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Post your Reunion plans, genealogy items for sale, or any news announcement related to Cabell County. If you have an announcement you would like to add to this page, please email me the details.

Hoot Owl At the Archives

07 Jan 2008
Our friend and researcher, Margureitte Ratcliff sent in this announcement about the Hoot Owl Night at the Charleston Archives. This event will take place April 4 to 5, 2008.  Last year's event was a blast, says Margureitte. You'll need to register in advance, so don't let the date slip up on you.  I plan to attend and hope to see all of you there.
Adobe Reader file: Hoot Owl

KYOWVA Has Moved!

Kyowva Genealogical Society is now located in the Second Presbyterian Church Building, 901 Jefferson Avenue in Huntington, West Virginia. Our spacious Library and Research Rooms are now located with rest room facilities nearby on the same floor. We now have wireless Internet access for those with laptops. Ample parking is available along West 9th Street as well as along the Jefferson Avenue side of the building. Entry to the Library is through the double doors nearest the alley corner on West 9th Street
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Author Lochlainn Seabrook

16 Oct 2005
My Mom was born in Cabell County, and I still have lots of kin all over western WV.  My WV family names include: Nelson, Sansom, Adkins, Bradshaw, Gilkerson, Davis, White, Elkins, Goodwin, Leslie, Harrison, Bond, Price, Conte, Allen, Spencer, Shannon, Rucker, McDonald, Stephens, Ogle, Smith, and Tucker.
I'm an author of educational, fun, and wholesome adult and children's books on: the War for Southern Independence (Civil War), ghost stories, the UFO phenomenon, genealogy, family history, the Confederacy, etymology, Celtic and Victorian culture, religion, science, feminine spirituality, and European mythology. Please visit my Website for more information: WWW.LSBOOKS.HOMESITE.NET
Or e-mail me at:


"We Take This Opportunity To Write" Book

09 May 2005
Heritage Books has just published a book I've written called "We Take This Opportunity To Write: Sexton, Coon, and Porter Letters to the Jordans of White County, Indiana, 1844-1862."  My  Great-great Grandparents, William and Catherine Jordan, left Cabell County in 1827 with their family and moved to Indiana.  The book includes letters from Catherine's brothers, Adam, John  and Andrew Sexton, who remained behind in Cabell County.  Besides family matters, the letters contain interesting items on the destruction wrought to the area from the storms of 1844, the split that took place in the local church before the Civil War, and news items on neighbors.  Cabell County surnames mentioned include Black, Templeton, Reynolds, Carroll, Malcolm, and Erwin.  The book can be ordered on the following link:  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks for your help. Jerry Jordan


McCallister's Then and Now 1730-1995 Book

31 Aug 2004
Reprinting the "McCallister's Then and Now 1730-1995"  Book, 190 pages.  Includes families such as  James McCallister, Richard McCallister,  Patrick Morrison, Andrew J. Smith, Benjamin Walter Morris,  Alfreso Daniel Bledsoe and many others, also includes pictures.  $40.00 + $3.00 postage   Email me with your order  Tammy Ramon -

ALIFF Book Available Soon

29 Jan 2004
Hello Aliff tree branches!
As most of you know my name is Doris J. Aliff of Chesapeake, WV and I am writing a book on the Aliff Genealogy.
At this time it includes some 16,402 individuals and 5575 marriages and 2041 surnames. With at least one line having 12 generations. Due to the weather I have hibernated for the winter and stopped visitations. But before that I have copied 25 different counties records of birth, death and marriage, along with several visits to KY, OH, FL, OK, TX, NC and far to many families to count. I want to take this time to thank all those who have returned their family sheets, and want to invite anyone that I have missed to contact me and I will gladly sent out some printed samples of their family line so they can correct or add to the publication. Thank you again Doris.

1967 Class Ring Wanted

28 Nov 2003
Class Ring Wanted:
I  am looking for a 1967 Huntington High School class ring. Please contact me at Thank You.

Yearbook Wanted

22 Jun 2003
Yearbook Wanted:
I am looking to purchase a 1945 Edition of the HUNTINGTON EAST HIGH SCHOOL Yearbook. Please contact me at Thank You.

Yearbook Wanted

3 Jun 2003
Yearbook Wanted:
I am looking to purchase a 1934 Edition of the HUNTINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Yearbook. Please contact me at Thank You Dave Rose

MOORE Family Book For Sale

27 Apr 2003
"Thomas Moore and Descendants" book now available! Easy to follow family line from Thomas Moore Sr., up to 2001 in most families,  pictures, and sketches of many older members.  Over 500 pages! Includes Moore's of KY, VA, FL, OH, WV, SC and other states in this family. Soft back spiral binding. Price $50.00 + $3.00 mailing fee. For more information email
Eldean Wellman
Box 503
Verdunville, WV 25649

Update: Duvall Book

1 Jan 2003
Now available: "John P. Duvall And His Descendants" in three volumes.  Each volume: $45.00.  Volume 3 contains all known descendants of  Nancy Duvall Drown Howe, mentioned in Cabell Co., WV, Deed Book 1, page 1. She was the mother of Benjamin Drown, a sheriff of Wayne County.  All the Drown family members in Cabell and Wayne counties descend from her.
Diane Dieterle, 141 Second Ave., #601, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Wickline Book

28 Feb 2002
Well finally its ready! The WICKLINE BOOKS are ready to be pre-ordered. The Pre-Publication cost is $128.00 until April 30th and then the cost will be $160.00 for both books. So don't forget to order yours now. The books are 1580 pages, 2 vols, 8.5x11 hard back, full name index, and 30 pages of pictures. Name: Descendants of Jacob George Wickline and Maria Catherine Spahr, Order # V2056, researched, compiled and edited by Margureitte Flack Ratliff and Jane Green Volckmann. There is a shipping fee of $5.00 for the 2 volume set. You may order by calling Heritage Books, Inc. at 1-800-398-7709 Monday - Friday 8:30 am--5 pm. with VISA - MASTERCARD- OR DISCOVER. Please refer to the Order # V2056. Click here Descendants of Jacob George Wickline and Maria Catherine Spahr if you would like to place your order online.
If you have questions regarding the books you may e-mail Heritage Books, Inc. at

3 Jun 2002 Update! You can still get the pre-publication discount price of $128.00 for the Wickline books by writing Jane or Margureitte. Both of them have several sets of the books and the offer is good until their supply is gone. Please put Wickline Books in the subject line of your e-mail.

1956 Yearbook

30 Mar 2000
I am wanting to buy a 1956 yearbook for Huntington High School (Huntingtonian). Please contact me via e-mail if you have this item for sale. Linda Haney

Upcoming Duvall Book

29 Mar 2000
I am preparing a book for publication in Sep 2000 titled "John P. Duvall And His Descendants". One of his descendants was Nancy Duvall Drown Howe, mentioned in Cabell Co., WV, Deed Book 1, page 1. She was the mother of Benjamin Drown, a sheriff of Wayne County. If you are a part of this family please contact me as I am interested in sharing information and adding you to the book if you have been missed.
Diane Dieterle, Box 18736, Kearns, UT 84118-0736

Reprint of Cabell County Heritage Book UPDATED

1 Mar 2000
Announcing the reprint of the Cabell County Heritage Book, 1809-1996. How can you get a copy of the book? Reserve your order with a check or money order of $70.00 now!
For more information, see the announcement on KYOWVA's home page!
UPDATE 29 April 2006: The Cabell County Heritage Book is now on SALE and will remain until all inventory is gone! The original price of $70.00 per book has been decreased to $50.00 shipped, or $45.00 picked up at the society. Also recently available are marriage bonds copied from the WPA for $10.00. This booklet covers 1818 - 1840 as they were entered (typed by the WPA) and shows witness. It is also indexed. Contact KYOWVA for more information.

Document for sale

18 Nov 1997
At an auction this summer, I "rescued" a framed marriage certificate for Josiah ADAMS, of Virgil, KS and Minnie HINCHMAN of Barboursville, WV dated 1909. Now this was not a family auction, it was the auction of an antiques dealers estate so I was not bidding against family...I would never do that...but it seems like there should be someone out there who is looking for this information. Please feel free to contact me at Thanks Gayle.


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