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Rennix Wees Family Bible

Owner of Bible Mrs. Ralph Junsford
Date of Bible 1849

Renix Wees was born 1-27-1837
Mary Ann Wees was born 12-8-1838
Sidney Wees was born 4-20-1842
Emily Wees was born 4-4-1844
Mary Wees was born 12-4-1850, Twin
Martha Wees born 12-4-1850, Twin
Arnold Wees was born 9-4-1853
Lomandy? Weesa was born 8-23-1858
Viola Wees born 12-9-1878
John W. Wees was born 3-5-1810
Mary Ann Wees was born 2-9-1820

John W. Wees married 2-15-1836
Emily Wees married 7-11-1866
Renix Wees married 7-3-1856
Sary Ann married 2-18-1858
Martha Wees married 10-27-1870
Sidney Wees married 12-1-1870

John Wees died 11-13-1881
Arnol Wees died 3-20-1880
Mary Wees departed this life 7-19-1882
Margaret Wees departed this lefe 7-30-1882

Other Births
Lucetta Schoonover born 3-24-1874
Viola Lovett Schoonover born 12 ? 1876
Summa Schoonover born 1-16-1878

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