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Berkeley County, West Virginia Biography of Adah Dodd POINCE

         Adah Dodd POINCE, daughter of David Dodd and daughter of Berkeley County. She taught in the rural schools of the county. In 1922, she married John William Poince of Ohio and began her married life in Dayton, Ohio. She attended Emerson College of Oratory in Boston, Massachusetts, whose president was Ralph Waldo Emerson. For years, she made his lofty ideals her own and strived earnestly to advance education, purify politics, establish higher standards of living, and promulgate the teachings of the Christian religion. To accomplish that, she lectured in 11 states of the Union, toured Europe five times (visiting every country), traveled to Canada and Mexico, and saw much of Africa and the Near East.

         She “stumped” Oregon and Ohio for Woman’s Suffrage, was a campaign speaker in every state and national election from 1918-1928, was Hostess of the Ohio Senate, was Assistant State Fire Marshal of Ohio from 1920-23, and traveled extensively over the state speaking in schools, colleges, churches and before men and womens’ clubs for fire prevention.

         Mrs. Poince contributed many articles to Ohio and West Virginia magazines and her editorials appeared in many newspapers. Her lectures included: “To Him Who Hath”; “The Under Dog in the Fight”; "Vision, Voice and Victory”; “The Who and Why of the European War”; and her Travelogues were “From the City of Commerce to the City of Silence”; “From the Eternal City to the Moslem Center”; “In the Palaces of teh Kings”; “Through El Portal to Wonderland”; “Where Geysers Leap and Chaos Reigns”; “Alaska, the Land of the Weird”; and “Up the Danube and Down the Rhine.”

    Submitted by Marilyn Gouge and extracted from History of Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1928

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