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Berkeley County West Virginia

Allensville and the Allen Family Tree

As told by Allen family member Beverly (Allen) Stoewer

    Allensville, West Virginia was named after my great-grandfather, Oliver Allen (deceased). Oliver owned the general store and was Postmaster General. His store/post office was located by the railroad tracks and across the road from the entrance to the Allensville Cemetery (down in that little holler there).

    Oliver had several children, two having moved to Berkeley Springs (Morgan County). One was an attorney there; the other was a clerk of the circuit court. My grandfather, Lloyd Edward Allen (deceased), stayed and lived in Allensville all his life. He had worked for the railroad.

    Lloyd Allen had three children: John Brady Allen (deceased), Claude Allen (deceased) and Velvie (Allen) High (deceased). After his first wife died, Lloyd Allen married Etta Lee (Miller) Allen (my grandmother, deceased). Etta came to the Martinsburg area from Virginia to look for work. She had to support her small son, Roland Miller (deceased). Together, they had three children: Oliver Blake Allen (my father, deceased), Paul Wilson Allen (deceased) and Mary Rebecca Allen (who died as an infant from pneumonia).

    John Brady Allen married Catherine (Cook) Allen (deceased) and had five boys: H. (Mike) Allen, William Allen, John Allen, Douglas Allen and Robert Allen.

    Claude Allen married Mary Allen (deceased) and had one son, Clyde Allen (deceased).

    Velvie Allen and Abby High (deceased) had no children.

    Roland Miller married Hazel Miller (deceased) and had two children: Douglas Miller and Charlotte (Miller) Albright. Roland remarried and had two more children: Rebecca Miller and David Miller.

    Paul Wilson Allen (deceased) married Darlene Juanita (Olinger) Allen and had three children: Paul Wilson Allen, Jr., William Presley Allen and Timothy Allen.

    Oliver Blake Allen (4/21/1920-9/19/1993) married Agnes Rita (Kulback) Allen (2/17/1921-7/22/2004) from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They had three children, Kenneth Blake Allen (4/11/1945), Beverly Ann (Allen) Stoewer (9-14-1946), and James Oliver Allen (8/1/1948-2/29/1972).

    Kenneth Blake Allen married Darlene Louise (Bowers) Allen. They have two children: Kendall Blake Allen and Kimberley Beth (Allen) Unger.

    Beverly Ann Allen married Terry Roger Forrest (5-9-1946-10/20/1995) and had one daughter, Dawna Lynn (Forrest) Vitocolonna (6/10/1966).

Beverly is presently married to Donald Andrew Stoewer. They have two children: Donald Andrew Stoewer, II (6/30/1980) and Christina Ann Stoewer (10/22/1981), all residing in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Also, my Uncle Abby owned an old hotel in Martinsburg, one block from the railroad on Queen Street close to Race Street. I think it was called the Washington Hotel. It was torn down and something else is in its place now. There was a lot of history there. I remember visiting it when I was little. People would stay there when they would have to wait to catch a train.

    Any relatives who want to add information, dates, etc. are welcome to do so. Please email me.
        — Bev Stoewer