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Arnold Hill Cemetery Association
Randolph County, West Virgnia

February 2002 by Jeanne Russell and Bill Rice

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Below is the first letter sent by Jeanne to some known descendants of pioneer families.

What is the Arnold Hill Cemetery Association?
Its a group of descendants of the pioneer settlers of Randolph County, West Virginia  buried in Arnold Hill Cemetery. We have a common purpose -- to care for this cemetery by giving freely of our time and labor. Now we need to expand our circle.   We must gather together related families and fellow citizens to ensure the permanent care of this cemetery and those interred there. Our aim (and our responsibility) is too respect and preserve their final resting place.   What is the mission of the Association?   Our mission is to commemorate the lives of our ancestors and to commit the time, effort and money required to preserve their graves and to celebrate their lives.   Arnold Hill Cemetery is threatened by neglect, insufficient funds and insensitive public policy. We must strive to increase awareness and highlight the importence of this historic cemetery and its place in maintaining family,  community and state values -- a source of pride and preservation for future generations.   Perhaps our motto can be "It takes a village"

Can you tell me more ?
Yes. Arnold Hill Cemetery is in a sad state of neglect in spite of the efforts of many to restore it. Those people are our heroes, they have worked tirelessly for many years but they need help.   The cemetery needs immediate refurbishing and a plan to provide perpetual care by future generations. Its our hope that Arnold Hill Cemetery Association will lay the groundwork for this.

Where is it ? On some mountain top ?  
No, as a matter of fact, its right in your backyard. Its very easy to find. Its located on Arnold Hill Road just south of Elkins, W.V. directly behind the airport in Randolph County. We can make it a beautiful place.

Can you tell me some history of this cemetery?  
Yes. The cemetery, four miles from Beverly, is called the Baptist, the Collett and the Arnold Hill Cemetery. It was founded in 1806. There was a church there known as the Old School Baptist Church. On August 2, 1806, at the home of Jacob Kittle, a meeting of ten members was called.  They were Jacob Kittle, Daniel Canfield, William Hixon, John Chenoweth, Mary Kittle, Mary Holder, Elizabeth Moore, Mary Schoonover, Margaret Schoonover and Deborah Hart -- all pioneers. Henry Petro deeded them an acre of land and a log building was erected on the site.   You can research  Maxwell's History of Randolph County and the Randolph County Historical Society Magazine for additional information.

Do I have ancestors buried in Arnold Hill Cemetery?  
We don't know. All we can do is provide you with the names of people buried there and you will need to decide if they are "family". The list of people buried there my wonderful cousin, Christine Simmons, copied from the WPA records. There may be others.  Some surnames on the list include: Allan, Behon, Buckey, Bush, Callison, Chenoweth, Collett, Everett, Foggy, Hyre, Isner, Kittle,Knote, Long, Lough, Lytle, Mclain, Mclane, Rider, Robinson, Schoonover, Shoemaker, Ward, Weese, White and Wright ...

I am descended from some of these pioneer families. How can I help preserve their memory and the wonderful heritage they have given me?  
You can so by becoming aware of many neglected cemeteries in your community. Arnold Hill is not the only one in Randolph County. There are many. But we all now know about Arnold Hill and can no longer ignore it. To restore it and preserve it for our children and their children, we need money. Please send your fair share to:

We really appreciate your help. Thank you very much. Jeanne, proud Kittle descendant.

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