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Woodmere Memorial Park, Washington Blvd., Huntington, WV

Latitude: 38.405
Longitude: -82.3978

Read: Various dates, 2002-07
Submitted by Candie Freeman
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Woodmere Memorial Park is located at 2701 Washington Boulevard in Huntington, WV.  This is a very large cemetery with approximately 30,000 or more burials.  There are three main mausoleums; Woodmere Abbey, Woodmere Abbey of Remembrance and Woodmere Abbey of Peace, and several smaller private mausoleums located within the cemetery.  The Corridor of Faith is an extension of Abbey of Remembrance and the smaller building located beside this mausoleum is known as the Garden building.  Abbreviations have been used for the mausoleums in the Section column such as Abbey, Peace,  Remb, Garden and Faith.
These pages are just the beginning to record some of those buried in Woodmere for the Cabell site.  Sources include tombstones (s), death certificates (dc), and obituaries (obit).  Other abbreviations used are: ss/ = same stone, w/ = with, cr = cemetery records, pk = personal knowledge.
Cemetery photos, left to right: Main Gate Sign, Main Gate Entrance, Woodmere Abbey Mausoleum, and one the beautiful stain glass windows inside Woodmere Abbey. The links on this page are subject to change as more pages are added.


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