Neal Cemetery

Adkins, Charles S.
Adkins, Pearl Browning Spears
Beatty, Anna
Beatty, Eliza Clark
Beatty, Jim R.
Beatty, Leo C.
Beatty, Lona L.
Beatty, Maggie F.
Beatty, Martha V.
Beatty, Rosann
Beatty, Theodore
Beatty, Thomas H.
Beatty, Twins
Beatty, William A.
Beatty, William M.
Beaver, David
Beaver, James
Bellomy, Mary Irene
Birch, Ada P. Howell
Black, Lucinda
Brown Della Wallace
Brown, John
Browning, Clarence
Carnes, Dana Sue
Carnes, Hershey L.
Carpenter, Arthur
Carpenter, Clyde
Carpenter, E. Rosa
Carpenter, Flora E.
Carpenter, Ira
Carpenter, Oscar W.
Carpenter, Vernon Dale
Cart, Jesse Denver
Chapman, Allen
Chapman, Calvin
Chapman, Cecilia S.
Chapman, Clyde
Chapman, Creth C.
Chapman, Dossie
Chapman, Elmer
Chapman, Harold
Chapman, Ira
Chapman, John C.
Chapman, John Chester
Chapman, Linzie W.
Chapman, Martha Ellen
Chapman, Millie Neal
Chapman, Randolph
Chapman, Rosie V.
Chapman, Sarah E.
Chapman, Walker E.
Chapman, Wilbur
Clark, Alta E.
Clark, John C.
Conner, Alvie L.
Conner, Baby
Conner, Baby
Conner, Berl C.
Conner, Bitha
Conner, Earnie Addison (Ernest)
Conner, Ernest
Conner, Henry A.
Conner, J. Thomas
Conner, Joseph
Conner, Joseph C. Nell
Conner, Lurary
Conner, Martha
Conner, Mary
Conner, Ona "Toots"
Conner, Stella Sovine
Crank, Rosie
Cremeans, Esta Bell
Cremeans, Ethel Mae
Cremeans, Floyd Chester
Cremeans, Lewis Cass
Cremeans, Lloyd Clifton
Cremeans, William J.
Davis, Belle K.
Davis, Black M.
Davis, Garnett
Davis, Wilson C.
Deal, A. J. nee Wallace
Deal, E. C.
Deal, John V.
Deal, Infant
Deal, Infant
Deal, Infant
Edwards, Thomas
Field, James William
Field, John E.
Field, Louis Elmer
Field, Polly Meade
Field, Robert G.
Field, Vena Ellen
Fields, Anna M.
Fields, Donald E.
Fields, Gladys M.
Fields, James W.
Hager, Carolyn S.
Hager, John W.
Hatfield, Robert J.
Hatfield, Violet D.
Hetzer, Andy D., Sr.
Hetzer, Callie E.
Hetzer, Infant
Hinkle, Bernard Clyde
Holley, Hersel H.
Holley, Zada
Howell, J. R.
Hutchinson,  Urania Arthur  (Unmarked)
Hunter, Baby
Hunter, Debra Lynn
Hysell, Walter O'Dell "Lee"
Jackson, Delana
Jackson, Meredith
Janey, William Carl
Johnson, Stella M.
Jones, Linda Faye
Keiffer,  Charles    (Unmarked)
Legg,  Addison G.    (Unmarked)
Legg, Albert A.
Legg, Donna M.
Legg, James E.
Legg,  Lew Dealie   (Unmarked)
Legg, Myrtle M.
Lewis, Clark
Lewis, William M.
Martin, Randolph Lee "Randy"
McCallister, William G.
Meadows,  Charlie Franklin
Meadows, Deleda E.
Meadows, Miranda Jane   (Maxey)
Morris, Claud T.
Morris, George L.
Morris, Harry R.
Morris,  Lon C.  "Lonnie"   (Unmarked)
Morris, M. Essa
Morris, Mary Ruth
Morris, Maud A.
Myers, Betty J.
Neal, Alex E.
Neal, Alex E., Jr. "Everett"
Neal, Anna E.
Neal, Berman W.
Neal, Charles H.
Neal, Charles M.
Neal, Ed
Neal, Elcie
Neal, Glenna
Neal, Isadora/Isadore
Neal, John
Neal, June
Neal, Letha
Neal, Lula M.
Neal, Mary
Neal, Mary Ella
Neal, Mary Lee Conner
Neal, Noble M.
Neal, Paul Thomas
Neal, Robert
Neal, Valloria
Neal, Thomas B.
Neal, Virgie E.
Neal, Walter W.
Neal, Wott
Nibert, Virgil
Nicholas, Minnie Beatty
Nicholas, Rena
Reece, Vena E.
Reffitt, Billy, Jr.
Reffitt, Norma L.
Reynolds, Carley R.
Reynolds, Emma L.
Reynolds, J. D.
Reynolds, Joseph M.
Roberts, E.
Roberts, Emmie Esther
Roberts, Ethel
Roberts, Infant dau of Ethel and Jonah
Roberts, Jonah
Roberts, Nettie Marie
Roberts, Press F.
Roberts, Roscoe Lee
Rogers, Granny
Rogers, Philip
Rood, George, Rev.
Rood, Lillie Shaver
Rood, Perry U., Rev,
Rood, Wilda Gaye
Searls, Dewey H.
Shaffer, Lona
Shaver, Alonzo A.
Shaver, Elijah E.
Shaver, John H.
Shaver, Mary A.
Shaver, Sarah Lewis
Sidebottom, Herbert
Simmons, Helen
Simmons, Richard
Smith, Lawrence F.
Smith, Shrebia L.
Smith, William
Sovine, Burrie
Sovine, Charles C.
Sovine, Clayton
Sovine, Ella J.
Sovine, Ellet
Sovine, Emery
Sovine, Floyd S.
Sovine, Geneva Maye
Sovine, Ida
Sovine, Inez Lorenia
Sovine, Roberta Jeanette
Spears, Bernard Orlas
Spears, Charles Otis
Spears, Edna F.
Spears, Thomas M. (Mant)
Sturm, Margaret
Swann, Sylvia
Thomasson, Elza B.
Thomasson, Frances E.
Thompson, Frances A.
Thompson, Luther
Vernatter, Edith
Vititoe, Bitha D.
Vititoe, John H.
Wallace, Bernard
Wallace, C. S., Jr.
Wallace C. Sherman, Jr.
Wallace, Cecil Lewis
Wallace, Charles A.
Wallace, Charles L.
Wallace, Charles S., Rev.
Wallace, Charles Sinkler
Wallace, David Eugene
Wallace, Diana K.
Wallace, Earl Emsy
Wallace, Effie B.
Wallace, Forest
Wallace, Francis E.
Wallace, Infant s/o E. E.
Wallace, J. Frank
Wallace, Jimmie Allen
Wallace, John Albert
Wallace, John E.
Wallace, Johnny F.
Wallace, Leona O.
Wallace, Lew Dealie
Wallace, Mary Alma
Wallace, Nellie Louise
Wallace, Orville V.
Wallace, Pansy May
Wallace, Stella May
Wallace, Virginia M.
Wallace, Zelma
Wood, Shelia L.
Young, Bonita Carpenter

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