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The WARD Family

History of Randolph County by Dr. A. S. Bosworth

Sylvester was the ancestor of the WARD family in Randolph. He came to Randolph from Pendleton in 1788 and married Mary CUNNINGHAM of that county. He was one of the trustees of the town of Beverly in 1790. The children of Sylvester WARD were Jacob, Jemima, Phoeba, Levi and Adonijah. Adonijah, Levi and two sisters, Phoeba, and Jemima, moved to Ohio at an early date. They launched a boat on the Monongalia and floated down that stream and Ohio was their destination. The boat was constructed with sides too thick to be penetrated by the bullets of enemies. Tradition says that the WARDS had more than one encounter with the Indians on their journey and that friends and companions of the trip, who were not so well prepared to repel attacks, perished on the way.

Mary, daughter of Sylvester WARD, married William CURRENCE. Unto this union were born John J., who married Ann CONRAD and moved to Braxton; William, who married Elizabeth CONRAD; Virginia, who married Benjamin SCOTT; Jemima, who married Adam CARPER; Elizabeth, who married Gabriel CHENOWETH.

Jacob WARD, son of Sylvester, married first, Elizabeth SCOTT of the South Branch. Children, Scott, killed by falling on pitchfork; Adonijah, who married Miss HULL; Jacob, who married Miss DYER; Levi, who married Miss STALNAKER; Katie, who married William PARSONS; Mary, who married Solomon PARSONS, and Jemima, who married Job PARSONS. The children of Jacob and Elizabeth WHITMAN WARD were, Whitman, William L., Washington G., Jesse and Phoeba.

The children of Jacob and Elizabeth DYER WARD were Levi D., Catherine, Mary, Jemima, Louisa D., Morgan Blaine and William Thomas.

Levi, son of the first Jacob WARD, married Katie WHITMAN. Children, Adonijah, George and Whitman.

Whitman WARD, born April 9, 1803, married Mary WEESE, daughter of John WEESE. Children, Washington G., born October 28, 1831; Squire Bosworth, born October 10, 1833; John W., born February 28, 1836; Mary E., born August 7, 1838; Phoeba C., born July 8, 1840; Job, born January 28, 1843; Mathew W., born December 28, 1850; William K., born November 13, 1853.

Whitman WARD was killed at Kerens, June 14, 1862, while attending a muster. He was shot from ambush by Confederate scouts, who mistook him for a Union sympathizer, who had been active in reporting Confederate partisans.

Squire B. WARD, born in 1833, married in 1856 Mary Jane, daughter of Daniel and Catherine DINKLE. They had one child, Iddo. Mr. WARD married after the death of his first wife Ida HUFFMAN.

John Baylis WARD, an attorney of Beverly, was born in 1852. He is the son of George W. and Maria EARLE WARD. In 1882 he married Angelia, daughter of Andrew and Susan FOGGY SCOTT. Children, George A., William M., Wilson P., John Baylis, Edgar Foggy and Mary Genevieve.

James A., son of Levi D. WARD and Rebecca WAMSLEY WARD, was born in 1860. Mr. WARD lives in Idaho.

Elihu B. WARD, born in 1838, son of Jesse C. and Elizabeth WARD, married first, Eliza A. CROUCH and after her death Eugenia CROUCH. Children, Mittie L., Kent C., Jubal E., Mary, Emma Nora, Lenna, Bessie, Randall and Bruce. Mr. Ward served through the Civil War as a Confederate soldier.

Lee M. WARD, born in 1846, son of Wm. L. and Eliza MYERS WARD. In 1867 he married Virginia, daughter of Moses and Mary HAIGLER HUTTON. He served in the Confederate army from 1862 to the close of the war. To Mr. and Mrs. WARD have been born Tucker H., Russie L. and Lucy. Tucker WARD is a graduate of the law department of the State University. He married Aneath, daughter of Edwin BUTCHER of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Children, Wm. L. and Brownie B.

Levi Scott WARD, son of Adonijah and Hannah HULL WARD, was born in 1819. In 1841 he married Martha, daughter of John and Mary HORNBECK WOOD. Children, Hannah, John, Luther, Asa, Paul and Sabina. Mr. WARD was the great grandson of Sylvester WARD. For many years he resided near the head of Files Creek in Valley Bend District.

Hull Adam WARD was born in 1825. He was the son of Adonijah and Hannah HULL WARD. He married Melvina WEESE.

Sterling Price WARD, son of George and Margaret E. WAMSLEY WARD, was born May 12, 1867; married May Martha, daughter of Charles and Virginia WILMOTH CROUCH. Children, Maggie, who married John PETIT. Mr. WARD was educated in the public schools and at Bingham Military Academy, North Carolina. Mr. WARD is a prominent farmer of Huttonsville District, residing near Mill Creek.

Ray WARD, son of Job and Catherine CHENOWETH WARD, was born in 1873; married Hattie, daughter of Randolph and Sarah KITTLE TRIPLETT. Children, Lanier Ferrel, Freda Helen, Austin Job, Ada C., Dorotha May and Waldo TRIPLETT. Mr. WARD is a farmer and lives near Elkins.

Note: One descendant of this family went to Missouri and married a Kettle/Kittle descendant; Arthur M. Ward 17 Mar 1876-26 Dec 1963 in Montgomery Co., Mo. son of Adam See Ward and Louisa Stipe} married Delia Onie Kettle <> [James E.Kettle, Col. James Gibson. Kittle, Solomon Kittle, Daniel Kittle, Abraham Kittle, SR. born 1 Jan 1731 NY, died 16th Sept 1816, buried in AHC.] >gr gr gr grandaughter of Abraham, Sr. My great aunt, so I am the 5th great grandaughter [bb]

Source: History of Randolph County by Dr. A. S. Bosworth Published 1916. Reprinted 1975. Chapter XVI, Pages 401-403 THE WARD FAMILY

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