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Barboursville, Cabell Co., WV

The Baumgardner family cemetery is located on Gideon Road (dead end) in the East Pea Ridge area of Barboursville, WV. This area is now a housing project and the cemetery lies within 20 feet of a home at the end of Gideon road.

The first person buried in this cemetery is not known because there are several unmarked graves, but the oldest marked grave is that of Elizabeth Baumgardner who died in 1847. Her tombstone consist now of only a small, rough, footstone type marker bearing the half visible initial B on the right side. The left side of her marker, which should have contained the letter E, is chipped away. Thus the only identity of the location of Elizabeth's grave is determined by this worn stone and the fact that an identical marker with the initials P. B. is anchored beside it. There are no dates on either marker.

Philip Baumgardner came to Cabell County from Wythe County, Virginia about 1813. He purchased several tracts of land in Barboursville and the Gideon road area is believed to have been the old home place of Philip and his wife Elizabeth. All of the Baumgardner's buried here are family members and no known relationship exist with the Clonch and Knight families, except that of a pioneer neighbor.

Names of known persons in unmarked graves are included at the end of the page. This page will be updated periodically as research continues in the effort to identify more unmarked graves.

Reread 28 Nov 1997 by Candie Freeman & Darrell Smith.

July 10, 1809
Jan 7, 1887
s/o Philip & Elizabeth Baumgardner
b. Wythe Co., VA
d. Cabell County, WV
wife of
Sept 2, 1819
Jan 13, 1892
God gave-He took-He will restore
He doeth all things well
(on same stone as John)
d/o Margaret Lusher
d. Cabell Co., WV
P.    B.
This is the grave of Philip Baumgardner
b. 7 Feb 1783, PA
d. 27 Feb 1854, Cabell Co., VA
Small stone has initials only
(first letter broken off) B. (half broken letter B)
This is the grave of Elizabeth Baumgardner
w/o Philip Baumgardner
Maiden name Chester
b. 1783
d. 21 Feb 1847, Cabell Co., VA
Small stone has partial initial only
William Worth Baumgardner
Born Feb 22, 1847
Died Feb 16, 1927
Age 79y 11m 16d
s/o John & Malinda Baumgardner
b. Cabell Co., VA
d. Cabell Co., WV
m. Sarah E. Boggs who died 1881
Charley Clonch
Died 1868
(on reverse side)
Born 1866
Homemade stone, with asymmetrical carved letters, is loose
and leaning against the stone of Philip Baumgardner
son of J. W. & M. E. Clonch
Died Aug 23, 1894
Age 24YS 6MS 6DS
b.15 Feb 1870
John W. Clonch
1840 - 1919
At Rest
Middle name William
s/o William & Mary "Polly" (Doss) Clonch
b. Dec 1840, Mason Co., VA (WV)
Mary E. Clouch
1847 - 1921
At Rest
Middle name Ellen
d/o Richard & Barbara (Newell) LeMaster
d.18 Oct 1921, Cabell Co., WV
Nancy A.
wife of Mathew Knight (stone broken here)
Died Apr 1. 1884
Aged 70 YRS 5MS 6DS
Maiden name Morrison.
This stone is broken & loose with both parts
leaning against the stone of Philip Baumgardner

Others buried (no stone) in Baumgardner Cemetery:

1. John Ward, Jr. s/o Jonathan Ward & Annie Plybon, m. Johanna Baumgardner (d/o Philip Baumgardner)
   b. 1821, Franklin Co., Va - d. Cabell Co., WV
2. Mathew Knight s/o M. & P. Knight, m. Nancy Morrison.
   d. 3 Nov 1894, Cabell Co., WV, age 92yrs.
3. Frederick Lee Baumgardner s/o John & Malinda (Lusher) Baumgardner, m. Virginia Merritt
   b. 18 May 1849, Cabell Co., Va, d. 23 Apr 1922, Cabell Co., WV Identified 23 Mar 1998
4. Virginia Merritt Baumgardner d/o John Merritt & Margaret Dundas, m. Frederick Baumgardner
   b. abt. 16 Nov 1854, Barboursville, Cabell Co., Va, d. 20 Sep 1935, Cabell Co., WV
   Identified May 1998 - personal knowledge of Kennedy Elder, g-nephew.

It is possible that Sarah Boggs Baumgardner is also buried here but no proof has been found to date. Johanna Ward (spouse of John Ward) is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington, WV. Any information on persons buried in this cemetery is greatly appreciated..

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