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Descendants of George Wees

Contributed by Mike Sanderson

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE WEES (JACOB SR.4, FRANTZ3 WEISS, HANSS JACOB2, FRANTZ1) was born April 11, 1781 in NC, and died November 06, 1855 in Randolph Co., WV. He married RUTH DART MORGAN March 20, 1805 in Randolph Co., (W)Va, daughter of ZEDIKIAH MORGAN and RUTH DART. She was born August 15, 1784 in Hartford, CT, and died June 11, 1872 in Randolph Co.,VA.

Data on this family from book " Pioneers of Jackson Co.,WV" by John A. House.
More About GEORGE WEES: Burial: Old Primitive Baptist Ch., Elkins,WV.
More About RUTH MORGAN: Burial: Arnold Hill Cemetary near Elkins WV airport

Children of GEORGE WEES and RUTH MORGAN are:

2. i. ZIRUS ZYRUS WEES, b. December 23, 1805, Isners creek, Randolph Co (W)Va; d. October 20, 1889, Randolph Co., (W) VA.

ii. ZAIBA WEES, b. October 20, 1805, Isners creek, Randolph Co (W)Va; m. REBECCA WILMOTH.

Notes for ZAIBA WEES: Middle Sandy Valley, Jackson Co. (W)Va; Ziba Weas, father of James Weas and Mrs. D.W. Chapman, spent the greater part of the last half of his life at Sandyville. He is buried in a cut stone vault in an annex at the east end of the old Sandyville graveyard. Ziba Weas was of German origin, was a son of George Weas, and a grandson of Jacob Weas, who was born in 1733, and died in 1826. He married Ruth Morgan, of the old Morgan ap Morgan stock. Of their children: Zirus, born in Randolph County, in 1805. Ziba, born in 1807.

iii. REBECCA WEES, b. December 14, 1806; d. July 27, 1901; m. ELI KITTLE, 1828, Randolph Co., (W)Va; b. June 06, 1800, Randolph Co.,VA1; d. November 12, 1863, Randolph Co.,WV.

iv. CATHERINE M WEES, b. January 01, 1812; d. January 06, 1900; m. JAMES ARMSTRONG, June 23, 1831, Randolph Co., (W)Va; b. September 06, 1804; d. November 28, 1879.

v. JACOB M. WEES, b. January 03, 1814; d. April 19, 1902.

Notes for JACOB M. WEES: He never married and lived with the Leland Kittle family in his later years. Burial: Arnold Hill Cemetary near Elkins WV airport.

vi. LYDIA WEES, b. February 26, 1816; d. August 04, 1820, Randolph Co.,VA. Never married.

3. vii. DORCAS WEES, b. August 08, 1819; d. November 09, 1893.

4. viii. MARTHA WEES, b. January 19, 1822; d. July 07, 1881.

Children of GEORGE WEES and RUTH MORGAN are [duplicate entries]:

5. ix. ZIBA WEESE, b. November 20, 1807, Randolph Co.,WV; d. December 19, 1885, Jackson Co.,WV.

6. x. REBECCA WEESE, b. December 04, 1809, Randolph Co.,VA; d. July 27, 1901, Randolph Co.,WV.


Generation No. 2

2. ZIRUS ZYRUS WEES (GEORGE5 WEES, JACOB SR.4, FRANTZ3 WEISS, HANSS JACOB2, FRANTZ1) was born December 23, 1805 in Isners creek, Randolph Co (W)Va, and died October 20, 1889 in Randolph Co., (W) VA. He married ALBA ABIGAIL ANN HART January 16, 1830 in Randolph Co.,VA1. She was born November 15, 1809 in Randolph Co.,VA1, and died November 01, 1878 in Randolph Co.,WV.

More About ZIRUS ZYRUS WEES: Burial: Hinkle Cemetary, Elkins WV

Children of ZIRUS WEES and ABIGAIL HART are:

i. HARRIET WEES, b. October 25, 1833; m. ISAAC STALNAKER BAKER, 1859, Randolph Co., (W)Va.

ii. DEBORAH FERRIS WEES, b. May 04, 1839, Randolph Co., (W) VA; d. February 28, 1918, Randolph Co., (W) VA; m. JOHN SKIDMORE CHENOWETH, May 27, 1856, Elkins, Randolph Co., (W)Va; b. September 27, 1831, Randolph Co.,VA; d. February 11, 1896, Randolph Co.,WV.

More About DEBORAH FERRIS WEES: Burial: IOOF Cem., Randolph Co.,WV
More About JOHN SKIDMORE CHENOWETH: Burial: IOOF Cem.,Randolph Co.,WV

iii. PERRY HART WEES, b. May 12, 1840; d. August 30, 1907, Elkins, Randolph Co., WV; m. MARY ALICE JEWELL HARDING, November 05, 1865, Randolph Co.,WV1; b. January 05, 1848, Ann Arundel Co., MD; d. February 23, 1906.

Notes for PERRY HART WEES:  Served in 18th VA Cavalry, CSA. Burial: Elkins, Randolph Co., WV.

iv. ZIBA D WEES, b. June 17, 1844, Randolph Co., (W) VA; d. April 25, 1923, Randolph Co., (W) VA; m. REBECCA CAMDENA WILMOTH, January 18, 1877, Randolph Co., (W)Va; b. July 12, 1844, Randolph Co.,VA.

v. RUTH ANN WEES, b. December 01, 1847 [duplicate entry says b. May 07, 1847], Randolph Co., VA. d. July 09, 1913.

vi. ABIGAIL WEESE, b. February 23, 1831, Randolph Co.,VA; m. TYRUS WEESE; b. 18271.

vii. HARRIET WEESE, b. November 13, 1833, Randolph Co.,VA; d. May 26, 1912; m. ISAAC BAKER, JR., August 18, 1859, Randolph Co.,VA; b. July 15, 1833, Randolph Co.,VA; d. May 06, 1910. [duplicate entry; see i. Harriet above]

3. DORCAS WEES (GEORGE5 WEES, JACOB SR.4, FRANTZ3 WEISS, HANSS JACOB2, FRANTZ1) was born August 08, 1819, and died November 09, 1893. She married (1) ELIAS R. LOUGH November 08, 1842 in Randolph Co.,VA. He was born August 24, 1815 in Pendleton Co., VA, and died March 24, 1886 in Randolph Co.,WV.

More About DORCAS WEES: Burial: Arnold Hill Cemetary near Elkins WV airport.
More About ELIAS R LOUGH: Burial: Arnold Hill Cemetary near Elkins WV airport beside Dorcas

Children of DORCAS WEES and ELIAS LOUGH are:

i. GEORGE MORGAN LOUGH, b. March 23, 1845, Randolph Co.,VA1; d. May 08, 1917, Elkins, Randolph Co., WV; m. LOUISA CHENOWETH, October 09, 1879, Elkins, Randolph Co., WV; b. February 08, 1857, Randolph Co., VA; d. March 27, 1908, Elkins,Randolph Co.,WV.

More About GEORGE MORGAN LOUGH: Burial: Arnold Hill Cem., Elkins,WV.
More About LOUISA CHENOWETH: Burial: Arnold Hill Cem., Elkins,WV.

ii. ANGELINE LOUGH, b. 18471.

iii. REBECCA LOUGH, b. 18491.

iv. JOHN VERNON LOUGH, b. 1851, Randolph Co., VA; d. 1894; m. DELILA WILSON, 1877, Randolph Co., WV; b. 1857.

v. LESLIE J. LOUGH, b. 1853.

4. MARTHA WEES (GEORGE5 WEES, JACOB SR.4, FRANTZ3 WEISS, HANSS JACOB2, FRANTZ1) was born January 19, 1822, and died July 07, 1881. She married EDWIN DUNCAN WILSON February 07, 1841 in Randolph Co., VA. He was born August 11, 1821 in Randolph Co.,VA, and died August 12, 1852.

Children of MARTHA WEES and EDWIN WILSON are:

i. FLORIDA D. WILSON, b. August 27, 1842, Randolph Co.,VA; d. September 12, 19221; m. THOMAS CHENOWETH, December 22, 1864, Randolph Co.,VA1; b. 1840, Randolph Co.,VA.

ii. JAMES DUNCAN WILSON, b. 1844, Randolph Co.,VA; d. 1895; m. DELIA CRAWFORD, 1866, Randolph Co.,WV; b. 1845, Randolph Co., VA.

iii. ROSE ANN WILSON, b. 1846.

iv. ELIZABETH WILSON, b. 18481.

v. ISABELLA WOODS WILSON, b. June 25, 1850, Randolph Co., VA; d. December 04, 1916, Randolph Co., WV; m. CALVIN LUTHER CAPLINGER, December 03, 1868, Elkins,WV; b. June 01, 1843, Randolph Co., VA; d. May 30, 1925, Randolph Co., WV.

Notes for CALVIN LUTHER CAPLINGER:  Served in McClanahan's Battery, CSA during the Civil War.

5. ZIBA WEESE (GEORGE5 WEES, JACOB SR.4, FRANTZ3 WEISS, HANSS JACOB2, FRANTZ1) was born November 20, 1807 in Randolph Co.,WV, and died December 19, 1885 in Jackson Co.,WV. He married (1) UNKNOWN HORNBECK 1835. She was born 1814, and died 1843. He married (2) PHOEBE O. LEECH December 22, 1844 in Jackson Co.,VA. She was born 1820. He married (3) ANN P. UNKNOWN July 29, 1869.

Ziba came to Jackson Co. in 1840, and lived at Ripley, two years before moving to the head of Little Creek of Mill Creek. He owned a little mill at his home on the head of Mill Creek, on which he both ground corn and sawed timber. Mrs. Westfall says he owned the Sam Hall place, on the head of Little Creek of Mill Creek. While in Ripley, he owned a hotel.


i. VIRGINIA WEESE, b. 1837, Randolph Co.,WV.

Children of ZIBA WEESE and PHOEBE LEECH are:

ii. JAMES M. WEESE, b. 1850.

iii. JANE R. WEESE, b. 1852, Jackson Co.,WV; m. EMANUEL BLACK, November 14, 1872, Jackson Co.,WV; b. 1847.

iv. MARTHA A. WEESE, b. 1854, Jackson Co.,WV.

v. RUTH O. WEESE, b. 1859, Jackson Co.,WV.

vi. MARY I. WEESE, b. March 19, 1862, Jackson Co.,WV; d. October 19, 1907, Jackson Co.,WV; m. THOMAS ARTHUR WILCOX, March 19, 1884, Jackson Co.,WV; b. March 08, 18621; d. January 31, 1949, Jackson Co.,WV.  Her wedding gift was a farm of 88 acres.

6. REBECCA WEESE (GEORGE5 WEES, JACOB SR.4, FRANTZ3 WEISS, HANSS JACOB2, FRANTZ1) was born December 04, 1809 in Randolph Co.,VA1, and died July 27, 1901 in Randolph Co.,WV1. She married ELI KITTLE April 29, 1828 in Randolph Co.,VA1, son of ABRAHAM KITTLE and MARGARET MARTENEY. He was born June 06, 1800 in Randolph Co.,VA1, and died November 12, 1863 in Randolph Co.,WV.

Children of REBECCA WEESE and ELI KITTLE are:

i. LYDIA ANN KITTLE, b. March 23, 1829, Randolph Co.,VA1; m. WILLIAM STOUT BOOTHE, December 25, 1855, Randolph Co.,VA1; b. November 28, 1821, Randolph Co.,VA; d. February 23, 1883.

ii. CALEB KITTLE, b. November 17, 1831, Randolph Co.,VA; d. July 12, 1834, Randolph Co.,VA.

iii. HARRIET REBECCA KITTLE, b. September 19, 1833, Randolph Co.,VA; m. EDWIN PARSONS, 1851, Randolph Co.,VA; b. March 12, 1830, Randolph Co.,VA.

iv. MORGAN KITTLE, SR., b. May 15, 1835, Randolph Co.,VA; d. April 07, 1888; m. SARAH LONG, 1868, Randolph Co.,VA; b. October 16, 1843. Served in 20th VA Cavalry, CSA.

v. LELAND KITTLE, b. June 28, 1846, Randolph Co.,VA; d. January 13, 1922; m. MARY MARGARET MOYERS, 1873, Randolph Co.,WV; b. March 13, 1851.


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