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Weese Family Births

Contributed by Mike Sanderson

Cammie J. Weese, Apr. 27, 1876, Pendelton Co., W.Va., parents Duncan and Amanda M.
James Weese, Oct. 30, 1881, Hardy Co., W.Va., "Illegitimate" mother Sarah Weese
L. W. Weese, Apr. 23, 1910, Sulphur, Mineral County, W.Va., parents W. H. Weese, B. G. Weese
Leonard S. Weese, Dec. 5, 1910, Welton District [Hardy or Grant Co?], parents Howard Hartman, Jennie Weese
Arbutis Love Weese, Feb. 5, 1913, Old Fields, Hardy Co., W.Va., parents W. H. Weese, Bessie G. Weese
Chas. B. Weese, Nov. 30, 1915, Moorefield, Hardy Co., W.Va., parents Jno. Weese, Mary Weese
Clara Helen Weese, May 6, 1922, Clarksburg, Harrison Co., W.Va. parents Peter Albert Weese, Maggie Morrison (Peter born in Randolph Co., Maggie in Wood Co.)

Glen Arnett Weese, Feb. 22, 1920, E. Clarksburg, Harrison Co., W.Va., parents Peter W. Weese, Maggie Morrison
Jackson Coolidge Weese, Jul. 29, 1926, "Top of North Mountain", Pendleton Co., W.Va., parents John F. Weese, Verna Wimer.
Bettie Lee [or Lu] Weese, Oct. 19, 1928, Moorefield, Hardy Co., W.Va., parents John Weese, Lulu Sherman Weese

Added October 30, 2006