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These are links to the National Genealogical Society's Bible Records order page. These names are all in the same bible that has been submitted to the NGS. If I read this right, it is $15.00 plus $5.00 surcharge for non-members per name, but suspect they can't separate the names from each page. If you order a record please let us know what you think of the value.

Names from the Kittle and other family Bible
NGS Order Form

Butcher, Harrison
Butcher, Reuben
Canfield, Benjamin Kankling
Carr, Delilah
Chenowith, Margrite
Chenowith, Mary
Chenowith, Melinda
Halnaker, John
Halnaker, Rachel
Hartsaw, George
Kittle, Agnes
Kittle, Ann

Kittle, Richard
Phillips, Adam
Phillips, Adoniga
Phillips, Agnes
Phillips, Isaac K.
Phillips, Jane M.
Phillips, John H.
Phillips, Martha Ann
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Susanna
Scott, Charles
Wilmoth, John
Wilmoth, Sidney