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Randolph County Cemetery Search - Hill

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Hill          Ada         Mae         Feb 07 1880 Mar 07 1880  Hill                  d/o J D & Ruffina Hill

Hill          Alvin       Sherwood    Nov 12 1879 2-Jul-40     Gilman                s/o Franklin & Sarah Ramsey Hill

Hill          Aries       Granville   Sep 12 1872 16-Nov-55    Beverly               s/o George & Christine Weese Hill h/o Flawie

Hill          Bessie      V           1887        1969         Gilman                w/o Alvin Hill

Hill          Betty       Elaine      1931        1932         Chenoweth             d/o O L & Lela Hill

Hill          Christina                                        Hill                  w/o George nee Weese Unmarked Grave

Hill          Earnest     F           Sep 18 1896 20-Sep-71    Hill                  s/o John & Elizabeth Kittle Hill

Hill          Elizabeth               Aug 21 1847 2-Jan-23     Hill                  w/o Hiram Hill d/o William & Elsie Pritt

Hill          Elizabeth   Edna        Dec 08 1863 6-Nov-31     Hill                  w/o John d/o Edward & Mary Jane Pritt Kittle

Hill          Evelyn      J           3-Dec-15    No DOD       Little Arlington      Lt U S Navy Nurse Corps WWII w/o Ray Hill

Hill          Flawie      Ann         Feb 26 1888 1-Feb-57     Beverly               w/o Aries Hill d/o John & Anna Spenden Ammeter

Hill          George                                           Hill                  Unmarked Grave

Hill          Gerald      E           15-Apr-15   29-Jul-80    Little Arlington      Tec 4 U S Army WWII

Hill          Gladys      M           28-Aug-11   8-Dec-13     Hill                  d/o J & E Hill

Hill          Guy                                              Hill                  s/o John & Elizabeth Hill Unmarked Grave

Hill          Henry       Clay        1871        1901         Laurel Hill

Hill          Hiram                   Jan 18 1845 6-Mar-28     Hill                  s/o Scott & Maryum Hill

Hill          James       Robert      19-Oct-26   3-Apr-95     Little Arlington      h/o Lois Gum s/o Levi & Irene Sage Hill

Hill          John        J           Jul 04 1860 28-Aug-51    Hill                  s/o Scott & Mamie Griffith Hill

Hill          John        H           16-Aug-05   4-Feb-81     Beverly               s/o Aries & Flawie Ammeter Hill

Hill          Mary        Elizabeth   1865        1915         Laurel Hill

Hill          Maryum                  Dec 09 1827 4-May-06     Hill                  w/o Scott nee Griffith aka Mamie or Margaret

Hill          Oliver      L           1880        1963         Chenoweth

Hill          Preston     Ottis       1893        1912         Laurel Hill

Hill          Ralph       M           11-Apr-00   2-Jun-24     Hill                  s/o John & Elizabeth Kittle Hill

Hill          Ray         M           18-Apr-10   No DOD       Little Arlington      Lt U S Navy SeaBees WWII

Hill          Rebbeccah               Jun 28 1791 Oct 30 1844  George Hill           Stone found in outbuilding on property

Hill          Ronald      Frank       3-Oct-11    25-Jun-77    Beverly               s/o Luther Morgan & Sadie Blizzard Hill

Hill          Scott                   Jun 24 1822 Apr 06 1888  Hill

Hill          Susan       G           2-Jul-25    22-Jul-86    Beverly               w/o Ronald Frank Hill

Hill          Willa       H           Dec 20 1893 19-Apr-87    Beverly               d/o Andrew & Nora Hill

Hill          William                 Dec 13 1867 18-Jun-28    Hill                  s/o Hiram & Elizabeth Hill

Hill          William     B           Jun 28 1888 20-Aug-44    Hill                  s/o John & Elizabeth Kittle Hill