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Randolph County Cemetery SKIDMORE Burials

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Skidmore      Addie                   No DOB      18-Oct-09    Coffman               s/o William & Birdie V Skidmore 17y

Skidmore      Alpheus                 Jun 27 1829 11-Sep-01    Israel                h/o Angeline Skidmore

Skidmore      Angeline                Apr 23 1835 13-May-10    Israel                w/o Alpheus Skidmore

Skidmore      Anna        M           1909        1987         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o William H Skidmore

Skidmore      Arminda     G           1880        1946         Coffman

Skidmore      Birdie      V           No DOB      Dec 27 1896  Coffman               w/o William Skidmore 23y

Skidmore      Charles                                          Israel                Names in Cinder Block No other Info

Skidmore      Cordelia                1874        1953         Israel                w/o Mathis Skidmore

Skidmore      Eliza       W           Nov 06 1835 30-Nov-16                          w/o Edmond S Skidmore

Skidmore      Elizabeth                                        Israel                Name marked In Cinder Block No Dates nee Poling

Skidmore      Emma        F           May 02 1859 18-Apr-04    Israel                w/o G B Skidmore

Skidmore      Grace       Anne        Aug 09 1895 26-Apr-89    Israel                w/o Porter d/o A B & Birdie Weese Moore

Skidmore      Harriet                                          Israel                Name marked in Cinder Block No Dates nee Wilson

Skidmore      Hartsell                1906        1933         Coffman

Skidmore      Herbert     L           7-Mar-02    28-Nov-60    Coffman

Skidmore      Joe                     17-Nov-05   12-Feb-59    Valley Head

Skidmore      John        W           Jul 06 1888 3-Sep-83     Little Arlington      Pfc U S Army WWI

Skidmore      Kenneth     Leroy       24-Sep-43   24-Sep-43    Israel                s/o Kenneth & Clara Lowery Skidmore

Skidmore      Lenora      Bell        1899        1934         Scott                 w/o Adam Ralph Skidmore

Skidmore      Lucy        J           Feb 24 1867 Oct 14 1899  Israel                w/o G I Skidmore

Skidmore      Luther      M           Jun 01 1854 31-May-34    Israel                s/o Alpheus & Angelina Rennix Skidmore

Skidmore      Mary        J           1859        1942         Israel

Skidmore      Mathis                  Dec 16 1867 8-May-37     Israel                h/o Cordelia s/o Henry & Elizabeth Poling Skidmore

Skidmore      Nettie      M           1889        No DOD       Israel                w/o Steward H Skidmore

Skidmore      Neva                    5-Mar-05    6-Mar-05     Scott                 d/o W M & M G Skidmore

Skidmore      Novoma      L           1924        No DOD       Primitive Baptist     w/o Orvis S Skidmore

Skidmore      Orvis       S           1897        1974         Primitive Baptist     U S Army h/o Novoma L Skidmore

Skidmore      Pearl                   1903        1940         Coffman

Skidmore      Porter      Leslie      Sep 16 1894 2-Dec-64     Israel                h/o Grace s/o Mathis & Cordelia Talbott Skidmore

Skidmore      Rhoda                                            Israel                Name marked in cinder block No Dates

Skidmore      Ricky       Allen       10-Dec-58   26-Aug-75    Valley Head

Skidmore      Roxie       Jane        18-Feb-24   No DOD        1944"                "w/o Sterling P Skidmore m. Dec 23

Skidmore      Sterling    P           31-Mar-19   23-Jan-68     1944"                "h/o Roxie Jane Skidmore m. Dec 23

Skidmore      Steward     H           1884        1947         Israel                h/o Nettie M Skidmore

Skidmore      Victor                  1914        1919         Coffman

Skidmore      William                 1869        1956         Coffman

Skidmore      William     H           1918        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Anna M Skidmore