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This pioneer family is of German ancestry, Benjamin SCHOONOVER was born in Connecticut in 1755 and settled at the mouth of Horse Shoe Run in Randolph, now Tucker County. A few years later he moved to Shavers Fork. His children were Joseph, David, Henry, Daniel and Amy. David married Susan, daughter of Thomas WILMOTH; Henry married Mary, daughter of David CANFIELD.

Joseph SCHOONOVER married Anna, daughter of Nicholas MARSTILLER. Children, Marshall, Eli, Assyrian, Charles, Leonard, Ann, Etna and Fredricka.

Thomas SCHOONOVER, son of David and grandson of Benjamin, married Bashaba, daughter of Dr. Thomas C. NUTTER of Barbour County.

Coleman J. SCHOONOVER, born in 1839, son of Thomas and Bashaba (NUTTER) SCHOONOVER, married in 1865 Susan, daughter of James R. and Mahala PARSONS. After her death he married in 1870 Rachel E., daughter of Henry V. and Margaret (WILMOTH) BOWMAN. Children, Carl W., Harriet E., James T., Lillian Adaline, A. Ward, Sampson E. and Leslie Clare.

Eli, son of Joseph and Anna (MARSTILLER) SCHOONOVER, [sic] CURRENCE.
Children, Holman, William, Mary, John, Thomas married Julia STEMPLE. Children, John H., Sarah, Anzina and Leda B.

John SCHOONOVER, son of Eli and Anna (MARSTILLER) SCHOONOVER, married Sydney, daughter of John WEESE. Children, Lucetta, Violet, Lovett, Summaville, Lorena and Willis R.

Source: History of Randolph County by Dr. A. S. Bosworth (Published 1916. Reprinted 1975.) Chapter XVI, Chapter XVI, Page 381

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