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Last will and testament of Abel W. Kelley

I, Abel W. Kelley of the County of Randolph County and State of Virginia
do hereby make my last will and testament.  First-I will and bequeath to
my wife, Jemima Kelley all the money I may have on hand at my death,
also the use of the following property to wit during her natural life to
wit:  My large Bible--cooking stove, clock, one large table one small
table, one cupboard, one set of ware of each kind, one chest, one
woman's saddle, also one  third of all my personal property after my
debts are paid--I also will and bequeath to my wife one-third of all my
real estate during her natural life.

Second-- I will and bequeath to my son Lovell Kelley the tract of land
on which I reside containing one hundred acres being the land I
purchased of William Kelley also one trt of land I purchased of Thomas
Isner adjoining the land on which I reside--

Third-- I will and bequeath to my son David B. Kelley ninety-three acres
of land I purchased of Melven [sic], My sons Lovell and David are to
maintain myself and wife during our natural lives in respectable manner
in consideration the lands willed to them and further the said Lovell
Kelley is to pay to my other children at my death the sum of thirty-five
dollars to be equally between each of all of my children except Lovell
and David--

Fourth-- The residue of my personal property to be equally divided
between all my children--

I appoint my son Harrison Kelley Executor of this my last will and
testament--Witness my hand and seal this 24th day of February 1857--

Witness                   Abel W. Kelley {seal}

David Goff
Adam Crawford
Eli Kittle


Contributed by Randy Stalnaker