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Berkeley County, West Virginia Biography of Major Samuel BRADY

         Major Samuel BRADY is among the celebrated scouts and Indian fighters along the frontier of our nation. He was born in Berkeley County, Virginia, near Harper’s Ferry (now Jefferson County, West Virginia) about 1735. Having grown up in the confines of the forest, he became a hunter and trapper. After witnessing the destruction of his youthful home and the murder of his younger brother and a sister, he resolved to devote his life to the extermination of the “redskin.” The destruction occurred when he was away on a hunting expedition over the North Mountain. When he returned he found the home in ashes, the two siblings dead and scalped near the destroyed home, and his mother and father taken captive by the Indians. He thought by hunting Indians he might be able to learn their fate, but he never did.

         Samuel Brady joined Washington and William Darke in their expeditions but was mostly employed as a scout to lead expeditions, warn settlers of attacks, etc., rather than as a soldier in the ranks. In that capacity he rendered valuable service both to those commanders and to the early settlers. He had many hairbreadth escapes but managed to retain his scalp and died at last in his old home of old age, surrounded by his family and secure in the peace he had helped establish.

         Many of his descendants lived in Berkeley and Hampshire counties, West Virginia, and the name was a familiar one around the village of Arden in Berkeley County. He has been classed with the famous frontiersmen and scouts such as William Crawford, Daniel Boone, John Stuart, Andrew Poe, Lewis Wetzel, Ebenezer Zane, and Samuel McCollough.

    Submitted by Marilyn Gouge and extracted from History of Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1928.

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