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Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Fretwell      Ardelia     E           1852        1939         Swecker               w/o Benj d/o Alexander & Mary Moore Logan

Fretwell      Benjamin    Wilson      Dec 03 1852 24-Dec-37    Swecker               s/o Jms & Susan Kittle Fretwell

Fretwell      Birdie      Upton       Jan 28 1869 10-Jul-37    Israel                w/o Richard d/o Chas & Kathrine Stalnaker Kelley

Fretwell      Coleen      Lucile      1936        1983         Mt State Memorial Gar Ashes scattered in WV Hills

Fretwell      Cynthia                 Feb 17 1862 Apr 13 1887  Snyder                w/o B A Fretwell

Fretwell      George      Washington  May 28 1858 17-Sep-36    Hevener               s/o James D & Susan Kittle Fretwell

Fretwell      Infant                  Apr 05 1887 Aug 22 1887  Snyder                d/o B & C Fretwell

Fretwell      James       D           Nov 15 1827 Jul 29 1893  Swecker

Fretwell      James       B           Jul 16 1871 Jul 20 1897  Swecker               s/o J D & S A Fretwell

Fretwell      Jeffrey     W           22-Feb-63   14-Apr-64    Mt State Memorial Gar

Fretwell      Kate        E           Jul 15 1889 15-Feb-07    Swecker               d/o W L & Mary M Fretwell

Fretwell      Lee         Ann         Feb 24 1863 1944         Hevener               w/o George d/o Solomon & Jane Hogan Hevener

Fretwell      Richard     A           Aug 28 1854 19-Nov-36    Israel                h/o Birdie Kelley s/o Jms & Susan Kittle Fretwell

Fretwell      Susan       A           Mar 29 1826 5-Oct-03     Swecker               w/o Jms d/o Benj & Nancy Stalnaker Kittle

Fretwell      Sylvia                  1897        1990         Mt State Memorial Gar

Fretwell      Uncas       Laniere     1919        1977         Mt State Memorial Gar Ashes in Pacific Ocean