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Miller Bible

Bible of Mary Jane Miller Morris Wood

Notes at End of Old Testament:

Sarah A. Miller Died July 7 1881
Henry Miller Died Jan 11 1893
Samuel Miller Died April 13 1897

Marriages page:

Armstead A. Morris and Nancy Chapman was married February the 14th 1828
Lewis A. Morris children ages
Thomas Morris was Born December 15 1882
Delba M. Morris was Born May 12 1885
Harry Morris was Born December 28 1887
Lucy francis Morris was Born April 13 1890

Daniel Sovine and Araminta Morris was Married April the 5th 1857

Lewis A Morris and Jimmie? Burns was Married Sept the 29 1881

John W. Martin and Ella L Wood was married December the 8 1889

Parents Record Page

Joseph T Morris was Born Nov the 23 1831
Mary J. Miller his wife was born October the 5 1835

Joseph T Morris And Mary J Miller was Married May the 10 1860
Peter Green Woods And Mary J Morris was Married Feb the 21 1867
Joseph T Morris children Age
Lewis A. Morris was Born Feb the 26 1861
Lucy Ann Morris was Born June 13 1862
One child Born Oct the 7 1863
Joseph Thomas Morris was Born Nov 8 1865

Births page

Armstead A Morris was born February the 24 1797
Nancy Morris his wife was born the 6th day of August 1808
One Child born the 17th day of December 1830 and died the same day
Joseph Thomas Morris was born Nov the 23 1831
Araminta Morris was born March the 22 1836
Joshua C Morris was born April the 3rd 1838
Mildred Ann Morris was born 1st day of Decmber 1840
John Kinnaid Morris was born the 16th of July 1843
James Albert Morris was the 30th of July 1846
Charles Asher Morris was born the 11th day of December 1851

Deaths page

Nancy Morris Died January the 25 the 1856 age 48 years and 6 months and 2 days
Armstead A Morris Died November 22 1878 age 81 years 8 months 29 days

Deaths of Joseph T Morris children
Lucy Ann Morris died Oct 15 1863
One child died Oct 28 1863
Joseph T Morris Died March the 11 1864

Lewis A Morris Died March 13 1890 Age 29 years and 15 days
Joseph T. Morris Died May 10th 1898 Age 33 yr 6 Mo 2days

Misc page

A(can't read name) C Sovine was Borne January the 11 the 1858

The ages of Peter and Mary Jane Wood children

Ella Lee Wood was Born February the 23 1868
Shelby Jackson Wood was born December 12 1869
Leonides Fletcher Wood was Born May 9 1872
Walter marion Wood was born April the 14 1874
Emma Frances Wood was Born May the 10 1877 (writing smeared and reentered)
Emma F. Wood Was Born May 10 1877

Peter G Wood was Born March the 20 1837

Peter Wood Died August 25 1899 Age 62 years 5 months 5 days
Mary J. Wood Died Dec 13 1909 Age 74 yr 2 month and 8 Days

Note: The people mentioned in this Bible lived in Cabell and Putnam Counties. The Miller & Martin families lived in Cabell County while the Morris & Wood families lived mainly in Putnam. Descendants of these families still live in both counties. The Bible was handed down to Ella Lee Wood, wife of John W. Martin, and then to their son, Garner Harvey Martin. The original Bible is believed to be lost while in the possession of a great-granddaughter of Peter & Mary Miller Morris Wood. This page was made from zerox copies (not good ones) of the pages from this Bible, which were obtained in the late 1980's.

Submitted by Candie Freeman. Revised 17 May 1998.

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