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The Petition of the Inhabitants of Tigers Valley, a part of Augusta County.
To the General Assembly of Virginia.
7 November 1780.

"Most Humbly Sheweth.
That Your Petioners leys Westward of the Alighany Mountains, and from the Center of our Settlement One Hundred and Twenty One Miles to our Seat of Justice, which Distance of Road Together with Eight high Mountains and many Rivers and Creeks in the Way to cross which Obstructions often Renders the way unpassible that we have not as yet injoyed the Common Right of our fellow Citizens which we are Sencible You mean not to Deprive us of, and humbly Begs leave to acquaint this House that the Seat of Justice in the County of Monogalia would be much more convenient to us than the Seat of Justice in Augusta County neither are we willing to be laid off in any New Direction that may hereafter be made in Augusta County as we Can not expect that the Seat of Justice in a New Division Could be made Convenient to us and to the People Living in the Interior Settlements as we would have at least Five high Mountains and two Rivers with many other Rapid Streams of Water in our way to any of the Settlements on Potomack or James River Waters. Your Petitioners Humble Desire is that this present Assembly would be Graciously Pleased to add our Settlement of Tigers Vally to Monongalia County as the Distance of Road from the Center of our Settlement is but Ninety Miles to Monongalia County Court House and but one Low Mountain to Cros, and the Waters insiderable Your humble Petitioners Prays, that our Distressed Situation would be taken into your consideration and Relief Granted, and we in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray

Benjamin Wilson
Abraham Kittle
Peter P Springstone
Robert Clark
Jonathan Smith
John Stalhnacker
Solomon Ryan
Benjamin Hornbeck
Nicholas N Petro
Christopher C Treby
Valentine Stalnaker
James Westfall
Henry Petro
Aaron Richardson
Jacob Kittle
Nicholas Wolf
William Wilson
Thomas Fillipps
Jacob X Stalnaker, Jr.
William Smith
James Littell
William Casaty
Aaron Vanscoy
Jacob Westfall
John I Yocum
Michael ____??

John Wilson
Thomas X Isener
Josph? Donoho
John Truby
Nicholas N Smith
Jonathan Buffington
Joseph Summerfeel
Mathew Lambert
Abraham Slots
Elijah Slots
Joseph Friend
Cornelius Westfall
George Westfall, Jr.
William Westfall
Daniel Westfall
Joseph Crouch
George Westfall, Sr
Alexander Maxwell
Thomas X Hoarld??
James Lecky, Jr.
Jacob Riffle
Andrew A Crouch
Charles Fornelson

Joseph Nelson
Peter Hamilton
William Hamilton
David Haddan
John Haddan
Charles McLean
George G Shavers
William Currance
John Alexander
John Cassity
Peter Cassity
Benjamin Jones
George M Breding
Thomas X Price
Jacob Shavers
Peter P Breding
Peter Shavers
Cornelius Bogart
Joseph D Doneaho
Moses M Kittle
Richard K Kittle
John Crouch, Sr
John Crouch
Jacob Stallnaker, Sr

This is to Certify that I have Been apointed formerly by the Court of Augusta County to Take in the List of Tithables in the District of Tigers Valley and they amounted to No. 86
Benj Wilson
23 October 1780
The above Certifycat of Tithable Done by Colonel Sampson Mathews Directions to me
Benj Wilson

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