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Berkeley County, West Virginia Biography of George SEIBERT

         George SEIBERT was one of the original settlers on Tuscarora Creek in Berkeley County, Virginia, about 1763. The family came from Alsace-Lorraine, France, and emigrated to New York State at the beginning of the 18th century. The name was original spelled Seybert, based on old records, but was changed about 1805. In Lewisí history of West Virginia — the account of Fort Seybert, a frontier post which stood 12 miles northeast of Franklin in Pendleton County — that fort was erected there by a relative of George Seybertís.

         Two miles west of Martinsburg, on the Tuscarora Pike, an old stone house of the design of the year 1800, was built by George Seibert, who was the father of Wendell Seibert and the grandfather of the Hon. Cleveland M. Seibert of Martinsburg. In addition to Wendell, other children of George were: Margaret A. Seibert, who married Philip Showers and was the grandmother of the Showers family on Tuscarora Pike; Mary Seibert, who married William Mong and was the grandmother of Carrie and Arlington Rousch; Otho W. Seibert, the father of George Seibert who died about 1928 on West King Street; Cromwell Seibert; Louisa Seibert, who married Cromwell Curtis; Barnet C. Seibert, who was the father of William Seibert, formerly of Arden, Berkeley County; Fannie Seibert, wife of Willis Noll; Albert Seibert, who went to Kansas; and Harriet Seibert, wife of Robert Miller, who lived in Maryland in 1928. The Seibert farm, formerly a large farm of about 800 acres, was in the family name since 1791. Tracts had been sold until it was 186 acres by 1928.

         Wendell Seibert served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary War. The family generally have been farmers and aided greatly in the building of Berkeley County.

    Submitted by Marilyn Gouge and extracted from History of Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1928

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