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The Kelley Family

compiled by Randy Stalnaker
corrections welcome

William and Gean Kittle Kelley and Family

William Kelley was born in PA March 4, 1779, and died in Randolph County, WV on June 12, 1854, at the home of his son Dolbeare Kelley. William married Gean Kittle, daughter of Jacob Kittle and Mary Hendrickson on April 20, 1798, in Randolph County, WV.  She was born Oct. 10, 1776, and died on March 31, 1845. William served in the War of 1812 with the 37th Reg. Va. He owned 100 acres of land on Eberman's Creek and Big Lick Run, Sims Index to Land Grants, Land Book 2, page 341. His will, located in Randolph County, WV Will Book 4, page 1, leaves son Absalom B. Kelley 20 acres of land, son Noah Z. Kelley a piece or tract of land to wit 20 poles in width , adjoining the north end of the survey deeded to him by my son Abel H. Kelley, Thirdly to his son Dolbeare, the plantation on which I now reside together with all the unimproved land immediately attached, fourthly lists after his decease that his personal and real estate or property be disposed of and after paying all my just debts and funeral expenses that his daughter Ellen Kelley be paid the sum of Ten dollars and the balance to be equally divided between my second daughters Elizabeth Clark, Rebecca Everit, Ianta Wilmoth, Naomah Vanscoy, Margaret Smith and Ellen Kelley. Appoints son Abel H. Kelley as his sole executor. 

Click here for: Marriage certificate of William Kelley and Gean Kittle

William J. Kelley and his brother Abel W. Kelley lived on adjacent properties. It is clear that descendants from both William J. Kelley's family and Abel W. Kelley's family had close ties. Information from Odie Chapman's "They Rest Quietly in Randolph County, WV," page 230, states that the headstone for William J. Kelley states his parents were William Kelley and Martha McCourtney.  Information found on William and Martha McCourtney Kelley so far suggests that they were from Northampton County, Pa., but none that verifies they were William J. Kelley's parents. An interesting connection that has been found in Northampton County, Pa., is that Abraham Kittle Sr., his son Jacob Kittle, and Elder Phineas Wells all served in the Revolutionary War, [as did a William Kelley] in Northampton County, Pa. An article written about the Meadowville Primitive Baptist Church in Barbour County, WV also mentions that Elder Nathan Everett, husband of William J. and Gean Kittle Kelley's daugher Rebecca, mentions that he was also from Pa.


Absolam Kelley, married first to Ruth Chenoweth and second to Susan Canfield, he was born 1803, and died Dec. 29, 1858, Randolph County, WV, wife Ruth was daughter of William Chenoweth and Lydia Kittle, she was born April 8, 1911, known children: Martha, married Francis Murphy, Lucinda, married William Moore, Caroline, married Silas Moore, Jasper, married Deborah Moore, William C., married Agnes Moore, Sarah, married Marshall Canfield, Eli, married first to Barbara Frank, second to Mary Wimber

Abel H. Kelley, born Sept. 12, 1813, Randolph County, WV, died Feb. 1, 1869, Randolph County, WV, married first on Nov. 26, 1839 to Susan or Susanna Ferguson, born May 16, 1822, died Oct. 8, 1859. Children with Susanna Ferguson: Rebecca, Clark, married Delilah Ferguson, Elam, married to Miriam Brewer, Married second to Barbara Brewer, Sims Index to Land Grants list Abel H. Kelley with 3 tracts of land, one tract of 150 acres on Laurel Run, 1849, book 1, page 554, next tract of 380 acres on Cheat Mountain, 1851, Book 4, page 80, and the third tract for 350 acres on Pond and Wolf Runs, 1856, Book 4, page 558

Noah Z Kelley, married to Hannah Long, born 1823, Randolph County, WV, died March 11, 1903, Clifton, Clay County, Kansas, married to Hannah E. Long, known children: Marion, married Martha E. Phebus, Anna, Ruehamma,[ married first to Stephen D. Prudden, second to Jay Wilson, Ruehamma and Stephen Prudden's children: Bessie Prudden, married Richard Morton, Stephen Prudden, married Nancy White, Marion F. Prudden, married George Vaughn, John A. Prudden, and David E. Prudden, married to Violet Huckaby. Ruehamma and Jay Wilson's children: Minnie Wilson, Charles Wilson, and Jay Wilson] Mary, Sarah, Harrison and Roy and Rueben

Dolbeare Kelley, married to Margaret Kittle, children Enoch, Jesse, Amanda, Nancy, Alba, Noah, William, Apaline, Sephrona, and Allen Listed in Sims Index to Land Grants with 2 tracts of land, one for 150 acres, the other for 59 at Panther Hill

Elizabeth Clark, [wife of William Clark], known children: Canzada born 1826, Kelly born 1830, Lennox born 1831, John born 1835, Stephen born 1837, Barbara born 1839, Hoy born 1843, and Artemesia born 1845

Rebecca Everett [wife of Nathan Everett] note: Elder Nathan Everett was a very prominent man in the Primitive Baptist Church, and in fact took over as Elder for Phineas Wells when he became to old to continue. Elder Everett is shown in the 1830 census for Randolph County, listed as between the ages of 50 to 60, and apparently a widower, he is not shown in the 1840 census, and is found living in Todd, Huntington County, Pa in the 1850 census with with Rebecca.

Iantha Wilmoth [wife of George W. Wilmoth] known children: Benjamin

Naomah Vanscoy [wife of Jonathon Vanscoy] born 1809, married to Jonathan Vanscoy, son of Aaron Vanscoy Jr. and Jean Taffe Grimes. Vanscoy family book states Naomah had been married previously before her marriage to Jonathon, and had 1 daughter named Lydia during that marriage. Children with Jonathan Vanscoy: Rachel, Leah, Rahamah, and Alba. Note: Vanscoy book lists Lydia, [daughter from Naomah's first marriage] with last name of Vanscoy

Margaret Smith [wife of John Smith] one known daughter, Virginia

Ellen/Eleanor Wilfong [wife of Jacob Wilfong], children: Piety Wilfong, Zion Wilfong

Notes from William Kelley, descendant of Abel H. Kelley:

Notes from the Wallet of Elam Kelley: notes in the handwriting of Bill's father Sheldon Kelley, were in the wallet of Elam Kelley which he kept and was later obtained by Bill from his mother after his father's death in 1981. Notes are undated, apparently an inventory of the more significant items, Abel Kelley received $160 for sale of horse to rebels during Civil WWar for horse paid in Confederate money. States Lovell Kelley was his cousin, lists Dolbeare Kelley as brother of Abel, transfer of 3 tracts of land probably upon death of Dolbeare to Abel Kelley's estate. Elam Kelley was son of Abel H. and Susanna Ferguson Kelley.

Elam Kelley's Family Bible

Marriages Abel H. Kelley and Susannah Ferguson was married Nov. 26, 1839, Abel H. Kelley and Barbara Brewer his second wife was married on Nov. 1, 1859, Elam Kelley and Miriam Brewer was married on Oct. 24, 1877

Births Abel H. Kelley was born Sept. 12, 1813, Susanna Kelley was born May 16, 1822, Rebecca Kelley was born June 3, 1841, Clark Kelley was born Nov. 28, 1856, Deborah Kelley was born Oct. 11, 1858, Miriam Brewer was born June 2, 1844

Deaths Abel H. Kelley died Feb. 1, 1869, Susanna Kelley died Oct. 8, 1859, Rebeca Kelley died April 2, 1859, Elam Kelley died March 24, 1929, Deborah Kelley died Oct. 2, 1859, Miriam Brewer Kelley died Dec. 22, 1941, Deborah Ferguson died Jan. 27, 1858, Christopher Brewer died Dec. 24, 1845, Rachel Brewer died Feb. 26, 1854, Emmaline Brewer died Feb. 23, 1854, Anna Brewer died Nov. 13, 1858

Births Barbara Brewer was born July 4, 1817, Anna Brewer was born June 15, 1822, Ann Brewer was born June 11, 1778, Kent Kelley was born Dec. 17, 1878, Mary Ann Kelley was born Aug. 4, 1880, Miriam Kelley was born Sept. 3rd, 1882, Susannah Kelley was born March 13, 1885, Alvan Clark Kelley was born July the 29th, 1887, Charles James Keener was born June 28, 1946

Dolbeare Kelley and Margaret Kittle Family

Dolbeare Kelley was born on April 24, 1820, and died on Oct. 16, 1884. He married Margaret Kittle, daughter of Moses Kittle and Nancy Bennett on, born Oct. 13, 1823, and died Jan. 26, 1902. Note: After Dolbeare's death in 1884, Margaret remarried to Cyrus Isner, widowed husband of her sister Christina. Dolbeare was listed as Lt. of Militia in 1853, Randolph County, WV, also listed as being held prisoner at Camp Chase in Ohio during Civil War, listed as civilian, mail carrier. Owned 2 tracts of land, 1 tract of 59 acres located at Panther Run, listed in Randolph County, WV Deed Book 4, page 79, 1851, and another tract of 150 acres located on Pond Lick Run, Randolph County, WV Deed Book 4, page 316, 1855, willed land his father, William Kelley, lived on in the will of William Kelley, dated Jan. 13, 1849, proven June 25, 1854, Randolph County, Will Book 4, page 1. Have note been able to locate graves of Dolbeare or his wife Margaret.

Click here for the Death Certificate of Dolbeare Kelley


Enoch Kelley, born Sept 7, 1841, enlisted Civil War on May 31, 1861, Distinguished Service, Conf. Va., enlisted as private, Co. A, 9th Batt. Reg. Va., later became Co. A., 25th Inf. Reg. Va., [sister Apaline Kelley Allender's husband Thomas Allender served in same units], on rolls: 9-1-1862. POW May 21, 1863, at Beverly, confined May 24, Fort McHenry MD, transsferred same day Fort Monroe, Va, exchanged May 26, CIty Point, Va. Hospitalized Oct. 20, same year, returned to unit on Oct. 22. Promoted to Full Corporal, 3rd Class Nov. 1, 1863. Hospitalized Jan. 21, 1864, returned to unit Jan. 25, same year. Promoted Full Sgt., 5th Class Feb. 1, 1864. Hospitalized April 12, same year, returned to unit April 15, same year. POW May 12, 1864, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Va., confined May 15, Belle Plain, Va., Confined May 18, 1864, Point Lookout, MD, Confinded Aug. 2, 1864, Elmira Prison Camp, Elmira, NY. Died, Elmira Prison Camp of small pox Oct. 25, 1864, buried at cemetery at Prison. Website which lists information about Prison Camp and has photos of burials in cemetery: Never married. Copy of letter written to the editor, which appeared in July 1970 in the Elkins Intermountain Newspaper, Elkins, WV: Editor: I would appreciate having the person contact me who inherited the Bible belonging to Sgt. Enoch Kelley, who died of smallpox at the age of 19 in the Confederate Prison Camp here and is buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Elmira, N.Y.

I would like to have the frontispiece and anything handwritten zeroxed fro a projected new book on this prison camp and cemetery here.

Sgt Enoch Kelley was a son of my great grandparents, Dolbeare Kelley and his wife, Margaret Kittle Kelley of Kelley Mountain, Randolph County. Sgt. Kelley's Bible and a signet ring were sent to his parents following his death, by Sexton John Jones, an ex slave who had charge of burials for the prisoners. He kept as complete records of each man as it was possible for a man to do. I can attest that the graves are well kept and there is a nice marker for each known solddier. Some men were so badly injured and ill no record could be made of them.

Col. Don Stumbo, C.S.A. holds memorial services each Memorial Day and it is beautiful and well attended.
I would like to know whether Dolbeare Kelley was a lieutenant in the Confederate Army. I was informed by several people that he was and that proof could be found in Maxwell's History of Randolph County. It is believed 25 men from WV died in the Confederate prison. [skipped some of article], written by Mrs. Virginia Thomas 112 Hoffman, Elmea or Elmira NY 14905, [her mother was Mae Kelley Ice].

Amanda Kelley, born Aug. 29, 1844, died Aug. 1924, Hackers Creek, WV. Married Elder Josiah Murphy, Sept. 4, 1865, he was born Aug. 17, 1838, and died Dec. 3, 1888, Clemtown, Barbour County, WV. known children: Unice Murphy, Columbia Murphy, married Levi McVicker, Jonathan Murphy, married to Martha Bryan, Elam Floyd Murphy, married to Winifred Duckworth, Mattie Murphy, married to Elihu Long, Harvey Murphy, married to Forence Bryan, Lovena Murphy, married to Francis Robinson, Charles Murphy, married to Dora Alice Mitchell, Margaret Murphy, married to Eli J. Maurice, Creed Murphy, married to Sylvia Williams

Jesse Kelley, born Aug. 13, 1845, married to Virginia Gainor. known children: Enoch, married to Sarah Phillips, Hickman, married to Margaret Allender, daughter of Thomas Allender and Apaline Kelley, Myrtle, Emma, William, Walter. Note, Aunt Ruby's notes state that Jesse and Virginia had 2 sets of twins, both of which died at birth, have not verified this as of yet.

Apaline Kelley, born May 8, 1848, died Dec. 1927, married Thomas Allender Feb. 28, 1868. Thomas and Apaline owned and operated a grist and lumber mill on the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River, Thomas was also an accomplished carpenter, and helped build the Irons Chapel Church at Pleasant Run, he also served in the Confederate Army and was in the same unit as Apaline's brother Enoch. children: Alonzo "Joe", married to Elena, "Vera" Roberts, Martha, married to Columbus Hansford, Nancy, married to Haymond Hansford, George, married to Luceba Finley, Celia, married first to William Shoemaker, second to Lleweellyn Buchanan, Margaret, married to Hickman Kelley, Delphia, married to Walter Vanscoy, and Amy Belle, married to Jesse Brown Vanscoy

Allen Kelley, born 1849, no further information

Noah Kelley, born 1851, married Virginia B. Johnson, known child: Isis Mae Kelley, born Aug. 10, 1880, Montrose, Randolph County, WV married May 28, 1905 at Rockwell Maryland to Elias Clark Ice Sr., children:, Garrett, Effa, and Virginia May Ice, born July 6, 1906, died Nov. 1987, married Michael D. Thomas, [was person who wrote letter to editor in the Elkins Intermountain Newspaper about Enoch Kelley], Elizabeth Ice, born Dec. 18, 1907, died April 1982, married George Stapleford, Elias Clark Ice II, born May 28, 1909, died July 31, 1969, married Grace Walker. Noah Kelley and family lived in Clarksville, Harrison County, WV

Louisa Kelley, born 1854

Sephrona, born 1855, no further information

Alba Chenoweth Kelley, born March 19, 1860, died Dec. 25, 1916. Married to Nancy Almira Murphy, daughter of Rev. Elim Murphy and Dorthy Long, [both buried at Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Montrose, Randolph County, WV] known children: Ethel, married Elwood Douglas, Harold, Lelia, Lorena, married Harry C. Morrison, Elim, married Madge Harris, and Oren, married Beulah Blankenship

William F. Kelley, born 1861, married Rosa A. Lawson, daughter of Henry T. and Rebecca Lawson, married 1886, owned 75 acres near Montrose, Member of the Board of Education, Member Montrose Primitive Baptist Church, known children: Ffarls, Nora, Minta, and Edgar

Nancy Kelley, born 1867, married Carl Douglas

Abel W. Kelley and Jemima Kittle

Note: The following information comes from the family notes compiled by my Aunt Ruby Vanscoy Kisner, she knew many of the descendants and their families of Abel W. Kelley and Jemima Kittle, and most of her information is what they provided to her, I my self have not verified any of it, and there may be some incorrect information, if you do find any of the information incorrect, please let me know.
Abel W. Kelley was born June 6, 1787, and died November, 17, 1878. Hart Family History, page 378, lists him as being born in Pa. He served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Jonathan Wamsley's Co. and is buried at Arnold Hill Cemetery, Elkins, Randolph County, WV. Thought by most researchers as a brother to William, both children of William Kelley and Martha McCourtney Kelley of Pa. Bill Kelley's notes state death certificate for Abel lists his parents as William and Martha Kelley. Mentions wife Jemima Kittle in will, son Lovell, son David B. Kelley, and son Harrison Kelley as executor. Lived on land adjoining his brother William, mentions in will bequeathing to son Lovell the tract of land on which he resided containing one hundred acres, being the land I purchased of William Kelley.


Ruth Kelley, born April 10, 1810, died April 7, 1863, married Daniel Currence Adams, 1835, Page 508, Homer Fansler's History of Tucker County, WV, Daniel was a son of Thomas Adams and wife Anna from Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland, Daniel and Ruth lived at Limestone in Tucker County, where Daniel was the first accessor for the county, states that Ruth died from spotted fever, as did several members of their family

William L. Kelley born Sept 24, 1811, died Oct.23, 1863

Jacob Kelley born Jan. 9, 1813, died July 14, 1835. Note, Aunt Ruby's notes states Jacob was killed working on a steamboat

Benjamin Kelley born May 26, 1814, she has him marrying Anzabel White, but other information I have come across has Benjamin's brother John married to Anzabel White, and Benjamin married to Margaret White, I have not checked myself, she also has that they lived in Greenbrier Cty, and that he was the Col. Benjamin Kelley made famous in Civil War, [also have not verified this], she lists 3 of his children, one son name unknown, another son named Charles, and a daughter named Rachel

Mary Kelley born Dec. 25, 1815, Aunt Ruby's notes has her listed as single

Nancy Kelley, born Nov. 27, 1817, died Dec. 9, 1892, married first to Washington Long, [Ray Harlow verifies this], after her first husbands death, she remarried to John Gray, son of Thomas and Martha Gray, record found in Tucker County, WV marriages 1856-1887, lists marriage date as Jan. 9, 1868, her age as 50, his as 67. Daughter Bertha Long married Asa T. Kelley, [son of Lovell Kelley] daughter Dorothy Alice Long married Elder Elim Murphy, [their daughter Nancy Almira Murphy married Alba C. Kelley, son of Dolbeare Kelley and Margaret Kittle].

Jerusha Kelley born June 30, 1819. Jerusha married Ezra Pugh Hart. Jerusha, Ezra, and some of their children and their families are buried at Hazelwood Cemetery, Randolph County, WV. Ezra was a minister of the Primitive Baptist Church, the son of James and Eleanor Chenoweth Hart, he was born 1820, married Jerusha in 1842, known children: John Chenoweth Hart, Almira Jane Hart, Virginia Hart, Abel W. Hart James Hart, and Webster Bosworth Hart

Thursay Kelley, [have seen spelled as Thirza also] born Feb 19, 1821, have seen her husbands name listed as both Stephen Murphy and as David P. Murphy, Aunt Ruby's notes list husband as Rev. David P. Murphy

Harrison Kelley born Sept., 12, 1822, died Dec. 8, 1917, married to Louisa Kittle, owned land at Mabie, later moved to Ohio. Known Children: Ere?, Walter, Sterling, Guy, Cecil [there are 4 entries in Sims Index to Land Grants for Harrison Kelley, one tract of 100 acres at Mine Lick Run, 1853, Book 4, page 225, one for 200 acres at Shaver's Fork, 1854, Book 4, page 265, one for 40 acres at Leading Creek, 1854, Book 4, page 298, and one for 250 acres at Dry Fork, 1856, Book 4, page 356

John C. Kelley, born Jan. 23, 1825, died Nov. 15, 1895. [Aunt Ruby has him listed as married to Margaret White, other information I have seen states Anzabel White], lived in Greenbrier County, known children: Sebert, Matthew, Abel, Benjamin, Ida [two listings for John Kelley in Sims Index to Land Grants, one listing for John C. Kelley, first two for John Kelley, 125 acres at Shavers Fork, 1856, Book 4, page 376, and 360 acres at See Run, 1856, Book 4, page 379, under John C. Kelley 190 acres at Wts. of Cheat, 1850, Book 2, page 594

Asa Kelley born Oct. 23, 1825, died June 4, 1862, served Va. 31rst infantry, Co. F, killed in Civil War

Jemima Kelley born April 26, 1827, married to Ellconia Phillips
Abel W. Kelley Jr. born April 26, 1827, died Nov. 17, 1875 worked on the covered bridge in Phillippi, Barbour County, WV

Asher Kelley born March 10, 1829 died Dec. 24, 1860, settled in Pa. Married a Miss Corbon, daughter of Asa Corbon

Lydia Kelley born Feb. 5, 1831, died June 15, 1851, married to William Isner
David Kelley born Feb. 5, 1831, died Jan. 16, 1911, married Margaret Pritt. Bought a large tract of land either Kelley Mountain or Cheat Mountain, lived there several years then sold to a Mr. Baker and bought a tract of land at Mabie Community. Known children: Columbis, Paul, Emma, Blanch, Florence, and George.

Lovell Kelley, born Oct. 3, 1832, died Feb. 22, 1876, married Martha Taylor, daughter of Nimrod and Margaret Taylor. lived at the old Kelley homeplace which he inherited from his father. Was executor to Abel H. Kelley's will, [son of William J. Kelley and Gean Kittle], after death of wife Martha, who died at son Floyd's death, he remarried to Martha's sister Phobe. Children with Martha Taylor: Winifred Scott, Asa T., Luceba, Floyd. Children with Phobe Taylor: Alice, Mary, Margaret, Jimima, Dellia, James.

Catherine Kelley, born Oct. 1, 1834, died August 19, 1838

Other information found in Aunt Ruby's notes: C. S. Kelley, son of Benjamin and [either Margaret or Anzabel White], lived on farm at Becca's Creek, married Elizabeth C. Stalnaker, daughter of Hamilton Stalnaker, children: Annetta, Bertie, Davis, Guy, Newton

Draper C. Kelley, son of Dyre and Malinda Kelley, carpenter lived at Elkins, WV, married Anza Poling daughter of Alfred and Mary Poling, children: Raymond, Arley, Clarence, 4 other infants that died unnamed

Additional Kelley Notes:

William A. Kelley born April 20, 1920, died May 19, 1982, son of William A. Kelley and Millie Cross, obituary lists surviving sons as David, Robert, daughter Donna, 2 sisters, Kathryn Little, Alma Pennington, 2 brothers, Leroy, and Dale

Notes on Lovell Kelley, son of Abel W. Kelley and Jemima Kittle, and his family:

Luciba J. Kelley, daughter of Lovell and Martha Taylor Kelley born Dec. 17, 1860, married Caleb Hill, and lived at Elliotts Ridge in Randolph County, WV, later moved to Elkins, had one daughter, Cleo Hill

James Harrison Kelley, son of Lovell Kelley and Phebe Taylor, born Oct. 26, 1873. Married Minnie Coberly of Cheat Mountain, daughter of Jesse Coberly, lived on land on Kelley Mountain inherited from his father, 2 known children, Clarence Kelley, married to Beatrice White, and Mildred Kelley married to Virgil Vanscoy

Lovell Dale, daughter of Lovell Kelley and Phebe Taylor, born Aug. 8, 1876, married George Kisner. George worked on the railroad. They lived in Elkins and Porterwood, [Tucker County] before finally moving to California in the fall of 1929

Floyd Kelley son of Lovell and Martha Taylor Kelley, born Jan. 18, 1862, and died Sept. 10, 1903

Alice daughter of Lovell Kelley and Phebe Taylor, born Nov. 13, 1863, married Thomas Isner, had 4 daughters: Vie, Mabel, Maud, and Nora

Mary Martha Kelley, daughter of Lovell Kelley and Phebe Taylor, born March 9, 1867, married Enoch J. Evans and had 5 sons, Harley, Clyde, Kent, Ray and Baron

Margaret A. Kelley, daughter of Lovell Kelley and Phebe Taylor, born June 13, 1869, married to William Ray, they had two daughters, Elizabeth and Wilma

Jemima C. Kelley daughter of Lovell Kelley and Phebe Taylor, born May 14, 1871, married Luther Isner and had 3 children, May Sheridan and Iva.

WInfield Scott Kelley, son of Lovell Kelley and Martha Taylor, born Aug. 3, 1857, married Columbia Isner, lived on farm of 200 acres located 3 miles from Elkins, was elected Justice in 1896. He and Columbia had 5 children: Cecialla, Jesse, Pearl, Effie, and Roy

Asa T. Kelley born April 24, 1859, married Bertha J. Long, daughter of Washington Long and Nancy Kelley Long, Carpenter, lived on farm near Montrose, 14? children: Nora, Sarah, Asher, Laura?, Harmon, Mabel, Nancy, Essie, Maggie, Ervin, Wilbur, and triplets Iva, Ida and Ivin?
married by the Rev. David P. Murphy at Montrose, a few years after Asa's death in 1904, Bertha and family moved to Hambleton, [Tucker County, WV] where they lived for several years