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Randolph County


Randolph County Cemeteries 

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Stalnaker     Abe                     1844        22-Dec-03    Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Abraham                 1800        Jun 19 1869  Jacob Stalnaker       Stone reads Erected by his friend J M Ball

Stalnaker     Adam                    Apr 19 1837 2-Apr-01     Wamsley-Yokum         h/o Virginia Harris Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Adam Jr                 1780        1815         Beverly

Stalnaker     Adam Sr                 1720        1780         Beverly

Stalnaker     Addison     Cooper      1842        1914         Stalnaker             h/o Drusilla Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Alba        H           Mar 18 1845 1888         White                 s/o Asbury Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Alexander               1809        1893         Hamilton

Stalnaker     Alfred                  1846        13-Nov-14    Coffman Chapel        s/o Garrison & Rachel Taylor Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Alta        V           1917        No DOD       Mill Creek

Stalnaker     Alva        Wade        Jun 11 1889 25-Feb-68    Stalnaker             s/o Christopher & Armintie Arbogast Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Amanda                  Apr 25 1824 6-Oct-15     Gilman                w/o Levi d/o Isaac C Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Andrew                  Jan 1773    1840         Jacob Stalnaker       s/o Jacob I Stalnaker Sr h/o Catherine Marteney

Stalnaker     Anna        B           Jan 10 1885 Jan 20 ????  Jacob Stalnaker       Infant d/o P & M B Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Anna        Nora        Sep 23 1893 3-Mar-24     Coffman Chapel        w/o Kenton Stalnaker d/o Alex & Viola Bartlett

Stalnaker     Aramintie   E           Apr 07 1855 22-Sep-19    Stalnaker             w/o Columbus d/o Henry & Anna Warwick Arbogast

Stalnaker     Archibald               Oct 31 1814 Dec 17 1887  Jacob Stalnaker       h/o Margaret A Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Austin      Cecil       10-Sep-18   19-Jul-76    Little Arlington      Tec 5 U S Army WWII

Stalnaker     Belinda     May         Jun 17 1867 13-Feb-49    Greenwood-Valley Bend nee Brake

Stalnaker     Bertha      M           1909        1984         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Woodrow W Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Bessie      May         13-Oct-05   10-May-06    White                 d/o Sampson & Blanche Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Bethany                 1853        Jun 13 1863  Stalnaker             d/o John M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Blanche                                          White                 nee Caulfield Unmarked Grave No other information

Stalnaker     Boston                  May 04 1842 3-Apr-09     Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Boston                  No DOB      1826         Hamilton

Stalnaker     Calvin      W           1924        1987         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Eleanor L Currence Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Carl        Phares      22-Aug-09   30-Dec-94    Pritt-Phares          s/o Floyd & Cora Phares Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Carolina    Catherine   Sep 28 1890 18-Feb-63    Stalnaker             w/o Alva d/o Jeremiah & Mary Kittle Channell

Stalnaker     Caroline    Erskine     1810        1855         Beverly               w/o Randolph Stalnaker Sr nee Zoll

Stalnaker     Carroll     L           1906        1951         Wamsley-Yokum

Stalnaker     Catherine               Jan 31 1776 May 06 1860  Jacob Stalnaker       w/o Andrew Stalnaker nee Marteney

Stalnaker     Catherine               1753        May 1803     Jacob Stalnaker       1st w/o Valentine Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Charles                 Sep 08 1857 Oct 1857     Stalnaker             s/o Hamelton & Mary Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Christopher C           Jan 24 1848 Jul 29 1850  Stalnaker             s/o John M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Clara       Mae         26-Oct-06   16-Oct-79    Wamsley-Yokum

Stalnaker     Clare                   27-Jan-00   3-Jan-03     Stalnaker             s/o F R & D M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Clyde                   30-Dec-01   10-Mar-20    Mill Creek

Stalnaker     Columbus    W           Aug 28 1855 1-Apr-40     Stalnaker             s/o Hamilton Stalnaker h/o Aramintie Arbogast

Stalnaker     Cora                    Oct 14 1873 May 10 1890  Mount Vernon

Stalnaker     Cora        M           Jun 20 1874 9-Sep-01     Mouse                 nee Thompson

Stalnaker     Cora        M           Jan 25 1876 27-Oct-49    Pritt-Phares          w/o Floyd Stalnaker nee Phares

Stalnaker     Daniel      Edwin       1835        1918         Beverly               Veteran Civil War Stonewall Brigade

Stalnaker     Delila      C           No DOB      1901         Hamilton

Stalnaker     Delphia     May         Oct 22 1874 9-Oct-54     Bell-Kelley           w/o Floyd Reese d/o Martin & Sarah Wamsley

Stalnaker     Don         V           9-Jul-31    No DOD       Israel                h/o Leota Darlene Poling Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Donna       F           1937        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Wilson H Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Dora        J           1890        1947         Phillips              w/o Floyed J Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Dorcas      Willene     25-Sep-20   5-Oct-20     Coffman Chapel        d/o Anna & Kenton Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Drusilla                1849        1935         Stalnaker             w/o Addison Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Eda                     Aug 14 1862 2-Jul-30     Marple                nee Channell

Stalnaker     Edna        Ellen       1878        1942         Wamsley-Yokum         w/o Francis Terrill Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Edward                  No DOB      Feb 03 1875  Mount Vernon          4y s/o T J & M D Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Eleanor                 No DOB      1834         Jacob Stalnaker       nee Truby Funeral Home Marker

Stalnaker     Eleanor     L           1924        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Calvin W Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Eliza                   Oct 15 1807 Apr 24 1888  Gilman                w/o Edward nee Taylor

Stalnaker     Eliza                   Nov 08 1819 9-Jun-05     Gilman                d/o John W & Mary Chenoweth Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Elizabeth   Truby                                Jacob Stalnaker       Stone in Memory of Jacob & Elizabeth Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Elizabeth               No DOB      Jun 13 1844  Beverly               w/o John Stalnaker 56y 11m 25d

Stalnaker     Elmer       V           1908        1993         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Nellie V Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Estella                 1873        Oct 05 1874  Gilman                d/o N T & M E Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Ethel                   8-Dec-18    18-Apr-19    Wamsley-Yokum         d/o Wayne & Ellen Chewning Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Eunice                  1798        Jan 18 1853  Jacob Stalnaker       w/o Jacob S Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Everett     B           1893        1960         Mingo                 h/o Mamie A Stalnaker

Stalnaker     F           R           1863        10-Jul-13    Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Ferdinand                                        Hamilton              No other information Unmarked Grave

Stalnaker     Ferdland                Jan 23 1789 Jul 18 1841  Mingo                 Pvt 2nd Regt Va Militia War of 1812

Stalnaker     Floyd       H           1887        1962         Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Floyed      J           1882        No DOD       Phillips              h/o Dora J Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Francis     Terrill     1877        1962         Wamsley-Yokum         h/o Edna Ellen Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Frank       J           1897        1918         Mouse

Stalnaker     Franklin                                         Mingo                 Va Co F 31 Inf CSA No Dates

Stalnaker     Freda       Belle       1904        1971         Stalnaker             w/o Floyd Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Freddie     D           Mar 01 1885 Jul 07 1896  Stalnaker             s/o A & E M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Garrison    P           Jul 16 1871 Feb 09 1872  Gilman                s/o S P & M E Stalnaker

Stalnaker     George      A           1915        1981         Mill Creek            Tec 5 U S Army WWII

Stalnaker     George Jr   Washington  Jan 12 1844 Jun 02 1895  "George Stalnaker     s/o George W Sr & Elizabeth Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Glenna                  Feb 02 1862 Feb 16 1881  Beverly               d/o J C & Mamie S Hall

Stalnaker     Hamelton                1815        May 06 1892  Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Hannah                  Sep 01 1860 Sep 1861     Stalnaker             d/o Hamelton & Mary Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Helen       Carrie      6-Feb-17    13-Apr-88    Little Arlington      w/o Austin d/o James & Rhoda Clifton Arbogast

Stalnaker     Henry       L           Sep 14 1858 Mar 23 1894  Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Henry       Erskine     1851        1862         Beverly               s/o Randolph & Caroline Zoll Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Herbert     B           1888        Jan 1897     Stalnaker             s/o Rankin & Mary Weese Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Icie                    Jun 12 1883 15-Jun-19    Gilman                w/o L Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Icy         May         1877        1932         Mount Vernon

Stalnaker     Inez        M           1888        1974         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o James G Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  No DOB      26-Apr-38    Mount Vernon          s/o T J & M Stalnaker WPA Records

Stalnaker     Infant                  4-Feb-03    6-Feb-03     Wamsley-Yokum         s/o J W & O Stalnaker WPA Records

Stalnaker     Infant                  2-Oct-05    2-Oct-05     Stalnaker             d/o George & Eunice Triplett Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  2-Oct-05    19-Jan-06    Stalnaker             s/o George & Eunice Triplett Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  9-Sep-07    9-Sep-07     White                 s/o J G & I M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  25-Mar-19   25-Mar-19    Stalnaker             s/o E B & M A Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  12-Mar-20   12-Mar-20    Stalnaker             s/o E B & M A Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  16-Apr-02   17-Apr-02    Swecker               s/o Sidney & Mary Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Infant                  No DOB      May 26 1875  Gilman                d/o S P & M E Stalnaker

Stalnaker     J           Floyd       May 29 1872 3-Jul-58     Pritt-Phares          h/o Cora Phares Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Jacob       S           1791        Apr 14 1878  Jacob Stalnaker       s/o Valentine & Catherine h/o Eunice Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Jacob                                            Jacob Stalnaker       No Dates s/o Capt Samuel Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Jacob       W           No DOB      Mar 05 1889  Hamilton              82y 8m 11d

Stalnaker     Jacob Jr                1759        1834         Jacob Stalnaker       Funeral Home Marker

Stalnaker     James       G           1881        1970         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Inez M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     James       R           1913        1994         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Ruth A Stalnaker

Stalnaker     John        M           Mar 18 1819 Apr 11 1888  Stalnaker

Stalnaker     John        M           May 05 1850 Sep 1861     Stalnaker             s/o Hamelton & Mary Stalnaker

Stalnaker     John        A           1870        1920         Greenwood-Valley Bend WPA Records show 1928

Stalnaker     John        I           Jan 23 1830 Oct 21 1894  Gilman                s/o John W & Mary Chenoweth Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Joseph                  30-Nov-05   22-Jan-07    Stalnaker             s/o F R & D M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Judson      Wayne       1874        1944         Wamsley-Yokum

Stalnaker     Lawrence    William     6-Jan-45    12-Dec-89    Mount Vernon

Stalnaker     Lea         Donann      29-Jan-58   15-Aug-80    Mt State Memorial Gar

Stalnaker     Leonidas                Oct 02 1868 22-Dec-40    Gilman                s/o Nimrod & Millie Thornhill Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Leota       Darlene     19-Oct-24   18-Apr-92    Israel                w/o Don Stalnaker d/o Elbert & Phrona Cross Poling

Stalnaker     Levi        Ward        Jan 07 1822 19-Mar-11    Gilman                s/o John W & Mary Chenoweth Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Louisa      M           Sep 11 1865 19-Jan-23    Stalnaker             w/o Henry Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Lucy                                             Jacob Stalnaker       2nd w/o Valentine Stalnaker No Dates nee Jenkins

Stalnaker     Lucy                    Nov 14 1892 May 14 1893  Stalnaker             d/o Henry & Louisa Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mabel                   Jun 22 1864 7-Feb-25     Beverly               w/o Randolph d/o James & Margaret Stewart Burns

Stalnaker     Maggie                  Jan 31 1863 Apr 07 1894  Stalnaker             w/o Thomas H Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mamie       A           1899        1985         Mingo                 w/o Everett B Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mamie       A           May 03 1896 18-Aug-79    Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Thomas Waitman Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Margaret    A           Feb 13 1813 Feb 25 1890  Jacob Stalnaker       w/o Archibald Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Margaret                Jul 04 1835 Jun 26 1850  Hamilton              d/o J W & E Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Martha      Anna        1811        1896         Hamilton

Stalnaker     Mary        V                                    Stalnaker             w/o Rankin Stalnaker nee Weese No Dates

Stalnaker     Mary        E           Jan 18 1847 9-Jun-12     Taylor                w/o I D Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mary                    1822        Apr 12 1893  Stalnaker             w/o Hamelton Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mary        Nettie      Jan 20 1883 17-Feb-41    Stalnaker             d/o Webster & Armintie Arbogast Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mary        Ann         Apr 09 1875 7-Mar-50     Swecker               w/o Sidney d/o George & Mahala Swecker Hogan

Stalnaker     Mary        Jane        Sep 29 1853 29-Sep-33    Gilman                w/o Nimrod d/o George W Phares

Stalnaker     Mary                    Oct 17 1826 19-Sep-06    Gilman                w/o John d/o John & Elizabeth Bailey Hilkey

Stalnaker     Mary        Etta        Apr 02 1868 3-Nov-48     Gilman                w/o Thomas d/o Johnson & Mary E Hinkle Phares

Stalnaker     Mary        R           4-Dec-06    1921         Gilman                d/o Thomas & Mary Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Mary        E           No DOB      Jun 07 1875  Gilman                w/o Solomon P Stalnaker 34y 2m 7d

Stalnaker     Mary        C           1874        1946         Glady

Stalnaker     Mason                   1-Jul-06    28-Aug-07    Wamsley-Yokum         s/o J W & O Stalnaker WPA Records

Stalnaker     Maxine                  8-Mar-30    7-Nov-32     Stalnaker             nee Winters

Stalnaker     Moril                   No DOB      Feb 11 1895  Bradley               80y 2m 26d WPA Records

Stalnaker     Nancy       C           Aug 01 1850 Jan 15 1851  Stalnaker             d/o John M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Nellie      V           1911        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Elmer V Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Nimrod      T           Mar 23 1842 2-Feb-07     Gilman                s/o Edward & Eliza Taylor Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Ora                     1886        19??         Wamsley-Yokum         nee Chewning

Stalnaker     Ota         V           1881        1968         Stalnaker             w/o Wilbur L Stalnaker nee Harper

Stalnaker     P           L                                    Gilman                Co E 3 WV Cavalry No Dates

Stalnaker     Patty       A                                    "George Stalnaker     w/o George Stalnaker Jr nee Everett No Dates

Stalnaker     Paul        L           20-Jun-04   20-Jun-04    Stalnaker             s/o F R & D M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Pheobe                  Jan 30 1854 8-May-21     Primitive Baptist     w/o Abe Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Priny                   May 19 1897 7-Feb-04     Stalnaker             s/o Columbus & Aramintie Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Ralph       G           16-Jan-20   21-Oct-85    Little Arlington      Tec 3 U S Army WWII

Stalnaker     Randolph                Jun 08 1845 20-Mar-27    Beverly

Stalnaker     Randolph Sr             1808        1885         Beverly               h/o Caroline Erskine Zoll Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Rankin                                           Stalnaker             No other information

Stalnaker     Rebecca     J           1861        1925         Stalnaker             w/o White Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Rebecca                 1832        1885         Hamilton

Stalnaker     Rebecca     Ann         1851        1933         White                 w/o Alba d/o Adam & Emily Cooper Mouse

Stalnaker     Russell                 1897        1898         Gilman

Stalnaker     Ruth        A           1922        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o James R Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Sampson                                          White                 Unmarked Grave No other information

Stalnaker     Sarah                                            Hamilton              Unmarked Grave No other information

Stalnaker     Shirley     D           Feb 27 1894 Dec 22 1895  Gilman                d/o Thomas & Mary Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Sidney      W           Jul 24 1871 28-Nov-28    Swecker               s/o Hamilton Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Stanley     Theodore    26-Jan-34   Mar-34       Schmidlen

Stalnaker     Summie                  Jun 20 1882 29-Oct-19    Gilman                d/o N T & M J Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Susan                   1838        1922         Mount Vernon          w/o W Seymore Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Teresa                  1965        1965         Mt State Memorial Gar

Stalnaker     Theodore    French      15-Feb      27-Jul-39    Hazelwood             s/o French & Ethel Stalnaker Funeral Marker

Stalnaker     Thomas      H           1861        1923         Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Thomas      Waitman     Jul 16 1869 14-Oct-47    Gilman                s/o Alba & Rebecca Mouse Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Thomas Jr   Waitman     11-Sep-03   21-Jul-71    Mt State Memorial Gar s/o Thomas & Marietta Phares Stalnaker U S Navy

Stalnaker     Trilm                   No DOB      14-Apr-19    Wamsley-Yokum         s/o T & E P Stalnaker Info Russell Funeral Home

Stalnaker     Valentine               1758        Nov 28 1834  Jacob Stalnaker       s/o Jacob Stalnaker Sr

Stalnaker     Virgil      A           1909        1981         Wamsley-Yokum

Stalnaker     Virgil      L           4-Jun-21    28-Apr-95    Little Arlington      h/o Virginia Riggleman

Stalnaker     Virginia    Belle       Mar 09 1868 26-May-36    Wamsley-Yokum         d/o Adam & Virginia H Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Virginia                Jan 10 1840 4-Jul-03     Wamsley-Yokum         w/o Adam Stalnaker nee Harris

Stalnaker     W           Seymore     1835        1879         Mount Vernon          h/o Susan Stalnaker

Stalnaker     W           S           Jun 01 1841 Dec 11 1870  Mount Vernon          Information taken from WPA Records

Stalnaker     White                   1853        1939         Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Wilbur      Lee         1870        1944         Stalnaker             Only s/o Addison & Drusilla Stalnaker

Stalnaker     William     F           May 17 1853 Nov 29. 1942 Stalnaker

Stalnaker     William     R           1864        1919         Mouse

Stalnaker     Willie      Upton       Apr 10 1887 7-Apr-50     Stalnaker             s/o Webster & Armintie Arbogast Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Wilson      H           1933        1984         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Donna F Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Woodrow     W           1911        1988         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Bertha M Stalnaker

Stalnaker     Zella       Mae         1907        1941         Wamsley-Yokum