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Fannin Bible

Bible of Isaac Newton & Flora Leist Fannin

Background Copies of the pages of Flora Leist Fannin Bible from Charlene Leist,
whose husband is a direct descendant of Valentine Leist and Nancy Elizabeth Weems.

Photo - Looking for photo of I. N. Fannin.


I. N. Fannin was born in Boyd Co., Ky. A.D. Nov. 22, 1866.
Florintine Leist was born in Cabell Co. W.Va. A.D. Feb. 22, 1866

Gladys Leist Fannin was born in Boyd Co. Ky. A.D. Nov. 25, 1894.
Mary Lillian Fannin was born in Jackson Co, W.Va. A.D. September 3, 189? (looks like 7 or 8)

Chester Newton Fannin was born May 17th 1901 in Marion County, W.Va.
Flora Elizabeth Fannin was born in Cabell Co. W.Va. A.D. March the 17th 1906.

Father & Mother

Isaac Fannin was born April 26, 1833. Departed this life Dec. 12, 1909. Aged 76 yrs 8mos 16 days.
Mary Fannin was born

Valentine Leist Wittenburg Germany Badan
Nancy Elizabeth Weems Perryville Landing Perry County Tennessee


Gladys L. Fannin Departed this life Dec. 19, 1900 at Fairmont W.Va.
Rev I N Fannin Died Dec 14 1939 73 years of age
Flora Fannin March 27 1960 94 years of age
Chester N. Fannin May 10, 1968 67 years of age
Flora Thornburg Sept. 27, 1973 67 years of age
Paul Lawrence Thornburg Born July 7 1930
Died October 31, 1977 46 years of age

Linda Louise Fannin March 18th or 19th 1989
Verna Louise Fannin July 9, 1980 78 years of age

Paul V. Thornburg July 22, 1982 74 years of age

My Family

Valentine Leist died 1918 or 191?
Nancy E. Leist died Oct 9 1921

Adam Walton Leist died Nov 10 1922 1914
Catherine Leist Meyers
Flora Leist Fannin March 27, 1960
Philip Leist died July 9 1887
Adaline Leist
Laura Leist Harrold Nov 21st 1943
Alf Leist
Lucy Leist Peyton Nov 9 1944
Georgia Leist 1916
Carl Leist 1960
Blaine Leist died June 13, 1948
Valentine Leist died Nov 10 1908
Sumner Leist Waltons son


Gladys L. Fannin by S. G. Preston May 15 1895 at Sandy City church Catlettsburg Ky.

Mary L. Fannin by S. F. McClung Feb 24 1898 at Parsnage? of M.E. church south Ravenswood W.Va.

Chester N. Fannin by Bishop H. C. Morrison Sept. 27 1901 at Huntington W.Va.

Flora Elizabeth Fannin by baptism by C. N. Coffman, Huntington March 12 1907.

Note: See FGS of Valentine Leist
Submitted by: Charlene Leist - 24 May 1998.

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