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Randolph County Cemetery - Phillips

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Phillips      Abraham                 1884        1967                               h/o Lucy Phillips

Phillips      Ada         H           29-Mar-04   14-Sep-04    Mouse

Phillips      Adeline                 1935        1935                               Infant d/o Jesse J & Marcella Phillips

Phillips      Adonijah    W           1864        1938         Lower Rowan

Phillips      Agnes                   1852        1935

Phillips      Albert                  Sep 15 1841 8-Oct-19     Primitive Baptist     h/o Almarine Phillips

Phillips      Alice                   24-Feb-42   No DOD

Phillips      Almarine                May 10 1848 Dec 30 1888  Primitive Baptist     w/o Albert Phillips

Phillips      Alton       H           1898        1926         Primitive Baptist

Phillips      Amanda      J           1891        1974         Primitive Baptist     w/o Murrel U Phillips

Phillips      Amanda                  Jun 08 1849 27-May-29    Primitive Baptist     w/o Curtlan Phillips

Phillips      Andy        B           1901        1981         Rowan                 h/o Bertie D Phillips

Phillips      Anna        L           Nov 22 1895 25-Nov-59

Phillips      Anna        Mae         1920        1980                               w/o Hoy Phillips

Phillips      Anna                    Aug 30 1868 27-Apr-46    St Vincent's          w/o James Phillips nee Riley

Phillips      Annie       G           Jan 06 1850 May 20 1899  Crouch                WPA Records

Phillips      Archeble                Nov 14 1855 24-Dec-28    Gilman                s/o Eli & Rachel Poling Phillips

Phillips      Arlie       W           5-Mar-19    30-Jul-77    Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Ruth O Phillips

Phillips      Arnold      James       Apr 05 1868 4-May-39     Gilman                s/o Salatheal & Elizabeth Hewitt Phillips

Phillips      Arthur                  1920        No DOD                             h/o Mildred Phillips

Phillips      Austen                  24-Jun-02   24-Jun-02                          s/o J S & A N Phillips

Phillips      Beatrice    G           No DOB      24-Jun-11    Mill Creek            d/o H L & C E Phillips 6y 3m 7d

Phillips      Bernice     A           26-Jan-15   6-Mar-79                           w/o Burton Revely Phillips nee Shingleton

Phillips      Bertha      A           Oct 08 1873 4-Apr-08     Howell                w/o J H Phillips

Phillips      Bertha      Mae         1877        1927         Mt Zion               w/o Mac Bernard Phillips nee Canfield

Phillips      Bertie      D           1898        1983         Rowan                 w/o Andy B Phillips

Phillips      Betty       J           1929        1994         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Onie C Phillips

Phillips      Bina        L           1889        1962         Rowan                 w/o Marshall Phillips

Phillips      Blanch                                           Hazelwood             No Dates WPA Records

Phillips      Boliver     H           1854        1926         Rowan                 h/o Columbia J Phillips

Phillips      Bridget                 Dec 21 1866 13-Nov-47    St Vincent's          w/o Dennis Phillips

Phillips      Bruce                   Oct 18 1895 22-Mar-78    Mt State Memorial Gar Pvt U S Army WWI

Phillips      Bulah       D           29-May-05   30-May-05    Howell                d/o S W & M E Phillips

Phillips      Burton      Revely      19-Oct-15   No DOD                             h/o Bernice A Shingleton Phillips

Phillips      Burton Jr   Revely      14-Sep-36   4-May-91     Phillips              U S Air Force s/o Burton & Bernice Phillips

Phillips      Catharine               1860        1948         Primitive Baptist

Phillips      Charles     S           1882        1951

Phillips      Charles     R           1916        1974         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Millicent G Phillips

Phillips      Charley     R           1899        1971         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Tacie I Phillips

Phillips      Chester                 16-Apr-06   16-Apr-06    Mouse

Phillips      Chester                 1911        No DOD       Little Arlington      h/o Isabel Bennett Phillips

Phillips      Claudius                1873        1963

Phillips      Claudius                Jan 31 1845 14-Mar-19                          Co A 62 Va Inf CSA

Phillips      Cletus                                                                 Funeral Home Marker No other information

Phillips      Columbia    J           1862        1957         Rowan                 w/o Bolivar Phillips

Phillips      Cora        A           May 25 1886 Aug 10 1888  White                 d/o J D & Hulda Phillips

Phillips      Corder                  1885        1949         Primitive Baptist     h/o Etta F Phillips

Phillips      Crawford                1886        1952

Phillips      Curtlan                 Nov 27 1842 22-Jul-25    Primitive Baptist     h/o Amanda Phillips

Phillips      D                       No DOB      1974

Phillips      Dallas                  31-Mar-28   28-Aug-30                          s/o Joseph & Diana Edmond Phillips

Phillips      David       L           9-Aug-67    25-Aug-67

Phillips      Delbert     C           1891        1970         White

Phillips      Delbert     C           1909        1986         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Madge B Phillips

Phillips      Della       Veranis     Oct 11 1874 4-Oct-64     Gilman                w/o Arnold d/o Bernard & Mary Louisa Hill Fisher

Phillips      Delma       M           1906        1944         Rowan                 w/o Elmer Phillips

Phillips      Dennis                  Aug 15 1868 18-Jan-62    St Vincent's          h/o Bridget Phillips

Phillips      Dessie      G           9-Oct-14    No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Perry H Phillips

Phillips      Dewaine                 1927        1928                               Infant s/o Jesse J & Marcella Phillips

Phillips      Diana       Jane        1890        1967                               1st Husband Daniel Phillips 2nd Joseph N Phillips

Phillips      Donald                  3-Apr-36    27-Feb-84    Phillips

Phillips      Donald      P           15-May-38   2-Feb-79     Mt State Memorial Gar

Phillips      Dow         M           31-Jul-36   3-Nov-78     Mt State Memorial Gar MM 3 U S Navy Korea

Phillips      Earl                    1892        1953         Primitive Baptist

Phillips      Edna        M           1923        1962         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Harold L Phillips

Phillips      Edward      D           1898        1976         Phillips

Phillips      Edward      D           27-Jul-26   29-Jul-26    Phillips

Phillips      Elihue      P           1892        1972         Rowan                 h/o Elsie L Phillips

Phillips      Elizabeth               Mar 09 1881 22-Sep-58    Phillips              w/o James C Phillips

Phillips      Elizabeth               Oct 19 1828 23-Feb-09    Phillips              w/o A W Phillips

Phillips      Elizabeth               May 05 1861 15-Jul-40    Gilman                w/o Archeble d/o John & Nancy Blake Murphy

Phillips      Elmer       W           1901        19??         Rowan                 h/o Delma M Phillips

Phillips      Elmer                   1-Dec-17    30-Aug-24    Fincham Chapel        s/o J & H Phillips

Phillips      Elmina                  1851        1934         Mouse                 w/o Lewis Clark Phillips nee Poling

Phillips      Elsie       L           1902        1977         Rowan                 w/o Elihue Phillips

Phillips      Elsie       M           1907        1957         White                 w/o Delbert Phillips

Phillips      Emaline                 Sep 1855    No DOD       Phillips              w/o J J Phillips 35y

Phillips      Ernest      Lee         4-Feb-27    2-May-85     Phillips              Pvt U S Army WWII

Phillips      Ethel                   11-Jun-02   17-Feb-04    Phillips              d/o C & S E Phillips

Phillips      Etta        F           1885        1958         Primitive Baptist     w/o Corder Phillips

Phillips      Eugene                  1909        1966         Phillips

Phillips      Eva         M           8-May-01    5-Feb-02     Howell                d/o C M & S M Phillips

Phillips      Everett                 1877        1938         Phillips              h/o Maude Phillips

Phillips      Flotie      E           27-Oct-07   1993         Phillips

Phillips      Frances     F           1887        1891         Mouse

Phillips      Francis     Lynn        7-Apr-52    4-Jul-73     Phillips              s/o Russell & Reta Phillips

Phillips      Frank       B           Jul 24 1890 15-Jun-75    Phillips

Phillips      Fred        Lee         29-Jul-25   12-Oct-80    Little Arlington

Phillips      Garnet      R           1892        1892         Lower Rowan

Phillips      Gary        Allen       8-Mar-45    7-Jul-84                           h/o Mildred Eileen Phillips m. Jan 08 1975

Phillips      George      M           1880        1968                               h/o Vinnie R Phillips m. Aug 26 1900

Phillips      George      M           Jan 01 1860 12-Oct-18    Trinity

Phillips      Glen        W           27-Aug-11   22-Sep-78    Little Arlington      Pfc U S Army WWII

Phillips      Gordon                  16-Aug-36   No DOD       Rowan                 WV Pfc 7th Inf 11 Div

Phillips      Grover      C           1892        1896         Mouse

Phillips      Guy         Henry       1907        1972         Phillips

Phillips      H           Maxine      1-Apr-21    22-Jan-74    Gilman

Phillips      Harley      J           Apr 11 1895 23-Jun-53    Gilman                SFC Med Dept WWI

Phillips      Harold      L           1921        1992         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Edna M Phillips

Phillips      Harry                   Jan 27 1899 24-May-55    Phillips              WV Pvt HQ+HQ Co 330 Infantry WWII

Phillips      Harry       B           Nov 14 1886 22-Feb-56    Gilman

Phillips      Henry       W           Oct 01 1895 15-Apr-73    Phillips              WV Pvt U S Army WWI

Phillips      Henry       Franklin    16-Apr-24   16-Apr-24    Taylor                s/o Homer & Valentina Phillips

Phillips      Herman      D           May 22 1898 25-Nov-07    Phillips              s/o M J & A M Phillips

Phillips      Howard      D           12-Sep-31   29-Aug-32    Phillips

Phillips      Howard      C           4-Mar-10    14-Jul-82    Mt Zion               U S Navy BMC WWII Korea

Phillips      Hoy                     1916        1966         Phillips              h/o Anna Mae Phillips

Phillips      Hulda                   Sep 19 1865 Apr 21 1893  White                 w/o J D Phillips

Phillips      Infant                  30-Jun-15   30-Jun-15    Phillips              Child of A & L A Phillips

Phillips      Infant                  25-Mar-46   26-Mar-46    Phillips              s/o Guy & Virginia Phillips

Phillips      Infant                  14-Jun-64   14-Jun-64    Primitive Baptist     s/o Ronald & Lorene Phillips

Phillips      Infants                                          Phillips              2 infants of L & W Phillips No Dates

Phillips      Isabel      Beatrice    1-Oct-16    17-Mar-69    Little Arlington      d/o Locke & Harriett Corrick Bennett

Phillips      Iva         J           Jun 13 1898 17-Oct-18    Taylor

Phillips      Ivy                     1904        1932         Phillips

Phillips      Jack        C           28-Sep-22   22-Jun-69    Phillips

Phillips      James       S           1855        1924         Phillips

Phillips      James       J           1855        1937         Phillips

Phillips      James       B           1831        1910         Phillips

Phillips      James       M           19-Sep-52   17-Nov-83    Phillips

Phillips      James       C           Oct 27 1874 16-Feb-56    Phillips              h/o Elizabeth Phillips

Phillips      James       Frank       4-Aug-36    20-Jun-81    Phillips

Phillips      James       W           22-Mar-10   22-Apr-79    Little Arlington      Pvt U S Army WWII

Phillips      James                   3-Oct-21    3-Oct-21     Fincham Chapel        WPA Records

Phillips      Jerome                  Oct 05 1869 4-Oct-44     Primitive Baptist

Phillips      Jesse       J           Nov 06 1847 17-May-25    Gilman                s/o Blackman David & Nancy Phillips Phillips

Phillips      Jessie      J           1887        1955         Phillips

Phillips      John                                             Phillips              No other information

Phillips      John        Louis       1857        1945         Primitive Baptist     h/o Catharine Phillips

Phillips      Joseph      N           Jan 22 1892 22-Apr-54    Phillips              WV Pvt Btry A 313 Fld Arty WWI h/o Diana Edmond

Phillips      Joseph      Lee         21-Jun-66   23-Jun-66    Phillips              s/o Roy J & Julia L Phillips

Phillips      Katherine               Mar 02 1894 19-Oct-40    Gilman                nee Messer

Phillips      Kathleen                1916        1916         Phillips              Infant d/o Jesse J & Marcella Phillips

Phillips      Laura       M           1899        1992         Phillips              w/o Ralph Phillips

Phillips      Laura                   1915        1924         Phillips

Phillips      Laura       A           1892        1915         Gilman                w/o Harry d/o A N Fox

Phillips      Leecy       P           1905        1986         Primitive Baptist     d/o Alba Canfield

Phillips      Lester      C           Jun 04 1893 26-Feb-61    Phillips              WV Pvt U S Army WWI

Phillips      Lewis       Clark       1851        1927         Mouse                 h/o Elmina Poling Phillips

Phillips      Lillie      E           1912        No DOD                             w/o Ray Phillips

Phillips      Lloyd       Eldon       9-Mar-21    29-Aug-89    Mt State Memorial Gar Ptr 3 U S Navy WWII

Phillips      Loman       K           Jul 03 1873 7-Jan-19     Mouse                 h/o Lula M Phillips

Phillips      Loretta     P           25-Dec-21   15-Aug-91                          w/o Robert W Phillips m. Apr 08 1944

Phillips      Louceba     Elizabeth   Apr 30 1867 9-Jan-44     Gilman                w/o Jesse d/o Jacob B & Jemima Wilmoth Phares

Phillips      Lucy                    1886        1971         Phillips              w/o Abraham Phillips

Phillips      Lula        M           Nov 14 1877 19-Oct-18    Mouse                 w/o Loman K Phillips

Phillips      Lura                    1910        1983         Phillips              w/o Walter Phillips

Phillips      Mack        B           1876        1915         Mouse

Phillips      Madge       B           1906        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Delbert C Phillips

Phillips      Marcella                1896        1978         Phillips              w/o Jesse J Phillips

Phillips      Margaret                1811        1891         Phillips              w/o Moses J Phillips

Phillips      Marshall                1884        1977         Rowan                 h/o Bina L Phillips Reverand

Phillips      Martha      E           1862        1946         Lower Rowan

Phillips      Mary        W           Jan 17 1845 29-Jan-15    Phillips              w/o Randolph Phillips

Phillips      Mary        Ellen       Jul 18 1884 24-Oct-18    Trinity               w/o S W Phillips

Phillips      Mary                    Oct 02 1871 7-Aug-20     Primitive Baptist     nee Murphy

Phillips      Massalona               Dec 19 1856 Nov 26 1888  Israel                w/o J M Phillips

Phillips      Maude                   1879        1980         Phillips              w/o Everett Phillips

Phillips      Maynard     M           17-Dec-22   24-Mar-95                          s/o Jesse & Marcella Hess Phillips

Phillips      Maynard                 26-Jan-51   26-Jan-51    Phillips

Phillips      Mildred     Eileen      27-Aug-47   No DOD       Phillips              w/o Gary Allen Phillips

Phillips      Mildred                 1922        1980         Phillips              w/o Arthur Phillips

Phillips      Millicent   G           1920        1993         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Charles R Phillips

Phillips      Moses       J           1879        1954         Phillips

Phillips      Moses       J           1817        1887         Phillips              h/o Margaret Phillips

Phillips      Murrel      U           1881        1957         Primitive Baptist     h/o Amanda J Phillips

Phillips      Olive       May         1894        1902         Mouse

Phillips      Oliver                  No DOB      1896         Phillips              s/o J J & E Phillips 4y

Phillips      Onie        C           1905        1987         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Betty J Phillips

Phillips      Orvil       J           1882        1964         Rowan

Phillips      Otis        N           1901        1955         Rowan

Phillips      Ottie                   1891        1984         Phillips              w/o Charles S Phillips

Phillips      Otto        J           1913        1992         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Velma E Phillips

Phillips      Paul        H           1916        1963         Park

Phillips      Paul        M           20-May-30   25-Aug-65    Phillips              WV Pfc U S Marine Corp

Phillips      Perry                   1925        1925         Howell                21d

Phillips      Perry       H           11-May-07   7-Feb-79     Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Dessie G Phillips

Phillips      Phyllis     M           1912        No DOD       Phillips              w/o Edward D Phillips

Phillips      Ralph                   1901        1966         Phillips

Phillips      Randall     Ray         1945        1982         Phillips

Phillips      Randolph                1880        1943         Phillips

Phillips      Randolph                Apr 16 1846 24-Dec-00    Phillips              h/o Mary W Phillips

Phillips      Ray                     1903        1980         Phillips              h/o Lillie E Phillips

Phillips      Rebecca                 Mar 20 1836 11-Nov-21    Primitive Baptist     nee Cross

Phillips      Reta        M           14-Sep-13   No DOD       Phillips              w/o Russell Phillips

Phillips      Rhoda       M           Jul 04 1889 14-Jan-65    Mt State Memorial Gar

Phillips      Robert      W           28-Jun-18   No DOD                             h/o Loretta Phillips m. Apr 08 1944

Phillips      Robert      Lee         16-Apr-36   18-Dec-88    Little Arlington      Pfc U S Army

Phillips      Robert      A           9-Jan-19    14-Apr-67    Mt State Memorial Gar Tec 3 780 Ord Lt Maint Co WWII

Phillips      Robert      John        17-Mar-36   18-Oct-88    Mt State Memorial Gar A1C U S Air Force Korea

Phillips      Roxana                  27-Feb-18   10-Mar-18    Taylor                d/o Homer & Valentina Phillips

Phillips      Roy         George      1921        1949         Phillips              s/o George M & Vinnie Rowan Phillips

Phillips      Roy                     20-Jun-16   14-Jul-16    Phillips              s/o A & L A Phillips

Phillips      Roy                     Sep 30 1896 14-Aug-66    Little Arlington      Pvt 12 Co 158 Depot Brig WWI

Phillips      Russell                 2-Nov-08    18-Jun-77    Phillips

Phillips      Ruth        O           11-Nov-19   21-Feb-90    Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Arlie W Phillips

Phillips      Sarah       E           1870        1940         Phillips              w/o Claudius Phillips

Phillips      Sharon      Jean        4-Dec-55    17-Nov-61    Mt State Memorial Gar

Phillips      Sirena      M           Mar 16 1863 9-Dec-15     Trinity               w/o George Phillips

Phillips      Son                     May 23 1861 Oct 28 1882  Phillips              s/o J S & A Phillips

Phillips      Susan                   Nov 06 1826 26-Feb-09    Phillips

Phillips      Susannah                Oct 26 1822 Jan 09 1891  Israel                w/o Simeon Phillips

Phillips      Sylvia                  3-Apr-17    11-May-95    Rowan                 d/o Rev Paul & Cynthia Rowan Scott w/o Albert

Phillips      Tacie       I           1904        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Charley R Phillips

Phillips      Talitha     C           1892        1991         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Thurman J Phillips

Phillips      Theodore    H           1903        1989         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Virginia W Phillips

Phillips      Thurman     J           1898        1976         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Talitha C Phillips

Phillips      Tolbert     F           Mar 31 1876 1-Jun-57     Taylor                h/o Zurah E Phillips

Phillips      Velma       E           1919        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Otto J Phillips

Phillips      Vinnie                  1880        1973                               w/o George M Phillips nee Rowan m. Aug 26 1900

Phillips      Virginia    Kate        1909        1962         Phillips              w/o Guy Henry Phillips

Phillips      Virginia    M           No DOB      7-Jul-07     Mill Creek            d/o H L & C E Phillips 3m 7d

Phillips      Virginia    W           1907        1990         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Theodore H Phillips

Phillips      Walter                  1884        1936         Phillips

Phillips      Walter                  1904        1984         Phillips

Phillips      Warren                  1925        1951         Phillips              s/o Jesse J & Marcella Phillips

Phillips      Warwick                 Nov 03 1886 1-Aug-19     Phillips

Phillips      William                                          Phillips              No other information

Phillips      William     B           1918        1970         Little Arlington

Phillips      William                 No DOB      15-Feb-03    St Vincent's          s/o Dennis & Bridget Phillips

Phillips      Zurah       E           Feb 04 1878 27-Apr-19    Taylor                w/o Tolbert Phillips