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Randolph County Cemetery Search - Currence

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Currence      Ada                     1892        1987         Mill Creek

Currence      Adie        M           1910        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Peter J Currence

Currence      Albert      B           1879        1939         Mill Creek

Currence      Albert      G           1892        19??         Mill Creek

Currence      Ann                     1855        1934         Crouch                w/o W D Currence

Currence      Anna        Lee         4-Jun-20    7-Dec-32     Mill Creek

Currence      Anne        B           Sep 18 1859 22-Mar-12    Bradley               w/o Rob't E Currence d/o Matthew & Ann Bradley

Currence      Anthony                 1885        1930         Mill Creek

Currence      Anthony     B           Sep 22 1850 21-Jul-17    Bell-Kelley           s/o William & Eliza Conrad Currence

Currence      Arlington               31-May-27   28-May-77    Martin

Currence      Arminda                 Sep 10 1874 Nov 15 1887  Mingo                 d/o S B & Margaret Currence

Currence      Barbara     A           1861        1951         Ware's Ridge

Currence      Barbara     Ellen       May 18 1863 23-Feb-19    Shannon-Currence      d/o Juda Mullins & Isaac Tackett (Russell Funeral)

Currence      Beatrice    Irene       14-Oct-18   15-Oct-18    Mill Creek            d/o Garland & Lena Currence

Currence      Benjamin    H           13-Oct-23   14-Oct-23    Mill Creek            s/o Jacob Currence

Currence      Benjamin    E           1931        1931         Crouch                s/o Earl H & Icie Currence

Currence      Billie      R           1938        1992         Mt State Memorial Gar

Currence      Bosworth                27-Apr-19   14-Mar-20    Mill Creek

Currence      Charles                 Mar 30 1884 Nov 14 1887  Mingo                 s/o S B & Margaret Currence

Currence      Charles                 Apr 19 1861 20-Apr-38    Blue Rock             s/o Jonathan & Nancy Gear Currence

Currence      Clarinda                1886        1941         Mill Creek

Currence      Daisy       L           18-Oct-29   No DOD       Rowan                 w/o George H Currence

Currence      Dale        Lincoln     4-Jun-17    No DOD       Mill Creek            h/o Eva Grace Currence m. 7/30/1935

Currence      Diana                   Nov 07 1859 31-Jan-31    Currence              w/o Page d/o Christopher & Ann Salisbury Swecker

Currence      Dora        Elizabeth   Aug 10 1879 Aug 10 1879  Currence-Shannon      d/o Haman (Haymond) & Labana Tenney Currence

Currence      Edith                   Dec 28 1830 Nov 24 1894  Beverly               w/o C Currence

Currence      Edmonia                 1845        1921         Currence              w/o Laban Currence nee Woolwine

Currence      Effie                   1895        1968         Rowan                 w/o J Humbolt Currence

Currence      Eileen      Grace       18-Aug-21   9-Oct-23     Mill Creek            d/o John W & Viola Currence

Currence      Eleanor     Ellen       1799        187?         Currence              d/o Wm D Daniels w/o Wm B Currence

Currence      Eliza                   Mar 12 1871 Oct 03 1880  Bell-Kelley           d/o Anthony & Mary Currence

Currence      Ellen       C           1908        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Ford Currence

Currence      Erma        R           30-May-19   7-Apr-74     Mingo                 "w/o Kenneth ""Buck"" Currence"

Currence      Ethel       B           Jan 06 1899 31-Dec-25    Mill Creek

Currence      Eva         Grace       6-May-14    No DOD       Mill Creek            w/o Dale Currence

Currence      Felix       Earl        1887        1960         Mill Creek

Currence      Fletcher    Jacob       1922        1969         Jerusalem             Funeral Home Marker

Currence      Ford                    1906        1981         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Ellen C Currence

Currence      Frederick   W           Dec 19 1865 15-Mar-12    Crouch                h/o Nettie Currence

Currence      Garland                 15-Oct-18   15-Oct-18    Shannon-Currence      s/o Garland & Lena Currence (Russell Funeral Home)

Currence      Garland                 1886        1972         Mill Creek

Currence      George      H           1-Dec-22    No DOD        1946"                "h/o Daisy L Currence m. Oct 18

Currence      George      H           Oct 18 1899 Oct 19 1899  Crouch

Currence      Gladys      D           29-Nov-05   1986         Fincham Chapel

Currence      Goldie      Virginia    29-Apr-13   23-Oct-62    Rosencrance           w/o Reuben d/o George & Sarah Lester Bishop

Currence      Gracie                  1901        No DOD       Mill Creek

Currence      Hallie      Ellen       No DOB      28-May-28    Mill Creek            d/o Clarinda Oxley & Anthony Currence

Currence      Hattie      Anne        Oct 02 1875 4-Dec-39                           w/o Squire d/o Lewis & Mary Calain Kittle

Currence      Haymond                 1842        Mar 11 1891  Currence-Shannon      s/o Henry & Mary Currence h/o Labana Tenney

Currence      Hazel                   19-Nov-19   29-Nov-19    Mill Creek            d/o Jacob Currence

Currence      Henry                   1873        1955         Crouch                h/o Rena U Currence

Currence      Henry                   No DOB      1889         Currence-Shannon      h/o Mary Zickefoose Currence

Currence      Infant                  No DOB      16-May-43    Mingo                 s/o Kenneth & Erma Currence

Currence      Infant                  2-Dec-02    13-Dec-02    Crouch                d/o H A & L J Currence

Currence      J           Humbolt     1882        1929         Rowan                 h/o Effie Currence

Currence      J           Huff        1876        1900         Crouch                s/o J H & Virginia L Currence

Currence      Jacob       Conrad      1831        1891         Currence              h/o Virginia R Currence

Currence      James       D           1879        1901         Crouch                s/o J H & Virginia Currence

Currence      Jeannetta               Jan 05 1855 26-Feb-29    Blue Rock

Currence      John        W           1877        1950         Mill Creek            h/o Viola V Currence

Currence      John        M           Feb 25 1820 Dec 16 1823  Currence              s/o William & Eleanor Ellen Currence

Currence      John        Bosworth    23-Jan-43   19-Feb-43    Crouch                s/o Ford & Ellen Currence

Currence      John        Stewart     20-Apr-07   2-Jun-69     Rosencrance           s/o Reuben D & Clara Riggs Currence

Currence      John        C           Oct 13 1862 3-Aug-21     Beverly

Currence      John        G           Oct 13 1862 3-Aug-21     Beverly

Currence      Johnathan   H                                    Crouch                Cpl Co I 19 Va Calv CSA No Dates Shown

Currence      Joseph      M           1866        1960         Jerusalem             Funeral Home Marker

Currence      Joshua      Heath       27-Feb-81   27-Feb-81    Rowan                 s/o Steve & Cathy Currence

Currence      Junior      V           16-Jan-24   27-Mar-26    Mill Creek

Currence      Kenneth     B           21-Oct-22   16-Jul-80    Mingo                 Tec 4 U S Army WWII h/o Erma R & Thelma Currence

Currence      Kenneth Jr  Brent       2-Jun-49    3-Jun-49     Mingo                 s/o Kenneth & Erma Currence

Currence      Kent                    Aug 21 1869 Feb 27 1871  Currence              s/o L B & E Currence

Currence      Kittie                  1887        1901         Crouch                d/o J H & Virginia L Currence

Currence      Laban       B           May 01 1843 7-Feb-25     Currence              s/o Wm D & Adaline Bradley Currence

Currence      Labana      Anne        Jan 15 1847 No DOD       Currence-Shannon      w/o Haman nee Tenney m. G W Zickefoose 10/15/1893

Currence      Leland      K           Oct 06 1886 8-Oct-18     Currence              s/o Page & Diana Currence

Currence      Lena        C           1886        1966         Mill Creek

Currence      Lewis       W           1880        1904         Valley Head           s/o Dolbeare Currence

Currence      Lewis                   1885        1964         Mill Creek

Currence      Lillian                 1888        1959         Mill Creek            nee Gatrell

Currence      Lorenzo     Dow         May 21 1869 25-Feb-63    Valley Head

Currence      Lucinda                 Jan 28 1874 Feb 05 1874  Currence              d/o L B & E Currence

Currence      Luisa       B           Jan 17 1875 Jan 09 1879  Bell-Kelley           d/o Anthony & Mary Currence

Currence      Lurty       Clyde       28-Sep-09   19-Dec-63    Mill Creek            Sgt U S Army WWII

Currence      Lydia       Jane        1910        1974         Mill Creek

Currence      Margarite   Marie       4-Dec-46    6-Apr-47     Crouch                d/o Ford & Ellen Currence

Currence      Margie      B           1921        1992         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Warren J Currence

Currence      Marion      T           1893        1916         Currence              s/o Page & Diana Currence

Currence      Mark        Jeffrey     1966        1986         Mt State Memorial Gar

Currence      Mary                    1812        1885         Currence-Shannon      w/o Henry nee Zickefoose

Currence      Mary        Jane        Jul 14 1849 No DOD       Bell-Kelley           w/o Anthony d/o Aaron & Elizabeth Currence Bell

Currence      Matilda     V           May 14 1842 1-Dec-22     Crouch                w/o Col Melvin Currence nee Earle

Currence      Melvin      H           Mar 17 1877 Dec 23 1878  Bell-Kelley           s/o Anthony & Mary Currence

Currence      Melvin Col              Apr 13 1829 15-Mar-04    Crouch                h/o Matilda V Earle

Currence      Mildred     May         27-Dec-37   27-Dec-37    Rosencrance           d/o Anthony & Tina P Shreve Currence

Currence      Neil        L           31-May-30   18-Apr-90    Rosencrance           U S Army

Currence      Nettie                  Sep 13 1868 Nov 18 1896  Crouch                w/o Frederick W Currence

Currence      Page        Burns       Oct 14 1854 2-Feb-06     Currence              s/o Jacob & Virginia Currence

Currence      Penny       Mae         25-Feb-67   25-Feb-67    Hill Top              d/o Arnold & Helena Mae Williams Currence

Currence      Peter       J           1908        1978         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Adie M Currence

Currence      Rena        U           1870        1934         Crouch                w/o Henry Currence

Currence      Reuben      Davidson    Aug 12 1881 13-Nov-68    Rosencrance           s/o Anthony B & Mary Jane Bell Currence

Currence      Robert      Isaac       26-Jul-23   5-May-79     Little Arlington      Cpl U S Army WWII

Currence      Robert      Lee         18-Jun-32   16-Mar-34    Rosencrance           s/o Anthony & Tina Shreve Currence

Currence      Rosey       F           Oct 07 1884 6-Aug-25     Mill Creek            w/o Jacob Currence

Currence      Roy         Newton      1919        1987         Mill Creek            Pfc U S Army WWII

Currence      Sarah                   1898        1958         Jerusalem             Funeral Home Marker

Currence      Sarah       Virginia    5-Jan-43    4-Oct-43     Rosencrance           d/o Reuben & Goldie Currence

Currence      Selfia      Jean        1936        1936         Mill Creek

Currence      Shawn       Lee         27-Jun-75   1994         Bennett               s/o Billy Lee Currence & Donna Jean Sikorski

Currence      Squire      B           Jan 27 1867 21-Jul-42                          s/o hilery & Barbara Isner Currence h/o Hattie

Currence      Sylvia      Ruth        1897        1947         Mill Creek

Currence      T           L           Mar 17 1868 Mar 01 1897  Bell-Kelley           d/o Edward & Louisa Currence Brake

Currence      Vernie      B           1897        1982         Mill Creek            w/o Warren Currence m. 9/9/1916

Currence      Vernon      Junior      9-Jun-28    29-Sep-72    Little Arlington      s/o Lewis & Grace Herron Currence

Currence      Viola       V           1889        1970         Mill Creek            w/o John W Currence

Currence      Virginia                                         Crouch                nee McCall No Dates Shown

Currence      Virginia    R           1837        26-Dec-27    Currence              w/o Jacob d/o Wm & Nellie Daniels Currence

Currence      W           D           1857        1924         Crouch                h/o Ann Currence

Currence      W           Dolbeare    1822        1909         Valley Head

Currence      Warren                  1888        1974         Mill Creek            h/o Vernie B Currence m. 9/9/1916

Currence      Warren      J           17-Jul-12   2-Oct-70     Mt State Memorial Gar A5 U S Navy WWII h/o Margie B Currence

Currence      William     Grant       Dec 20 1887 18-May-66                          s/o Hilery & Barbara Isner Currence h/o Wreatha

Currence      William     Lee                                  Crouch                No Dates Shown

Currence      William     Lester      1923        1943         Mill Creek            s/o Lewis & Gracie Currence

Currence      William     Branson     Jul 16 1795 Jul 10 1851   1795"                "h/o Eleanor Ellen Currence DOB Aug 04

Currence      William     H           Oct 17 1852 6-Jan-28     Blue Rock             s/o Jonathan & Nancy Gear Currence

Currence      William Jr              1764        1848         Mill Creek            Served in Rev War

Currence      William Sr              1727        Oct 07 1780  Mill Creek            Killed by Indians

Currence      Wreatha     D           Mar 21 1899 16-Dec-80                          w/o William G d/o George & Dora Kittle Isner