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Randolph County Cemetery Search - Wilmoth

Last Name     First Name  Middle      DOB         DOD          Cemetery                   Inscription 


Wilmoth       A           Loman       Jul 10 1870 5-Feb-49     Israel

Wilmoth       Abel        H           Jun 03 1841 Aug 21 1892  Wilmoth               h/o Sarah Murphy Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Ada                     Feb 23 1896 4-Jun-85     Mount Vernon          w/o Harvey Wilmoth nee Elbon

Wilmoth       Alpha       Dorman      23-Feb-04   10-May-04    Primitive Baptist     s/o Jacob M & Mary E Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Alta        Pearl       27-Mar-05   15-Oct-06    Primitive Baptist     d/o Jacob M & Mary E Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Amasa                   Feb 13 1854 11-Mar-19    Primitive Baptist     h/o Columbia Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Andrew      Jackson     Mar 14 1833 6-Feb-04     Israel                h/o Fanny Watring Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Archibald               Jun 13 1824 18-Dec-06    Israel                h/o Caroline Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Arnold                  Aug 10 1830 Jun 07 1892  Israel

Wilmoth       Baxter                  Aug 31 1846 Apr 03 1889

Wilmoth       Bryan Jr                6-Oct-06    2-Dec-88     Mt State Memorial Gar Tec 5 U S Army WWII h/o Louise Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Burr                    Jul 28 1867 10-Mar-36    Israel                h/o Martha s/o Samuel & Rebecca Wilmoth Wilmoth

Wilmoth       C           Lloyd       Jul 23 1870 13-May-27    Wilmoth               s/o Abel & Sarah Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Caroline                Dec 04 1825 Mar 16 1894  Israel                w/o Archibald Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Carrie                  Oct 05 1881 25-Sep-56    Primitive Baptist     w/o Orlan Wilmoth nee Gainer

Wilmoth       Charles     W           1864        1949         Primitive Baptist     h/o Dora M Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Columbia                Nov 05 1852 16-Dec-26    Primitive Baptist     w/o Amasa Wilmoth

Wilmoth       D                                                Israel                Rock Marker No other information

Wilmoth       Darl        F           7-Nov-04    24-Jun-47    Primitive Baptist     s/o Orlan Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Delbert     J           1912        1934         Israel

Wilmoth       Dillon      Allen       5-Dec-09    7-Jun-10     Primitive Baptist     s/o Jacob M & Mary E Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Dollie      A           1895        1951         Israel                d/o Tucker L & Frances R Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Dora        M           1879        1965         Primitive Baptist     w/o Charles W Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Earl        Ray         1903        1972         Israel                h/o Mamie Kathryn Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Edith       Jane        Nov 22 1861 11-Jun-46    Primitive Baptist     d/o Elihu Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Elija                   Feb 20 1821 Dec 1838                           DOD illegible Grave marked with creek rock

Wilmoth       Eliza       A           Nov 08 1836 Jul 11 1884  Israel                w/o Nicholas Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Elizabeth               Mar 29 1830 May 04 1859  Mt Zion               w/o John K d/o Amos & Nancy Canfield

Wilmoth       Emory       B           No DOB      May 05 1862  Primitive Baptist     s/o James & Eunice Wilmoth 11m 20d

Wilmoth       Eppa        D           Aug 03 1877 Nov 16 1880  Israel

Wilmoth       Eunice                  Nov 29 1835 Jul 24 1895  Primitive Baptist     w/o James Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Eva                     Mar 07 1878 12-Apr-18    Wilmoth               d/o Abel & Sarah Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Fanny       S           Jun 21 1842 13-Jan-18    Israel                nee Watring w/o Andrew Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Floyd       J           6-Aug-12    16-Feb-92    Primitive Baptist     s/o Charlie Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Floyd                   1912        No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar h/o Genevieve Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Frances     A           May 14 1853 20-Apr-32    Chenoweth

Wilmoth       Frances     R           Feb 08 1868 25-Nov-35    Israel                w/o Tucker Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Genevieve   G           1906        1907         Israel                d/o Tucker & Frances R Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Genevieve               1919        1975         Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Floyd Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Gertrude    Agnes       20-Dec-04   10-Apr-83    Israel                w/o Waitman d/o Jacob & Rhoda Allender Smith

Wilmoth       Hartsel     F           Apr 20 1898 16-Dec-18    Israel                s/o H J & L J Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Harvey      E           Oct 11 1889 26-Mar-89    Mount Vernon          h/o Ada Elbon Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Hattie                  No DOB      7-Nov-20     Mill Creek            53y

Wilmoth       Haymond     L           Jul 17 1868 18-May-58    Israel                h/o Rachel D Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Hickson     J           1873        1956         Israel                h/o Louisa J Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Hoy         S           Jun 24 1858 Sep 02 1865  Israel                s/o N & E A Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Jacob       M           1874        1936         Primitive Baptist     h/o Mary Elizabeth Wilmoth

Wilmoth       James                   Feb 13 1829 3-May-02     Primitive Baptist     h/o Eunice Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Jemima                  Sep 13 1809 May 19 1866  Israel                w/o Samuel Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Jerusha                 1860        1921         Gilman                nee Duckworth

Wilmoth       John        W           Oct 30 1843 22-Sep-17    Mill Creek

Wilmoth       John        H           Oct 07 1872 May 19 1892  Israel

Wilmoth       Johnson     R           Jan 26 1857 13-Feb-28    Primitive Baptist     h/o Julia C Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Julia       C           Nov 21 1852 19-Aug-41    Primitive Baptist     w/o Johnson Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Junior      Darl        1922        1933         Primitive Baptist

Wilmoth       Laura       A           May 11 1899 7-Feb-17     Primitive Baptist     w/o H I Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Laura       R           1893        1902         Israel                d/o Tucker L & Frances R Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Levi                                                                   WPA Records No Dates shown

Wilmoth       Louesana                No DOB      Sep 10 1865  Primitive Baptist     d/o James & Eunice Wilmoth 7y 6m 26d

Wilmoth       Louisa      A           No DOB      Feb 21 1895  Primitive Baptist     27y

Wilmoth       Louisa      J           1869        1950         Israel                w/o Hickson J Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Louise                  31-Mar-22   No DOD       Mt State Memorial Gar w/o Bryan Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Luceba                  1860        1936         Israel                w/o Marteney Wilmoth

Wilmoth       M           Elizabeth   1875        1962         Primitive Baptist     w/o Jacob M Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Mamie       Kathryn     1912        No DOD       Israel                w/o Earl Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Marion      H           Dec 28 1861 27-Dec-29    Israel                s/o Samuel Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Marteney                Apr 12 1859 7-Apr-02     Israel

Wilmoth       Martha                  1883        1886         Israel

Wilmoth       Martha      F           1878        1937         Israel                w/o Burr Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Mary        B           Apr 30 1895 Sep 04 1895  Primitive Baptist     d/o Johnson & Julia Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Meda        Grace       May 02 1876 Sep 26 1890  Israel                d/o Andrew & Fanny Watring Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Mildred     B           4-Mar-02    5-Aug-02     Israel                d/o Haymond & Rachel Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Nancy                   1738        1828                               WPA Records Grave marked with creek rock

Wilmoth       Nancy                   Jan 18 1818 1-Feb-02     Mill Creek            w/o Jacob Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Nancy       Ann         Feb 24 1868 Dec 19 1873  Gilman                d/o E & L Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Nettie      Ann         Oct 28 1877 3-Apr-40     Gilman                w/o William d/o John Wright

Wilmoth       Nicholas                Feb 24 1762 Jun 18 1839   1829?"               "Pvt 2 Va Militia War of 1812 DOD Jun 15

Wilmoth       Nicholas                Dec 28 1824 Mar 06 1899  Israel                h/o Eliza A Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Orange      D           Dec 28 1875 Jul 13 1884  Israel                s/o S & E J Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Orlan                   Jul 04 1879 2-Dec-57     Primitive Baptist     h/o Carrie Gainer Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Orpha       Lilly       Sep 06 1886 28-Jan-26    Gilman                d/o Edmund & Elizabeth Farley Lilly

Wilmoth       Oscar       W           30-Aug-05   23-Sep-05    Israel                s/o T C & A W Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Paul        C           6-Mar-01    12-Aug-26    Israel                s/o Tucker & Frances Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Pearly      Orlan       No DOB      9-Mar-46     Primitive Baptist     s/o Orlan Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Perry       N           Jul 12 1863 Mar 28 1881  Israel

Wilmoth       Rachel      D           May 19 1876 20-Mar-15    Israel                w/o H L Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Ray         G           Jun 21 1886 17-Jul-30    Israel

Wilmoth       Rebecca                                          Israel                w/o Samuel W Wilmoth No other info

Wilmoth       Roscoe      V           19-Oct-02   12-Aug-21    Israel                s/o H J & L J Wilmoth Killed by Truck

Wilmoth       Samuel                  May 19 1804 Mar 11 1856  Israel                h/o Jemima Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Samuel      J           Feb 04 1826 6-Jun-00     Israel

Wilmoth       Sarah                   Dec 03 1853 26-Dec-16    Wilmoth               w/o Abel Wilmoth d/o James Murphy

Wilmoth       Stonewall   J           Sep 18 1864 8-Dec-35     Israel

Wilmoth       Sydney                  Nov 16 1816 Jan 12 1834                        Grave marked with creek rock

Wilmoth       Taylor      I           Oct 14 1834 Apr 13 1862  Israel

Wilmoth       Theodore    B           Mar 09 1876 10-Dec-09    Israel

Wilmoth       Thomas                  1734        J?? 26 18?9                        Grave marked with Creek rock DOD is illegible

Wilmoth       Thomas      W           1766        Nov 20 1833                        s/o Thomas Wilmoth Jr Grave marked with creek rock

Wilmoth       Troy        B           Apr 07 1886 13-Mar-45                          s/o Baxter & Hester McDaniel Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Tucker      L           Jul 11 1870 30-Sep-58    Israel                h/o Frances R Wilmoth

Wilmoth       Virginia                1878        1901         Mouse                 nee Phillips

Wilmoth       Waitman     Taylor      23-Apr-01   10-Jan-77    Israel                h/o Gertrude s/o Burr & Martha m. Dec 01 1923

Wilmoth       William                 No DOB      182?                               DOD is illegible

Wilmoth       William     Leland      Mar 21 1877 3-May-65     Gilman                s/o James & Eunice Ferguson Wilmoth