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Mud River Baptist Church Cemetery

Located behind Mud River Baptist Church on Rt. 60 in Barboursville, Cabell County, WV. Many unmarked graves and some only marked by a field stone. A few stones were unreadable. Recorded by Connie S. (Graley) Mosteller, William E. Graley, Sr., & Carol S. (Fowler) Graley.
?, Katie Ann
Baumgardner, Francis Adland
Belcher, Paul E.
Blackwood, William A.
Burgess, David R.
Burns, Icantha
Capps, Florence Lusher
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Infant
Chapman, J. Gideon
Chapman, Larry M.
Chapman, Martha A.
Childers, Albert
Childers, Charles T.
Childers, Children
Childers, Daisy E.
Childers, James M.
Childers, Katherine
Childers, Mary E.
Childers, Oscar E.
Childers, Patrick
Childers, S. A. (Lt.)
Childers, Sallie E.
Childers, Sarah
Childers, Sarah E.
Crawford, Fannie W.
Crump, George W.
Crump, Jane or June
Crump, Jessie
Crump, Nannie J.
Crump, Nettie
Crump, Richard V.
Crump, Susie
Cyrus, Alex
Cyrus, Alma
Cyrus, Anna Garnet
Cyrus, Bessie
Cyrus, Charles V.
Cyrus, Clarence
Cyrus, Clyde
Cyrus, Elijah
Cyrus, Emogene
Cyrus, Frances Jane
Cyrus, Freddie C.
Cyrus, Gwendolyn Jo
Cyrus, James E.
Cyrus, James M.
Cyrus, Joe W.
Cyrus, John E.
Cyrus, Kerth M.
Cyrus, Lucy A.
Cyrus, Margaret L.
Cyrus, Mary F.
Cyrus, Sarilda
Cyrus, Sharon Lee
Cyrus, William H.
Danford, Leona L.
Dennison, George
Dennison, Mary F.
Dick, Ellie L.
Dick, H. L.
Dick, Kizzie Ramey
Dick, Mary V.
Dundas, Ann
Dundas, Charles
Dundas, Eliza
Dundas, ELizabeth
Dundas, Henry T.
Dundas, James
Dundas, James Kear
Dundas, John
Dundas, Lee
Dundas, Margaret
Dundas, Martha
Dundas, Sophia
Dundas, Susan
Dundas, Thomas W.
Dundas, Virginia
Dundas, William
Durston, Thomas M.
Edwards, Hazel Ramsey
Ford, Arnold
Ford, Emma Audrey
France, Emma
Gibbs, D. H.
Gibbs, Jennie J.
Griffith, Sotor J.
Hall, J. T.
Handley, Sampson
Handley, Susan
Hanshaw, Edgar S.
Harrison, Charlie Ford
Harrison, Eleanor
Harrison, Greenville
Hash, ?
Hash, Amy
Hash, Clarence
Hash, Cora
Hash, E. M.
Hash, Edda
Hash, Elizabeth Moxley
Hash, Florence W.
Hash, Hubert
Hash, Jesse
Hash, John E.
Hash, Joseph
Hash, Joseph W.
Hash, Mary E.
Hash, Mary L.
Hash, Walter
Hash, William F.
Hayton, J. Maurice
Hensley, Alva
Hensley, Emma B.
Hensley, Fretwell G.
Hensley, J. P. (Dr.)
Hensley, Mary E.
Hensley, Pearl B.
Herndon, Infant Son
Holbrook, Infant
Hoyt, Electa S.
Huffstickler, John J.
Hutchinson, Marilyn Carolyn
Jenkins, Jasper J.
Jenkins, Ora Cyrus
Jones, Gertrude
Kelley, Ben
Kelley, Ben F.
Kelley, Dora
Kelley, James A.
Kelley, Mary J.
Kesler, Louvina
Lawrence, James B.
Lewis, Cecil J.
Lewis, Essie M.
Lewis, Griff J.
Lewis, J. Gay
Lewis, Lester F.
Love, Allen (Dr.)
Love, Eliza E.
Love, Henrietta C.J.
Love, Infant Son
Love, Susan Harriet
Love, Walter H.
Lovejoy, Laura
Lovejoy, Virginous
Lusher, M. Caroline
Lusher, M. Myrtle
Lusher, Toliver S.
Mallory, Emma E.
Mallory, Lewis M.
Mallory, William C.
Mays, Paul Everett
Mays, Susan D.
McCann, Ora E.
McClary, Alexander
McComas, Dollie
McComas, Grace
McComas, Lee G.
McComas, Peyton N.
McComas, Vesta M.
McComas, W. P.
McGirr, Nellie May
Meehling, C. F.
Meehling, E. Elizabeth
Merrittt, Charles Eugene
Merritt, Clero Eugene
Merritt, Elizabeth
Merritt, Joseph
Meyer, Carl N.
Meyer, Charles
Meyer, Infant
Meyer, Julia A.
Miller, Adam
Miller, Jemima
Miller, M. F. Florence
Minor, Clarisa
Minor, Valma Nadene
Minor, William P.
Nance, Ada
Nance, J. H.
Nance, Nora
Neal, Bessie
Nelson, John F.
Newman, General W.
Newman, Jasper M.
Newman, John D.
Newman, Robert Mc
Newman, Sarah
Newman, Walter P.
Nicholas, G. C.
Nicholas, Lucy L.
Nicholas, Neola
Nicholas, Roy O.
Payton, Mark M.
Penley, Melvin
Penley, Zena
Perry, Albert G.
Perry, Cora M.
Peyton, Alberta
Peyton, Clifton
Peyton, John W.
Peyton, Lillian A.
Peyton, Loiza
Peyton, Solomon
Peyton, Sophia M.
Peyton, Stella
Peyton, Stella I.
Peyton, Thomas W.
Price, Elmer E.
Price, Esther
Price, Infant Children
Price, John 2/4/1819
Price, Lucy A.
Price, Mary M. Miller
Price, William W.
Pullen, Lottie
Ramsey, ?
Rece, Thomas A.
Rece, Thomas H.
Reynolds, J. C.
Reynolds, Mary Ellen
Reynolds, Priscilla
Rhoads, Aaron G.
Rhoads, Charley C.
Rhoads, Edna V.
Rumpler, Minnie Avery
Sargent, Infant
Sargent, James H. Jr.
Sargent, Thomas M.
Scarberry, Cora
Scarberry, Grace
Scarberry, Judson
Scarberry, Mary
Seamond, Frank P.
Seamonds, Baby
Seamonds, Charles Jackson
Seamonds, Daniel Webster
Seamonds, Henrietta
Seamonds, Mary
Seamonds, Nancy Harshbarger
Seamonds, Randolph M.
Seamonds, Sarah Francis
Seamonds, William
Seamonds, Willie
Seyler, Anna
Seyler, Lillian
Seyler, Walter
Shumaker, Ada
Shumaker, Lee
Smith, Mary R.
Stinson, Cynthiana Turley
Stinson, Samuel S.
Strange, William S.
Swann, Albert G.
Swann, Annie G.
Swann, Minnie M.
Swann, Virginia
Tassen, Joseph F.
Taylor, Caroline
Thomas, Charles Lee
Thompson, Mirtie (Martha)
Thompson, William I.
Turley, A. M.
Turley, E.
Turley, Edward
Turley, Elijah
Turley, Eva L.
Turley, Fannie
Turley, Infant
Turley, J. M.
Turley, John T.
Turley, Jonathan
Turley, Ona A.
Turley, Sophia
Ward, H. Wallace
Ward, James W.
Watson, Ann V.
Watts, Alva
Waugh, Blanche E.
Waugh, Orma Inez
Waugh, Rubie Rudd
Waugh, Solomon
Weyer, Ellen
Wheeler, Earl E.
Wheeler, Elias
Wheeler, Estella
Wilson, Alex
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Lemuel
Wolson, Lewellag
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Susie
Wilson, Susie Emma
Wittke, Ella Childers
Wolfe, David
Wolfe, Jane W.
Woodard, Mary Adeline
Woodburn, Harald
Woodburn, Mary E.
Woodburn, Samuel Finley
Woodward, Charles A.
Woodward, Elizabeth
Zimmerman, Barbara
Zimmerman, W. Albert

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© Copyright 2000 Candace Freeman

Submitted by: Connie S. Mosteller -4 Oct 1999
Revised: 2 Mar 2000

Candie Freeman