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Morris Bible

Background - This information was given to Peggy Gay Morgan by Brenda Carol Gay Whitley.
Further information from an interview with James Anderson Justice follows.

From the Morris Family Bible:


John Albert Morris born 03/28/1845
Emily Gwinn Morris born 04/13/1845 (*)
Mary Eugenia Morris born 06/06/1867
Thomas Jefferson Morris born 06/06/1870
Charles Andrew Morris born 02/09/1874
Claudius Chester Morris born 10/28/1877
Martha Rebecca Morris born 12/11/1878


John Albert Morris 04/03/1914
Claudius Chester Morris 02/05/1878

John A. Morris and Emily Gwinn were married 09/13/1866 by Rev. (?) Harmon, Baptist Preacher. Witness: Albert Gallatin Eshelman, who married Elizabeth (Betty) Gwin. (**) They lived on the Shelt Hensley farm near Milton.

Mrs. Will Wysong is a step-daughter of S. J. Kane. James Harshberger (HarshbArger??) married another step-daughter, Oga Jordan. Mrs. Wysond (Wysong?) was a sister to Oga (Jordan Harshbarger). Her name was Henrietta. S J Kane married widow Jordon. Guy Morrison, a grandson, may move to Mrs. (B L) Perry's residence. She was Lydia McKendree.

(*) I have also seen this name spelled Guinn, Guin and Gwin. (see (**))

The following is a transcript from an interview with my Great-grandfather, James Anderson Justice. The sheet is dated January 27, 1941. My cousin, Brenda Carol Gay Whitley, obtained some information from a Kathleen Hensley Browning. She may have had something to do with the "Shelt Hensley Farm" mentioned prior. A note on the top of the 2nd page states "(From the Fred Lambert Collection of papers at Marshall University, Huntington, WV)".

James Anderson Justice (aka known as "Jim" or "Pop")

James Justice was born on Main Island Creek, Logan County, four miles up (probably means from Logan). My father was Berry Hager Justice, my mother, Catherine Steele (another reference shows the name spelled as "Steel"), daughter of Ralph and Levisa Steele, of Logan County. The Justices came from Virginia. Ep. Justice (Wm. Epperson Justice) was my uncle, a brother to my father. I had four sisters and three brothers, Levisa, James (myself), Ralph, Lillian, Dixie, Charles, Lilliam (Mrs Lillian Avis), Dixie (Mrs Arthur Chambers) live in Huntington. Levisa married Thomas HOllandsworth, is a widow in Texas, Longview. Ralph is dead. charles is in White Sulphur Springs.

My father sold his coal lands in Logan (about 10,000 acres on Island Creek) and moved to mouth of Mud River, Trace Fork, about 1882.

I married Mollie (Mary Eugenie) Morris, daughter of John and Emily (Gwinn) Morris, daughter of Andrew Gwinn and Rachel Harshbarger. (Could her name have been Mary EugeniA??)

Children: one, Ethel Morris Justice, born, January 31, 1867 [*] Died at about 30 (years of age) on 02/10/1924, married Aubrey Gay of Virginia. [the year can't be right, my info states she was born in 1894 - death cert shows her death date as 02/13/1924]

I sold goods just after my marriage at Culloden for ten years. Moved to Milton about 45 years ago (1896). Became Postmaster in 1904, was appointed by McKinley, served 13 years 2 months. J. M. (Jack) Wilson succeeded me. (I have a certificate signed by William Howard Taft appointing him to the office of Postmaster)

Opened Justice Inn, same place as now, since 1916. Run gas station since 1924. Have been connected with Standard Oil Co. for 41 years.

My grandparents were James Justice, who married ___ Hatfield, a sister to Devil Anse Hatfield. I can furnish photo of myself. (Someone had written "Martha" in the blank - don't know where they obtained the info, but I have since found that he married Virginia Hatfield, sister to William Anderson Hatfield (Devil Anse).

Please contact me with any questions. I will gladly share all info! God Bless!

Submitted by Peggy Gay Morgan, 10 Nov 1997. Revised 17 May 1998.

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