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Berkeley County, West Virginia Biography of Andrew M. GRAHAM

         Andrew M. GRAHAM was born at Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and moved to Berkeley County August 28, 1869. He was a soldier in the Union Army with Company F, 8th Maryland Infantry and served for three years under Generals Meade, Grant, and G.K. Warren. He was in every engagement from the time that General Grant took command of the Army of the Potomac until Lee’s surrender. He was discharged as 2nd Lieutenant.

         He moved to Berkeley County, West Virginia, and taught in the rural schools of the county for 40 years. He was Secretary of the Board of Education of Gerardstown and a member of the same. He was elected Magistrate of Gerardstown District and served for four years, 1873-77. He married Belle BRENEIZEN from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and they had five girls and one boy. Several of their children were teachers: Loula Graham, Nan Graham, Sally Graham, and Sebina Graham. John K. Graham was a lumber inspector at Dallas, Texas, for government ship timbers during World War I.

         Mr. Graham was a good mathematician. He was the third free school teacher in the county; Andrew J. Bowers was the first, and Dr. G.W. Daniels was the second. All three lived in Gerardstown and all three taught in the stone building that stood in the Presbyterian Cemetery at that place, which in 1928, was said to be the oldest schoolhouse standing in the state of West Virginia.

    Submitted by Marilyn Gouge and extracted from History of Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1928

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