if Jan the Brabanter and "Jacob Jansen, of Etten," were the same individual, but they seem to have been. In the court records Jacob Jansen is called "the head farmer" of Tach. The claim was presented on October 2Ist, 1664, and allowed. It was for " 338 guilders heavy money in wheat." But before the final settlement of the estate Jacob Jansen had been prosecuting another claim and married the widow. The record says " Jacob Jansen, young man of Etten in Brabant, to Annetje Arians of Amsterdam (van Amsterdam)." A little later his name appears on a petition that a minister be sent to Kingston and is there signed "Jacob Johnson van Eten." He was here as early, in all probability, as 1658. From this union of Jacob Jansen and the widow of Aert Pietersen Tach has sprung the widely distributed Van Etten family.

Jacob Jansen Van Etten was one of those who signed the petition for the control of local affairs on January 26th, 1684, mentioned in OLDE ULSTER, Vol. II., pages 257-62, which so angered Governor Thomas Dongan that all the signers were arrested and fined.

(I.) JACOB JANSEN VAN ETTEN1 married in Kingston ANNETJE ARIANS VAN AMSTERDAM 11 January, 1665.


(2) Jan2: Baptized 3 January, 1666. Resided in Ulster county.
(3) Arian: Baptized 26 June, 1670. Resided in Ulster county. Died in 1702 or 1703.
(4) Pieter: Baptized-. Resided in Rhinebeck 1720.
(5) Emanuel: Baptized 29 December, 1681. Resided in New Jersey 1712-17.
(6) Jacobus; Baptized 2 May, 1686. Resided in Rhinebeck in 1721.



(7) Annetje3: Baptized 6 October, 1695,
(8) Jacobus: Baptized 17 July, 1698.
(9) Rachel: Baptized 17 July, 1698.
(10) Gysbert: Baptized 24 November, 1700.
(11) Arie: Baptized 5 April, 1702.

(VIII.) JACOBUS VAN ETTEN3 (Arian2, Jacob1) married CATRINA KOOL (COLE) 27 November, 1719.


(12) Ary4: Baptized 14 August, 1720.
(13) Johannes: Baptized 26 December, 1721.
(14) Gysbert: Baptized 1 December, 1723.
(15) Ariaantje: Baptized 24 July, 1726.
(16) Catrina: Baptized 5 January, 1729.
(17) Maria: Baptized 4 August, 1734.
(18) Albert Roos: Baptized 17 October, 1736.
(19) Elizabeth: Baptized 30 May, 1742.

[In some manner part of the line of the Van Etten family was transposed in OLDE ULSTER, Vol. II., page 347. Besides this the compiler neglected to include the daughters of Jacob Jansen van Etten and Annet je Ariens. It is deemed best to re-publish the lineage given in the November number.]

(I.) JACOB JANSEN VAN ETTEN1 married in Kingston ANNETJE ARIENS VAN AMSTERDAM 11 January 1665.


(2) Jan2: Baptized January 3, 1666.
(3) Sytje : Baptized March 25, 1668; married Jan Everts Terwilliger.
(4) Adrian (Arien): Baptized June 26, 1670.
(5) Pieter: Baptized ___
(6) Nollotie (Petronella): Baptized __; married Aldert Roosa.
(7) Heiltje: Baptized April 21 1679; married William Van Vredenburg.
(8) Emanuel: Baptized December 29, 1681.
(9) Tietje: Baptized February 24, 1684; married Evert Roosa.
(10) Jacobus: Baptized May 2, 1686.
(11) Geesje: Baptized December 25, 1688; married Jacob Jacobse Decker.

Of the above sons, Jan and Arien resided and died in Ulster county. Pieter and Jacobus removed to Dutchess county about the year 1720-1721. Emanuel moved to Warren county, New Jersey, about the year 1715.

(II.) JAN VAN ETTEN2 (Jacob1) married JANNETJE ROOSA, daughter of Arien Roosa.


(12) Arien3: Baptized August 15 1693; married Sytjen Kuykendall.
(13) Aaltje: Baptized November 11, I694; married Anthony Westbrook.
(14) Jacob: Baptized December 25, 1696; married Antjen Westbrook.
(15) Marytje: January 8, 1699; married Cornelis Ennis
(16) Annetje: Baptized September 2I, 1701; married Broer Decker.
(17) Arriaantje: Baptized November 7, I703; married Aert Middag.
(18) Rebecca: Baptized March 17, 1706.
(19) Rachel: Baptized June 20, 1708; married Ritsert Kittel.
(20) Lea: Baptized April 29, 1711 married Thomas Keeter.
(21) Catrina: Baptized August 28, 1715; married Jan A. Rosa.

The children of Jan Van Etten with their families, nearly all settled in the Delaware valley in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.



(22) Annetje3: Baptized October 6, 1695.
(23) Jacobus: Baptized July 17, I698.
(24) Rachel: Baptized July 17, I698.
(25) Gysbert: Baptized October 6, 1700.
(26) Arie: Baptized April 5, 1702.

Arien died about the year I702, and his widow was remarried to Hendrick Cortreght December 6, 1703.

(V.) PIETER VAN ETTEN2 (Jacob1) married EVA DE HOOGES.


(27) Annetje3: Baptized Kingston August 26, 1698.
(28) Johannes De Hooges: Baptized Kingston May I9, I700.
(29) Jacobus: Baptized Kingston January 30, 1704.
(30) Margarita: Baptized March 2, I707; married Johannis Kip.
(3I) Katrina : Baptized May 27, 1711; married Franz Kool.
(32) Benjamin: Baptized December 4, 1715.
(33) Petrus: Baptized January 24, 1720: married Elizabeth Schriver.



(34) Anna3: Baptized Kingston January 7, 1711; married Gysbert Westfall.
(35) Jan: Baptized Kingston March 29, 1713; married Rachel Westfall.
(36) Hillegond: Baptized Kingston December 4, I715; married Jan Mores.
(37) Lea: Baptized Kingston October 20, 1717; married Aarant Traphagen.
(38) Jacobus: Bap. Kingston June 12, 1720; m. Lea Van Vredenburgh.

(39) Matthews: Bap. Kingston May 6, 1722; m. Neeltje Van Wagenen.
(40) Abraham: Bap. Kingston October 11, 1724; m. Sara Van Steenburgh.
(41) Isaac: Bap. Kingston March 12, I727; m. Heyltje Van Vredenburgh.
(42) Benjamin: Bap. Kingston February 8, 1730; m. Rachel Kip.
(43) Rachel: Bap. Rhinebeck August 1, 1731; m. Andries Hermance.

Jacobus Van Etten died December 31, 1759, and is buried at Rhinebeck. Of the families of Pieter and Jacobus, some remained in Dutchess county, but the larger part of them located at or near Albany and some went to Canada.

(VIII.) EMANUEL VAN ETTEN2 (Jacob1) married ANTJE DE HOOGES. The baptismal records at Kingston and Readington, New Jersey, show the following children:

(44) Jacobus3: Baptized Kingston February 14, 1703.
(45) Anna: Baptized Kingston January 5, 1707.
(46) Jacobus: Baptized Kingston March 14, 1708.
(47) Johannes: Baptized Kingston November 10, 1710.
(48) Anna; Baptized Kingston December 14, 1712.
(49) Samuel: Baptized Readington May 3, 1723.
(50) Benjamin: Baptized Readington May 19, 1726.

Emanuel's descendants changed the name to Van Atta. Other lines of the Van Etten family spell the name Van Etta, Van Natten, Van Atten, Van Netten and Van Nette.

(XXIII.) JACOBUS VAN ETTEN3 (Arian2, Jacob1) married CATRINA KOOL (COLE) 27 November, 1719.


(51) Ary4: Baptized August 14, 1720.
(52) Johannes. Baptized December 26, 1721.
(53) Gysbert: Baptized December 1, 1723.
(54) Ariaantje: Baptized July 24, 1726.
(55) Catrina: Baptized January 5, 1729.
(56) Maria: Baptized August 4, 1734.
(57) Albert Roos: Baptized October 17, 1736.
(58) Elizabeth: Baptized May 30, 1742.

(LI.) ARIE VAN ETTEN4 (Jacobus3, Arian2, Jacob1) married CHRISTINA DE WITT 26 Nov.,1748. The baptisms of their children are given in the Katsbaan church records. He was a signer of the Articles of Association in 1775.


(59) Maria5: Baptized October 4, 1755.
(60) John: Baptized June 5, 1759.
(61) Jacobus: Baptized March 29, 1764.
(62) Elias: Baptized August 26, 1766.

(LX.) JOHN VAN ETTEN5 (Arie4, Jacobus3, Arian2, Jacob1) married MARRITJE FALKENBERG (VALKENBURG) at Kingston 4 March, 1792. He was a signer of the Articles of Association in 1775 and was a soldier of the Revolution, serving in First Regiment Ulster County Militia, Colonel Johannis Snyder, commanding, and in Third Regiment of the Line (Continentals) commanded by Colonel James Clinton. He was sec ond lieutenant in a company commanded by Captain Isaac S. Davis in June, 1778. Their children were baptized in Katsbaan church.


(63) Jonas6: Baptized May 4, 1793.
(64) Levi: Born February 8, 1795;
(65) Peggy: Born July 8, 1799.
(66) John Aaron: Born May 19, 1801.
(67) Sally Eliza: Bap. June 2, 1805. M. Benjamin Winne. Lived in Albany.
(68) Eva Marie: B. August 1l, 1810. M. Abel Barker. Died in Saugerties.

(LXVI.) JOHN AARON VAN ETTEN6 (John5, Arie4, Jacobus3, Arien2, Jacob1) married REBECCA VREDENBURGH October 19, 1826. She was born May 20, 1808.


(69) William H.7: Born ___
(70) John E.: Born April 2, 1830; died April 30, 1904.
(71) Nelson: Born ___; died ___ , 1869
(72) David: Born ___;
(73) Angeline: Born in I844; died May 16,1904; married Daniel M. Ballard.
(74) Charlotte: Born ___;
(75) George: Born January 17, 1848.

(LXX.) JOHN E. VAN ETTEN7 (John Aaron6, John5, Arie4, Jacobus3, Arien2, Jacob1) married ADELAIDE GREENE.


(76) Jessie8: Born ___; married Dr. J. L. Preston.
(77) John G.: Born ___; married Anna North.
(78) Lawrence E.: Born ___; married Elizabeth Schoonmaker.

(LXXV.) GEORGE VAN ETTEN7 (John Aaron6, John5, Arie4, Jacobus3, Arien2, Jacob1) married KATHARINE MILLER.


(79) Gertrude8: Born January I, I895.
(80) Ruth: Born May II, I896.

(XII.) ARIEN VAN ETTEN3 (Jan2, Jacob1) married SYTJEN KUYKENDALL May 19, 1729.


(81) Ary4: Baptized December 7, 1729.
(82) Catrina: Baptized October 21, 1733.
(83) Elizabeth: Baptized April 26 1736.
(84) Annatjen: Baptized July 4, 1742.

All were baptized in Kingston. Arien died about 745. His widow married Cornelius Kool Aug. 6, 1747.

(XIV.) JACOB VAN ETTEN3 (Jan2, Jacob1) married ANTJEN WESTBROECK April 22, 1719.


(85) Jan4: Baptized April 17, 1720.
(86) Helena: Bap. Dec. 24, 1721. M. the Rev. Johannes Casparus Fryenmoet July 23, 1742.
(87) Cornelis: Baptized January 19, 1724.
(88) Anthony: Baptized June 12, 1726.
(89) Jannetjen: Baptized April 20, 1729.
(90) Johannes: Born 1731.
(91) Sara Baptized May 19, 1736.
(92) Dirk: Baptized May 29, 1739.

All of the above baptisms were in Kingston except that of Dirk, which was at Maghackemek (Port Jervis). About 1730, Jacob Van Etten with his family settled in the Delaware valley in New Jersey, opposite Namanock Island, and his sons married and located in the Delaware valley. Jan Van Etten, the oldest son, was born at Knightsfield Patent, Wawarsing, Ulster county.

(LXXXV.) JAN VAN ETTEN4 (Jacob3, Jan2, Jacob1) married at Maghackemek Church, Deer Park, then in Ulster county, New York, MARITJE WESTFAEL April 3, 1738.


(93) Helena5: Baptized November 1, 1738.
(94) Jacob: Baptized June 17, 1740.
(95) Daniel; Baptized July 25, 1742.
(96) Catharina: Baptized April 23, 1743.
(97) Maria: Baptized February-, 1746.
(98) Margarita: Baptized March 6, 1748.
(99) Samuel: Baptized May 27, 1750.
(100) Margrita: Baptized November 5, 1752.

All of these children were baptized in Maghackemek. Jan Van Etten was a captain in the Pennsylvania troops during the Revolution, and was afterwards in the service of the United States near Easton, Pennsylvania.

(LXXXVII.) CORNELIS VAN ETTEN4 (Jacob3, Jan2, Jacob1) was also born at Knightsfield Patent and married HELTJE WESTBROOK March 26, 1746.


(101) Antje5: Baptized November 30, 1746.
(102) Johannes: Baptized January 20, 1751.
(103) Gideon: Baptized January 22, 1754.
(104) Magdalena: Baptized January 27, 1759.
(105) Magdalena: Baptized March 21, 1762.

All of these children were baptized in Maghackemek. The descendants of Cornelis Van Etten mostly remained in Sussex County, New Jersey.

(LXXXVIII.) ANTHONY VAN ETTEN4 (Jacob3, Jan2, Jacob1) was born at Napanoch, Ulster county, New York, and married ANNATJE DECKER August 3, 1750. He located at or near Port Jervis.


(106) Thomas5: Baptized September 8, 1751.
(107) Antje: Baptized January 14, 1753.
(108) Janneke: Baptized April 28, 1754.
(l09) Margrieta: Baptized February 13. 1756.
(110) Levi: Baptized February 12, 1758.
(111) Alida: Baptized August 19, 1759.
(112) Hendricus: Baptized June 14, 1761.
(113) Blandina: Baptized Septembe r4, 1763.
(114) Maria: Baptized November 11, 1765.
(115) Tomas: Baptized October 16, 1768.
(116) Jacob: Baptized June 5, 1774.
(117) Anthony: Baptized October 29, 1780.

All of these children were baptized at Maghackemek, except Jacob who was baptized at Napanoch, New York.

(XC.) JOHANNES VAN ETTEN4( Jacob3, Jan2, Jacob1) was born in New Jersey at Namanock, which was opposite an island of that name in the Delaware river, and married MARIA GONSALES at Napanoch May 18, 1750.


(118) Magdalena5: Baptized October 6, 1751.
(119) Manuel: Baptized June 2, 175 l.
(120) Rymerick: Baptized April 14, 1756.
(121) Jacobus: Baptized January 18, 1761.
(122) Johannes: Baptized in 1759
(123) Elizabeth: Baptized February 6, 1763.
(124) Catharina: Baptized April 29, 1772.
(125) Simeon: Baptized November 25, 1776.
(126) Anthony.
(127) Maria.

JOHANNES VAN ETTEN4 married, second, RACHEL WILLIAMS DECKER, widow of Daniel Decker.


(128) Daniel5: Baptized August 19, 1781.
(129) Cornelius: Born December 8, 1782.
(130) Solomon: Born February 12 1789.
(131 ) Dorothy.

All of the children by the first marriage, except Johannes, were baptized in Maghackemek. Johannes was baptized in Walpack. About the time that Johannes married his second wife, many of the children of the first marriage moved to Tioga county, New York, and located at what is now Van Ettenville in that county. The children by the second marriage lived and died along the Delaware river in Pike county, Pennsylvania. Johannes was also a captain in one of the regiments of Pennsylvania troops during the war of the Revolution.

(XCII.) DIRK (RICHARD) VAN ETTEN4 (Jacob3, Jan2, Jacob1) was born at Namanock and married RUSYE WESTVAEL August 11, I758, at Deer Park.


(132) Sara5: Baptized August 19 1759.
(133) Joseph; Baptized October 18, 1761.
(134) Petrus: Baptized September 18, 1763.
(135) Sarah: Baptized March 22, 1766.
(136) James McCarte; Baptized November 25, 1776.

Not continued - however - see: VanAken and allied families or the Kaatsbaan Church records for more.

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