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Shy Bible

Bible of Benjamin G. Shy

Marriage Certificate - This certifies that the right of Holy Matrimony
was celebrated between Benjamin G. Shy of the first part and Mary
Seamonds of the second part on the 23th of December 1851 at the
Brides Parents by Rev. S. Scot, Witness Nathaniel Turner.

Photo - Benjamin G. Shy, Sr. and his wife Mary Seamonds.

  Shy Family Photo
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Albion B. Shy was born September 25th, 1852
Edward F. Shy was born July 17th 1854
John H. Shy was born June 9th 1856
Elizabeth Shy was born January 7th 1859
Richard E. Shy was born January 7th 1861
Gallatin G. Shy was born April 5th 1863
Nancy Shy was born October 2nd 1865
Benjamin G Shy, Jr. was born November 19th 1867
Sidney Shy was born February 16th 1871
Chalmer Shy was born June 13th 1873
Cline Shy was born December 5th 1876
Pearl A. Shy born December 27th, 1898

Benjamin G. Shy, Sr. was born January 10th 1829
Mary Seamands was born October 2nd 1833


Albion B. Shy died December 7th 1853
John H. Shy died May 20th 1858
Galliton G. Shy died April 17th 1865 (note difference in spelling of the name)
Sidney Shy died October 18th 1872
Chalmer E. Shy died October 12th 1899
Lizzie H. Fielder died April 29th 1902 (Elizabeth)

Submitted by Jack Shye, 18 March 1998. Revised  17 May 1998.

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