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The PRITT Family

John PRITT was the first representative of the PRITT family in Randolph County. He settled in Valley Bend District. He married a Miss MILLER. Mr. PRITT came from Bath County, Virginia, in about 1812. Their children were John, Edward, James, William and Jane. James PRITT married Sydney McLAUGHLIN. Their children were Riley, Edward, Joseph, Cornelius, Amelia and Sallie.

Edward PRITT married Susan PHARES. Their children were Holman, John, George, Benjamin, Robert, Johnson, Martha, Naomi, Virginia and Margaret. Virginia married Seymour PHARES; Margaret married Jefferson MARTENY.

William PRITT, son of the first John, married Bettie WOOLWINE. Children, Absalom, Washington, Sallie, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth and Agnes. Mary married Edmond KITTLE; Susan married Seymour STALNAKER and Elizabeth married Hiram HILL.

John PRITT, son of John the first, married Nancy PHILLIPS. Their children were Wirt, Pierce, John Haddan, Margaret and Jane. Margaret married David KELLY; Jane married Draper STALNAKER.

Riley, son of James and Sydney (McLAUGHLIN) PRITT, married Katherine, daughter of Isom CHANNELL. Children, Branch (sic), Howard, Ernest, Warwick, Hellen (sic) and Hattie.

Edward PRITT, son of James and Sydney (McLAUGHLIN) PRITT, married Margaret, daughter of Isom and Margaret CHANNELL. Children, Katie, Ida, Vernie and Odie.

Cornelius never married and died in middle age. Sallie married Jasper*, son of Benjamin PHARES. Amelia married William HERRON.

Holman PRITT married Columbia WOOLWINE. Children, Bruce, Clay, Minnie and Nina.

John "Dixie" PRITT married a Miss CRICKARD*. Children, Thadeus (sic), Albert, Wade, Lenora, Ella and Anna.

Benjamin PRITT married Abbie STALNAKER, daughter of Seymour and Susan STALNAKER. Children, Ruth.

Robert PRITT married Georgia, daughter of George and Melissa (PHARES) LONG.

Johnson PRITT married Hannah HARPER, daughter of Henry HARPER. Children, Hugh, Maggie, Susan, Hope and Edward.

Absalom PRITT, son of William and Betty (WOOLWINE) PRITT, married Nancy, daughter of Allison DANIELS. Children, French, Eli and George W.

Washington PRITT, son of William and Bettie (WOOLWINE) PRITT, married Amelia STALNAKER, daughter of John STALNAKER. Children, Jefferson and Laura.

Edmond PRITT, son of the first John, married Susan RYAN. Children, George.

George, son of Edmond, married a Miss STALNAKER. Children, Frank, Bessie, Edmond and Wayne R. Wayne PRITT was clerk of the Circuit Court of Tucker for many years and is now a prominent attorney of that county.

Riley PRITT was lieutenant of the county militia in 1866, and justice of the peace and member of the County Court in 1873. He represented Valley Bend District as a member of the board of supervisors in 1869. Holman PRITT was justice of the peace and as such member of the County Court in 1876. Thadeus PRITT was sheriff in 1910 and is the present clerk of the County Court.

Guy PRITT, son of Hadden and Mary Elizabeth PRITT, was born November 1, 1876; married Josie, daughter of John SMITH. Children, Beulah, who died aged 7 years, Mary Edith, Roy Hadden, Bessie Marie, all living. Mr. PRITT is track foreman on the Valley Bend section of the Western Maryland Railroad.

Source: History of Randolph County by Dr. A. S. Bosworth (Published 1916. Reprinted 1975.) Chapter XVI, Pages 369-370

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