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Berkeley County, West Virginia Biography of John Q.A. NADENBOUSCH

         John Q.A. NADENBOUSCH was born in Berkeley County, Virginia, October 31, 1824, and was a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was the father of Mary Ella Nadenbousch, who married the Hon. Alexander Parks, Sr.

         J.Q.A. Nadenbousch organized the “Berkeley Border Guards,” the first military company in Virginia to serve in the Civil War, was elected Colonel of the Regiment composing the famous “Stonewall Brigade,” and served throughout the war. As captain of the Berkeley Border Guards, he was ordered by Governor Henry A. Wise to Harper’s Ferry in 1859 to quell the insurrection of John Brown at that place. He assisted in the capture of Brown and was on duty at the execution of him at Charles Town. He was called into service as Colonel of the Second Virginia Regiment of Infantry at the Battle of Manassas; brought home the bodies of Holmes and Tucker Conrad and Captain P.R. Harrison, Martinsburg soldiers in his company who were killed at that battle on July 21, 1861, in a spring wagon and buried them himself at night in the Old Norbourn Cemetery.

         A sword was presented to John Q.A. Nadenbousch from the soldiers of his Company and that sword shows the love and esteem by which he was held by his soldiers. It bears the inscription:

    Presented to Captain J.Q.A. Nadenbousch
    By his Company the “Berkeley Border Guards”
    as a token of esteem for him as an
    Officer & Gentleman
    March 10, 1860

    Submitted by Marilyn Gouge and extracted from History of Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1928

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