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Wo, to him who can trample down without emotion the grass of the church yard, and who breathes not within his heart a fervent prayer at sight of those tombs, where so many affections, so many hopes are swallowed up, and many we will hope are at rest in the Lord. The only thing certain is the destruction of the body, and the immortality of the soul; for that frail body, dust and forgetfulness. For the soul, a celestial dwelling where it will enjoy eternal happiness, if it has not betrayed the purpose of its mission, in the course of its short pilgrimage on earth. Yes! tread lightly in the cemetery; there kneel in that place consecrated to grief and meditation. It seems impossible, even to approach such a spot without the soul being benefited; it will probably awaken some holy recollections of childhood or some warning of the shortness of life. What a volume are those tombs; how eloquently do they speak to the heart, at least to those who understand their language --how forcibly do they announce the nothingness of terrestrial things! Yes! it is in these pages, traced by the hand of death, that we may study and learn the necessity of virtue -- If man approached more frequently the resting place of the dead he would not remain so indifferent to the mild voice of conscience.
-The Democratic Banner, Guyandotte, WV, Thursday, 7 May 1874


Click on a name to the left to go directly to the detailed page of the cemetery.  The cemeteries on this site are currently being redesigned, corrected and proofread.  Most of those listed are still in the old format but are being changed over as soon as time allows.  If the link is broken, please be patient as the cemetery will soon reappear for that link. All the cemeteries are still accessible from the
old index link.

The following cemeteries listed in the left column were compiled by actual reading of the tombstones. All the information posted for each entry, excluding annotations, is inscribed on the tombstone. If you have read a cemetery in Cabell County, and would like to submit it to this site, please email me a detailed list of the tombstones. You must include the name of the cemetery, your name and email address and directions to the cemetery. You may submit the file in the following formats: .txt, .html, .pdf or Excel.

Cabell County Cemeteries and Quick Lists

Adkins Cemetery
Adkins Cemetery
Adkins Cemetery
Arthur Cemetery
Ball (Isaac) Cemetery
Ball (George) Cemetery
Ball (Rozetta) Cemetery
Barker Ridge Cemetery
Baumgardner (John) Cemetery
Baumgardner (Philip) Cemetery
Baylous Cemetery
Bexfield Cemetery
Blue Sulphur Cemetery
Brown Cemetery - aka Ball's Gap
Bryan Cemetery
Butcher Cemetery
Cabell County Farm Cemetery - aka Everett Cemetery
Caldwell Cemetery
Chapman Cemetery
Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Culloden Cemetery
Culloden Community Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Davis Cemetery #2
Earls Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Forest Memorial Park
Gill Cemetery
Green Valley Cemetery
Greenbottom Memorial Park
Gue Cemetery
Guyandotte Cemetery
Hall Cemetery
Hannan Cemetery
Harveytown Cemetery
Hatfield Cemetery
Highland Cemetery
Howell-Rimmer Cemetery
Jordan-Frye Cemetery aka Frye Cemetery
Joy Cemetery
Kyle Cemetery
Merritt Cemetery
Merritt Cemetery #2
Merritt Cemetery #3
Milton Cemetery
Mount Cemetery
Oaklawn Memorial Park
Peyton Cemetery
Peyton (Henry) Cemetery
Plybon Cemetery
Rece Cemetery aka Chambers Cemetery
Ridgelawn Memorial Park
Shelton Cemetery
Sifford Cemetery
Sheff Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Sovine Cemetery aka Culloden Community Cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery
Spurlock Cemetery
Sunrise Cemetery
Susie Chapel Cemetery
Templeton Cemetery
Templeton Cemetery #2
Thornburg Burial Place
Tony Hill Cemetery
Union Ridge Cemetery
Wallace Cemetery
Warden Cemetery
Waugh Cemetery
Webb Cemetery
White Chapel Memorial Gardens
Woodmere Memorial Park
Woods Cemetery
Wyont-Irwin Cemetery
Wysong Cemetery
Yates Cemetery
Yatesmont Cemetery
Zoar Cemetery

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