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The WEESE Family

This family is of German descent. For the origin of the surname see another chapter. Jacob WEESE was the progenitor of the WEESE family in Randolph. He was born in 1733 and died in 1826. He came to Randolph in the early days of the county and the family had recourse to the Wilson Fort in times of Indian raids into the Valley. The sons of Jacob WEESE were Jacob, George, Daniel and John. The sons of the second Jacob were Absalom, Jacob, John and Eli. The sons of George were Zirus, Zaiba and Jacob, and the daughters were Rebecca, Catherine, Dorcas and Martha. Daniel’s sons were Judson, Haymond and Duncan. John’s sons were Elijah, John and Job.

Zirus WEESE, son of George and Ruth (MORGAN) WEESE, married in 1828 Abigail, daughter of John L. and Deborah HART. Children, Harriet, Deborah, Ruth, Ziba and Perry Hart.

Perry Hart WEESE was born in 1840. In 1865 he married Alice Jewel, daughter of Joseph and Alice (ELLIOT) HARDING. Children, Boyd, Kirk, Clyde, Glenn and Hope.

Boyd WEESE was born in 1866. He was educated in the public schools and at the State University. Mr. WEESE is a merchant and his store has grown from a crossroads country store to one of the largest department stores in Elkins. Mr. WEESE was the nominee of the Democratic party for the State Senate in 1908. He has twice been mayor of the city of Elkins and has served on the city council. Mr. WEESE married Knight, daughter of James J. and Margaret STEWART BURNS of Fairmont, West Virginia. Children, Dorothy Burns and Donald Stuart.


Source: History of Randolph County by Dr. A. S. Bosworth (Published 1916. Reprinted 1975.) Chapter XVI, Pages 389

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