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Randolph County Cemetery Search - Gum

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Gum           C           Elizabeth   1853        1932         Mill Creek            nee Curry

Gum           Carole      Lena        Jun 12 1897 6-Nov-82     Little Arlington      w/o Clyde Gum nee Phillips

Gum           Charles     Frederick   1930        1951         Mill Creek            s/o Grover & Dona T Gum

Gum           Clyde                   Apr 05 1897 3-Oct-83     Little Arlington      Pvt U S Army WWI

Gum           Dona        T           1900        1987         Mill Creek

Gum           Florence    G           1890        1970         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Irons M Gum

Gum           Grover      C           1891        1983         Mill Creek

Gum           Hazel       Virginia    No DOB      11-Nov-19    Crouch                2y 4m WPA Records

Gum           Irons       M           1886        1966         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Florence G Gum

Gum           Isabelle    Gray        25-Nov-24   29-Aug-93    Little Arlington

Gum           J R         Kemp        1880        1957         Mill Creek

Gum           John        L           1879        1953         Mill Creek

Gum           John        B           30-Jun-05   7-Jan-88     Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Mabel J Gum

Gum           Joseph      Brown       1849        2-Jul-38     Mill Creek

Gum           Leon        Keith       14-Apr-30   Seo 20 1930  Little Arlington      s/o Clyde & Carole Gum

Gum           Lillian     F           1879        1930         Mill Creek

Gum           Mabel       J           9-Jun-02    No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o John B Gum

Gum           Sarah       E           Apr 20 1855 Feb 01 1891  Chenoweth             w/o J W Gum

Gum           Susie       W           1894        1983         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Woods D Gum nee Stalnaker

Gum           Virginia                18-Jan-07   1-Jul-07     Crouch                d/o J W & B Gum

Gum           William     M           10-Nov-12   28-Nov-73    Mt State Memorial Gar Sgt U S Army WWII

Gum           Woods       D           1883        1963         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Susie W Gum

Gumm          Bessie      Anna        Feb 17 1885 15-Feb-76    Gilman                w/o Michael d/o Geo & Alice Foster Townsend

Gumm          Frank       W           2-Sep-15    31-Dec-34    Gilman                s/o Michael & Bessie Gumm

Gumm          Jimmie      Dale        24-Jul-32   14-Oct-32    Gilman                s/o Wallace & Ruby Weaver Gumm

Gumm          Junior      Maxwell     21-Jul-21   31-Dec-76    Gilman                s/o Michael & Bessie EM1 US Coast Guard WWII Korea

Gumm          Mark        Edward      30-Jul-57   28-Sep-79    Gilman                AE 2 US Navy s/o Junior & Joyce Phares Gumm

Gumm          Michael     Jehu        Jul 14 1881 4-Mar-66     Gilman                s/o James Warwick & Sarah Trainer Gumm