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Randolph County Cemetery 

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Swecker       Adam                    Sep 24 1882 10-Sep-71    Valley Head           h/o Minerva Simmons Swecker

Swecker       Andrew      Lee         Feb 20 1863 27-Oct-45    Swecker               s/o Christopher & Ann Salisbury Swecker

Swecker       Andrew      J           Feb 16 1836 24-Dec-09    Swecker               s/o Samuel & Julia Ann Folks Swecker

Swecker       Ann                     Mar 02 1834 2-Mar-04     Folks                 w/o Christopher Swecker nee Salisbury

Swecker       Anna        F           1884        1946         Valley Head           w/o Loyd Swecker

Swecker       Annie                   28-Dec-08   19-Jul-76    Valley Head           w/o Orion L Swecker nee Crickard

Swecker       Arden       L           16-May-20   24-Apr-78    Swecker               Tec 5 U S Army WWII s/o Wm & Hattie Swecker

Swecker       Arlen       Frank       1-Oct-13    14-Dec-91    Swecker               s/o Hugh & Savina M Payne Swecker

Swecker       Autumn      S           6-Sep-17    3-Jul-93     Valley Head           h/o Edith Swecker

Swecker       Ben         F           1907        1988         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Bessie M Swecker

Swecker       Bessie      M           1914        1993         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Ben F Swecker

Swecker       Carvil      Alton       25-Oct-08   9-Nov-81     Swecker               s/o Hugh & Savina Payne Swecker

Swecker       Charles     E           1951        No DOD       Swecker

Swecker       Christopher Columbus    Jun 08 1834 1-Apr-29     Folks                 s/o Samuel & Julia Ann Folks Swecker

Swecker       Clara                   1902        1903         Tacy                  d/o J C & Malinda Swecker

Swecker       Delores     Ann         27-Jun-36   27-Jun-36    Mouse

Swecker       Delores     Janice      1-Feb-31    No DOD       Valley Head           w/o Ray Milton Swecker

Swecker       Denver      Hugh        14-Dec-17   24-Aug-58    Swecker               MM3 USNR WWII

Swecker       Dollie      Clara       Aug 18 1888 18-Apr-55    Swecker               d/o John & Prudence Morrison Swecker

Swecker       Doris       Virginia    17-Sep-15   15-Feb-95    Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Ned d/o Oscar & Daisey Dumire Shaffer

Swecker       Dortha                  23-Nov-15   19-Feb-81    Swecker               w/o Arden d/o John & Annie Negle Deemer

Swecker       Edgar       T           17-Jan-04   11-Jan-09    Valley Head           s/o Loyd & Anna Swecker

Swecker       Edgar       Dixie       4-Dec-38    1947         Swecker               s/o Arden & Rita Swecker

Swecker       Edith       Arlene      31-Mar-35   18-Jan-47    Swecker               d/o Arden & Rita Swecker

Swecker       Elizabeth   M           Nov 11 1871 Nov 21 1885  Swecker               d/o J C & O A Swecker

Swecker       Elva        G           10-Mar-04   No DOD       Swecker               w/o Carvil d/o Alan & Alice Vandevender Simmons

Swecker       Erma        Madaline    1911        1990         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Wesley Lee Swecker

Swecker       Everett                 1897        1923         Simmons

Swecker       Floda       E           1905        No DOD                             w/o Kent R Swecker m. Oct 05 1921

Swecker       Frank       J           11-Jul-23   11-Jul-23    Swecker               s/o Jacob Bernard & Almeda Edna Hamrick Swecker

Swecker       George      W           1866        1952         Stalnaker

Swecker       George      R           1914        1921         Stalnaker             s/o George & Martha Swecker

Swecker       George      Bryan       Feb 24 1879 24-Nov-69    Swecker               s/o John & Prudence Morrison Swecker

Swecker       Goldie      V           1947        1979         Mt State Memorial Gar

Swecker       Hannah      E           1868        1948         Simmons

Swecker       Harmon      J           1865        1924         Simmons

Swecker       Hattie      Pearl       Dec 04 1897 19-Nov-50    Swecker               w/o Wm d/o Lee A & Amanda Hannah Hamrick

Swecker       Hattie      Louise      11-Jan-16   12-Jul-93    Swecker               w/o Ura d/o Dollie C Swecker

Swecker       Hugh        Bryan       May 02 1879 16-Jan-19    Swecker               s/o Wm & Sarah Ramsey Swecker

Swecker       Infant                  20-Mar-07   20-Mar-07    Hevener               s/o W F & L L Swecker

Swecker       Jack        M           14-Apr-46   15-Apr-88    Swecker               s/o Ura C & Hattie Swecker Swecker

Swecker       Jackie                  11-Mar-45   15-Feb-60    Simmons               s/o Samuel & Lura Swecker

Swecker       Jacob       A           Dec 16 1866 4-Aug-06     Folks

Swecker       John        R           1876        1942         Valley Head           h/o Malissa M Swecker

Swecker       John        Calvin      Jun 29 1841 25-Apr-24    Swecker               s/o W M Swecker

Swecker       John        Michael     Mar 27 1842 3-Nov-17     Swecker               s/o Saml & Julia Ann Folks Swecker

Swecker       Julia       Ann         Jun 22 1811 Oct 23 1893  Swecker               w/o Samuel d/o Michael Folks

Swecker       Kelso       Keith       1908        1910         Swecker               s/o William & Maud Swecker

Swecker       Kent        R           1896        1974                               h/o Floda E Swecker m. Oct 05 1921

Swecker       Lawrence    C           16-Oct-09   17-Sep-15    Swecker               s/o George & Vanessa Swecker

Swecker       Lelia       R           1926        1927         Valley Head           d/o Adam & Minerva Swecker

Swecker       Loyd                    1870        1957         Valley Head           h/o Anna F Swecker

Swecker       Lura        L           1915        No DOD       Simmons               w/o Samuel Swecker

Swecker       Malissa     M           1879        1955         Valley Head           w/o John R Swecker

Swecker       Martha      Belle       1870        1964         Stalnaker             w/o George Swecker

Swecker       Mary        Elizabeth   Aug 28 1867 1942         Swecker               w/o Andrew d/o James & Susan Kittle Fretwell

Swecker       Mary        A           Mar 05 1869 Jan 22 1896  Swecker               d/o John M & Prudence Swecker

Swecker       Mary        S           1941        1941         Swecker               d/o Arden & Rita Swecker

Swecker       Mary        Jane        17-Mar-33   No DOD       Swecker               w/o Denver d/o Talbert & Ada Folks Hevener

Swecker       Mary        Madeline    20-Feb-09   No DOD       Swecker               w/o Arlen d/o Watson & Harriet Gregory Hamrick

Swecker       Meda                    1900        1968         Valley Head           w/o William J Swecker

Swecker       Melissa     A           Sep 08 1870 Apr 23 1896  Mingo                 w/o B R Swecker

Swecker       Michael     Gene        2-Nov-51    2-Nov-51     Simmons               s/o Samuel & Lura Swecker

Swecker       Minerva     Blaine      Oct 07 1897 10-Sep-72    Valley Head           w/o Adam Swecker nee Simmons

Swecker       Mona        A           1913        1927         Valley Head           d/o Adam & Minerva Swecker

Swecker       Nathan      Woodrow     4-Jun-21    11-Jan-96    Valley Head           h/o Shirley Jo Kenney s/o John & Minnie Swecker

Swecker       Ned         E                                    Mt State Memorial Gar No other info

Swecker       Ophelia     Ann         1843        18-Oct-21    Swecker               w/o John d/o Valentine & Jemima Grimm Simmons

Swecker       Orion       Lindell     May 19 1897 7-Jun-72     Valley Head           h/o Annie Crickard Swecker

Swecker       Otton                   1917        1917         Swecker               s/o Jacob & Malinda Tacy Swecker

Swecker       Paul        S           Apr 28 1899 7-Mar-70     Simmons

Swecker       Perry       Cameron     2-Aug-24    4-Aug-24     Swecker               s/o Jacob Bernard & Almeda Edna Hamrick Swecker

Swecker       Peter                   Jan 19 1845 Jan 27 1862  Swecker               s/o Samuel & Julia Swecker

Swecker       Prudence    D           Sep 27 1846 26-Dec-26    Swecker               w/o John d/o Sam & Eliza McCall Morrison

Swecker       Rachel      Elizabeth   20-Mar-48   2-Apr-67     Swecker               d/o Arden & Rita Swecker

Swecker       Ralph       Marston     10-Nov-40   27-Jul-43    Swecker               a/o Arlen & Mary Swecker

Swecker       Ray         Milton      3-Mar-16    9-Apr-59     Valley Head           h/o Delores Swecker

Swecker       Reba        Mae         22-Jun-16   18-Sep-28    Swecker               d/o William & Maud Swecker

Swecker       Richard     S           1925        1948         Simmons

Swecker       Rita        Laverne     8-Jan-55    8-Nov-86     Swecker               w/o Charles d/o Arden & Rita Ware Swecker

Swecker       Ronal       Frank       26-Oct-39   8-Jun-42     Swecker               s/o Arlen & Mary Swecker

Swecker       Ruby        May         2-Mar-08    12-Feb-09    Valley Head           d/o Loyd & Anna Swecker

Swecker       Samuel      W           1902        1990         Simmons

Swecker       Samuel                  Oct 21 1876 Feb 01 1878  Swecker               s/o of John & Prudie Swecker

Swecker       Samuel                  Dec 05 1808 Jun 29 1882  Swecker               s/o Nathaniel & Margaret Bowers Swecker

Swecker       Sophia      S           1-Apr-19    14-Dec-33    Swecker               d/o William & Maud Swecker

Swecker       Susanna     C           Jan 12 1838 May 22 1862  Swecker               d/o Samuel & Julia Swecker

Swecker       Uneda       Frances     1924        1972         Stalnaker             nee Currence

Swecker       Ura         C           22-Jan-16   25-May-42    Swecker               s/o Hugh Bryan & Savina May Payne Swecker

Swecker       Vanessa     Lee         Jun 28 1887 9-Jun-64     Swecker               w/o George d/o Jms & Blanch Fretwell Hevener

Swecker       W           F           Jun 15 1878 8-Apr-24     Valley Head

Swecker       Wesley      Lee         1904        1984         Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Erma Madaline Swecker

Swecker       William     J           1892        1982         Valley Head           h/o Meda Swecker

Swecker       William     Valentine   1872        24-Sep-19    Swecker               s/o John & Ophelia Simmons Swecker

Swecker       William     Cecil       Jan 23 1888 25-Jan-64    Swecker               s/o Andrew Lee & Mary E Fretwell Swecker

Swecker       William     Sebert      20-Jun-28   29-Apr-40    Swecker               s/o Wm & Hattie Swecker

Swecker       Willie      B           1907        1983         Stalnaker