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The LEARY Family in Randolph County
Submitted by Charles R Leary Sept. 12, 2003

        James and Barbara Leary with three sons, John, Samuel and Cyrus, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah and Mary Ann migrated from Shenandoah County, Virginia, soon after 1830 into Randolph County, Virginia(later WV). James was born about 1787 in Virginia, married Barbara Clem (Klemm) on 24 January 1811 in Shenandoah County, VA. James was referenced in Dr Squire Bosworth's daily medical record in 1850 as "Old Man Lary, James Lary Senior," residing near Daily, obviously considered to be the progenitor of at least one line of Learys in Randolph County. He died near the end of September 1850. Barbara (often Barbry) was with son Samuel in 1860 census, age 75, and with son Cyrus in 1870 census, our last record of her. Our earliest record shows son John married Hannah Weese in Elkins January 30,1834; also John Leary was warranted a grant of 166 acres on Cross Run June 5, 1850; Samuel, no record of marriage, appears on Land Grant list 1 February 1856, Randolph County, 90a on north side of Chenoweth Creek; Hannah married Noah E. Kelly in 1843; Elizabeth married George W Louk(his 2nd) in 1849; daughter Mary Ann married Andrew B Louk in 1851; Cyrus married Sarah G.B. Gibson in 1853 - all in Randolph County. Two other sons: William had at least two marriages and lived in Wirt and Calhoun Counties; and Silas Benjamin (known as "old 'S.B.'") married in 1853 in Wirt County and settled in Roane County.

        John and Hannah had 5 children: Mary Ann Barbara married Joshua McQuain; James William (or William James) married Lydia Ann Margaret Peters; Sarah Elizabeth married(1st) Stephen Clark and (2nd) James Claudius Louk; Margaret Jane married Eli Snyder; and John Allen married Amanda Arbogast.

        James William and Lydia Ann Margaret (nee: Peters) Leary had 7 children: William Randolph ("Dolph"); John L; Hamilton("Ham"); Joshua Claudius("JC", "Todd"); Archibald("Arch"); Dold; Sarah C. These households were established in Valley Bend, Daily, Beverly and Elkins except for "Dolph" who settled on a farm south of Valley Head near Mingo.

     Three Leary names in the Arnold Hill Cemetery are connected to Joshua Claudius Leary: Jacob Floyd Leary born April 14, 1901, died July 24 1904, a 3 year old child, was son of Joshua Clyde [sic] (Claudius) and Arispia (Risby) [nee: Ware] Leary (1st marriage). Howard Leary born February 19, 1919, died March 9, 1919, an infant, was son of Joshua Claudius and Nancy Jane (Marteny)(3rd mariage) Leary. And Jessie Leary born June 1, 1929, died October 5, 1929, in infancy, was the grandson of Joshua Claudius and Arispia (Ware) Leary. Jessie's parents were James Fred and Minnie Mae (Fansler) Leary. James Fred Leary was son of Joshua Clyde [sic] (Claudius) and Arispia (Risby) [nee: Ware] Leary(1st marriage), and brother of Jacob Floyd Leary. James Fred and Minnie Mae (Fansler) Leary are buried in the Stringtown Cemetery, Barbour County, WV. Joshua Claudius and Arispia (Risby)[nee Ware] Leary were buried in the Hazelwood Cemetery.

Submitters: Self appointed trio of family historians: Charles Randolph Leary, grandson of William Randolph "Dolph" Leary; Hubert Christian Leary, great grandson of William Randolph "Dolph" Leary; John Ross Leary, great grandson of Silas Benjamin Leary.

Submitted by Charles R Leary Sept. 12, 2003    Updated by Charles Leary July 27, 2007
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