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Thomas Allender (1840-1929)

March 19,1929

Thomas Allender, one of the old settlers of Tucker County, WV, died at the home of a granddaughter, Mars. Robert Swisher, near Brown's Mill in Clover, on Tuesday evening at 5:00, from infirmities incident to old age.

The deceased, a son of George and Mary Allender, was born near Winchester, Va. on February 5, 1840, and was thus 89 years, one month and 15 days of age when God called him to his reward. Ere the territory west of the mountains had been wrested from the mother commonwealth and made a soverign state, he located in Randolph County, but the cluds of war shortly darkening the land, he returned to the land of his ancestors, put away the habiliments of labor, donned the uniform of gray and took up the sword for the mother state, not that he loved the union less, but that he loved his native commonwealth more.

At the close of the war he returned to Randolph County and shortly afterwards, in 1868 was united in marriage to Miss Apaline Kelley of Beverly.

To this happy union eight children were born, all of whom survive, viz; A.F. Allender and Mrs. H.L. Kelley of this city; Mars. H.L. Hansford and Mrs. Brown Vanscoy of Porterwood; Mrs. Columbus Hansford and Mrs. W.J. Vanscoy of Kerens; Mrs. L.A. Buchanon of French Creek and Mr. G. D. Allender of Elkins.
The deceased was a devout Christian gentlemen, having accepted Crist shortly after his marriage and united with the Pettit Methodist Church. Down through the long years he clung to the redeeming grace of the living Christ and leaned with abiding faith on the everlasting Arm.

The wife preceded him to the grave a little more then a year ago, since which time he had been living with his children.

Funeral Services were held today at 10:00 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Allender on Spruce Street, by Rev. Robt. O. Lucke, pastor of the Presbyterian church, after which the funeral cortege moved with solemn tread to the open grave in Moore cemetery, Porterwood, and al that was given back to mother earth and his soul committed to the Father of us all.

Besides the children, the deceased leaves to mourn their loss nearly 100 grandchildren.

In Memory of Uncle Thomas and Aunt Apaline Allender, by Carrie Allender

I often think of days gone by,
In childhoods happytime
When we could visit Uncle Tom and dear Aunt Apaline
They lived above the Cheat River's Bed
In a house beside the road,
And gave a greeting to everyone, for friendship was their code
Below the house the old mill stood,
The dear old Allender Mill
Where farmers once for miles around
came there, their sacks to fill
And near the house were hives of bees that feasted on the flowers,
they found a growing 'round the home
Through many sunny hours many children blest that home
Happy, glad and gay
But one by one, they met their loves, married and moved away
Until once again twas as before the two were left alone
Uncle Tom and Aunt Apaline within the dear old home
And so they sold the dear old home and moved from there away
Their children wanted them to come and always with them stay
They feeble grew, and all was done that loving hands could do
To make the last years happy ones, the years that were so few.
Then the mother dear was called away, From pain she was at rest
They folded then the toil-worn hands, upon her beloved breast
Just a short while later Uncle Tom who had shared the cares of life, silently felt the last great call, and went to join his wife
But when the resurrection comes, they who loved the lord
will gather in a brighter home, to reap a great reward
Oh may it be the two we loved with children god had given, will have a great reunion time together up in heaven

This was written by Carrie Allender about Thomas Allender and his wife Apaline Kelley Allender, [great granddaughter of Jacob and Mary Hendrickson Kittle]

Submitted by Randy Stalnaker; added September 25, 2007

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