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History of the KETTLE Family of West Virginia

Abraham KITTLE was born in Wawarsink, NY 1 Jan 1731 died 16 Sept 1816. He was married 30 Aug 1754 at Deerpark Church, Port Jervis, Orange County, NY to Christina Westfall (Westphaal) by J.C. FRYENMUTH.

Christina WESTFALL was born 19 May 1736, died 22 Aug 1801. She was the daughter of Joannes WESTFALL (WESTPHAAL) and Appolonia KORTRIGHT. Abraham Sr. and Christina were buried at the Primitive Baptist Church Cemetary on Arnold Hill. This cemetary is located near Elkins airport, Randolph County, WV. Abraham Sr. remarried after Christina's death to the widow Mary Eunice Sproul SCOTT on 12 Sept 1805 by Robert MAXWELL.

Abraham Sr and Christina had twelve children, the first ten were all baptisted at the Deerpark Church in Port Jervis, NY:

1. Appollonia baptisted 26 Jan 1755 died 8 June 1815 married Phineas WELLS 9 Mar 1774. Their first child (Betick) was baptisted 15 Nov 1776 at Deerpark Church, Port Jervis, NY.

2. Jacob born 26 July 1757, baptisted 11 Feb 1758, died 4 Oct 1842 burial 10 Oct 1842. Revolutionary War - enlisted Northhampton County, PA 19 Feb 1776 No. 16657 No. 13630 pension issued Randolph County, WV 1832. DAR marker placed on his grave at Primitive Baptist Cemetary, DAR No.561239 on 17 June 1964. He married 25 Nov 1776, New Amsterdam, NY to Mary HENDRICKSON born 13 Oct 1760, died 9 Mar 1834. She was daughter of Johannes HENDRICKSON and Lydia KELDER (KELLER). She (Mary) is also buried at the Primitive Baptist Cemetary. The Primitive Baptist Church had their first meeting 23 Aug 1806. Jacob was a deacon for seven years and clerk for twelve years. Jacob and Mary had twelve children.

3. Richard baptisted 20 Mar 1761, died 14 Jan 1831. He was married 27 June 1785 to widow Margaret Elizabeth (WHITE) STALNAKER by Jacob WESTFALL. Margaret Elizabeth (WHITE) STALNAKER was born 1756 in Frederick County, VA died 26 Mar 1846. She had two children by John STALNAKER and six children by Richard. Richard KITTLE was a famous Indian fighter.

4. Moses baptisted 27 Mar 1763, little is know about him, listed in 1820 census, two males and two females.

5. John born 28 Nov 1764, baptisted 16 Dec 1764, died 25 Dec 1823, married 1 Mar 1785 to Elizabeth WELLS born 1769 died before 1830. They had seven children.

6. Engeltje (Angelica) baptisted 3 July 1768, married Edward HARP son of Henry and Lidea HARP. A daughter was baptisted 28 Sept 1783, Rochester Church.

7. Ingra baptisted 3 July 1768, married David HENDERSON 20 DEC 1785.

8. Abraham Jr., born 18 Feb 1773, baptisted 16 Nov 1774, died 17 April 1814, married 18 Nov 1794 to Margaret MARTNEY daughter of Charles. They had eight children. This Abraham Jr. was the Great-Great-Greatgrandfather of Judge Warren Brance KITTLE of Philippi, WV.

9. George born 18 Feb 1773, baptisted 16 Nov 1774, died 17 Nov 1813 Wheelersburg, OH. He married 17 May 1793 Katy BICKEL, born 1773, died 1801. On 23 OCt 1802 he remarried Elizabeth WEESE, born 1779, died 13 April 1853 in Wheelersburg, OH. They were married in Northhampton, PA, they had ten children.

10. Maria (Mary) born 1 Sept 1776, baptisted 25 Nov 1776, died 5 Sept 1841, St. Clair County, IL, married 1st Abraham TETER - 28 Nov 1793, married 2nd Peter MITCHELL, married 3rd Michael GREATHOUSE 24 Feb 1810. She and Abraham TETER had eleven children.

11. Daniel married Catherine (no last name). He had sixty acres in Wood County, WV. This was sold in 1813 and he moved west. They were living in Indiana. Daniel died before 1823. In 1850 Catherine was living with her son in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, IN. She was 84 at the time so she was born in 1766. She was living with son William after the death of Daniel. She was guardian of Phineas, age 20 and Daniel, age 15. Four other sons were Solomon, Jacob, Elias and John.

12. Elizabeth married Henry PETRO. She died 7 Jan 1834, he died 1832. They had three children, Sussannah and twins Sallie and John.